Image: Nintendo

Next year is the 35th anniversary of Nintendo's Legend of Zelda series. Since the very first time we took a sword from an old man in a cave we've journeyed to Hyrule and beyond many, many times to battle monsters, see the sights, catch up with old friends and relax in the company of some of the greatest video game adventures ever made.

But how well do you know the Legend of Zelda? Can you tell your Majora's Masks from your Minish Caps? Try taking our little quiz to find out. And once you're done, why not challenge your friends and family to find out who really possesses the Triforce of Wisdom?

How Well Do You Know The Legend Of Zelda?

You scored x out of 10.

  • 0-3: Zelda's the dude in green, right?
  • 4-7: Not bad, but still got some heart pieces to collect
  • 8-10: You Hy-rule!

So, how did you do? Are you a wise old sage, or should you have paid more attention to the Navi and Fi's incessant babble? Try out our other quizzes if you're after more video gaming brain-teasers: