Minecraft Main

With the announcement of Steve, Alex, Zombie and Enderman coming to Smash Bros. Ultimate as DLC Challenger #7, it's the perfect time to test on your Minecraft knowledge. As the best-seling video game of all time, many of you will likely have a deep understanding of the game mined from years of experience, and there'll be a few of you that somehow missed the block-based bandwagon altogether.

Our little quiz about Mojang's all-conquering sandbox experience and its history should be enough to find out if you're a Minecraft master or a redstone rube. Grab your pixel-y pick and smash through fifteen little brain-teasers...

How Well Do You Know Minecraft?

The answer is 3.

An impressive (and unofficial) port named DS Craft was made for Nintendo DS, but the main Minecraft game has made an appearance on New Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, and Switch.


You scored x out of 15.

  • 0-5: "Well, there's Steve and..., er, Bill?"
  • 6-10: Minecraft in the Middle
  • 11-15: We've got ourselves a Minecraft master here!