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Image: Nintendo Life

There have been countless quotes from notable game developers over the years and decades, whether they be inspirational, amusing, informative, or just downright bonkers. Some key quotes have become almost synonymous with their owners, and there are even a few that have become almost legendary despite lingering questions about their authenticity.

Do you know your Reggie quotes from your Sakurai quotes, though? Reckon you can pinpoint any obscure quote from game industry figures without breaking a sweat? Well, let’s put that to the test, shall we?

We’ve compiled a bunch of notable and throwaway quotes from gaming industry people and we want you to tell us who said them. Simple, right? No cheating with this one please; we'll know, and we'll find you.

Just kidding, we won't do anything, but don't spoil the fun for yourself! Fair warning, though — this is a toughie...

Can You Guess Which Game Industry Figures Said These Quotes?

The answer is Reggie Fils-Aimé.

Image: Nintendo of America

Yes, of course, it was Reggie! Can you imagine Hiroshi Yamauchi saying this?


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  • 0-4: Perhaps you prefer the games to the game developers? That's fine!
  • 5-9: Nice, there were a few tricky ones here, so good effort!
  • 10-14: Oof, you know your quotes. Nicely done!

Hopefully, you now have a better idea of who said what in the world of game development. We hope you enjoyed reading some of the more obscure quotes, and if you think we've missed some big ones along the way, then let us know with a comment.

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