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Super Mario World Review

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Posted by Morgan Sleeper

Everybody wants to rule the World

Right from the six-note melody that opens the first stage, you can tell there's something special about Super Mario World. This is the Super Nintendo launch title that set the bar impossibly high for day-one releases, created the magic that games such as Super Mario 64, Sonic Adventure, and Luigi's Mansion have hoped to echo since, and that nearly two decades on is still regarded by many as the gold standard of platforming adventures.

It's a true classic in every sense of the word, but unlike some other Nintendo mainstays, Super Mario World has only been re-released a few times before now: once bundled with Super Mario All-Stars on the SNES, once as a GBA remake, and once on the Wii Virtual Console. Now that it's arrived on the Wii U Virtual Console, is it worth picking up once again? We think so; off-screen play, customizable controls and Miiverse integration make this the best version yet. And if you're wondering whether to play Super Mario World for the first time, feel free to go ahead and start it downloading before you read the rest of this review. You're going to love it.

Super Mario World carries on the platforming legacy of the Super Mario Bros. series, and the basic gameplay here is much the same: players guide our heroic plumber across a world map, running and jumping from left to right through seventy-odd levels spread out over seven (or more?) connected worlds, all in a bid to rescue the predictably kidnapped Princess Toadstool. This time around, Mario's familiar Mushroom Kingdom is swapped for the terra incognita of Dinosaur Land, and you'll meet plenty of prehistoric friends along the way who need to be rescued from Bowser's Koopalings as well.

The Dinosaur Land setting means that Super Mario World doesn't rely on the "fire world, ice world" themes that often appear in platformers; instead, its considerable variety goes well beyond a change of scenery, and individual levels mix things up in a way that keeps it feeling fresh throughout the entire journey. In addition to straightforward platforming, you'll have to work your way out of brain-bending, maze-like Ghost Houses, contend with forced-scrolling obstacle courses in the Koopalings' fortresses, and leap through aerial stages with hardly any ground to touch. In a welcome change from the Super Mario Bros. games, each world's Koopaling boss puts up a unique fight; you'll still get plenty of mileage out of the three-bops-on-the-head technique, but each boss' attack patterns, arenas, and strategies are different, and they're all fun to battle.

In fact, this title is incredibly fun in its entirety, from start to finish. In addition to the bucketfuls of charm present at every turn, there are a few specific aspects that make it such an absolute joy to play. Foremost is the game's incomparable controls. You'll run through Dinosaur Land with some of the smoothest, tightest platforming controls seen anywhere. Mario's moves are few - jumping, spin-jumping, running, and ducking - but with clever combinations of these basic maneuvers you can pull off some seriously satisfying tricks.

That feeds directly into what is possibly Super Mario World's biggest achievement: it's an unrivaled master class in level design. There's a sense of momentum to the stages that becomes clear as you play, turning what at first appears to be a staccato sequence of individual obstacles into an elegant racing line of jumps, dashes, bops and shell-tosses. It rewards players who tape down the run button and fly through on instinct, but there's also plenty to entice you into stopping and smelling the Piranha Plants. Five Dragon Coins placed tantalizingly just out of reach in each level reward you with a 1-up, unmarked warp pipes to coin stashes and power-ups are dotted all over, and there are dozens of secret exits from stages, leading to new and hidden areas on the map that are well worth reaching.

Along with excellent level design, inventive power-ups have always been a big part of Mario platformers, and this one is no exception. The Tanooki, Frog, and Hammer suits from Super Mario Bros. 3 are sadly gone, but Super Mario World has some new tricks up its overalls that more than make up for their absence. The first is the feather power-up, which grants Mario a superhero cape and lets him float, glide, and spin-attack his way through stages. It might not be as adorable as the Tanooki suit, but it's definitely a lot of fun, and leaping and bounding over levels with the cape billowing behind feels as great as it sounds.

We're fans of the feather here at Nintendo Life, but the introduction of a plumage-based power-up isn't a patch on this game's biggest addition: Yoshi. The lovable green dino makes his first appearance in Super Mario World as Mario's companion, and Nintendo games have never been the same since. Yoshi can use his lengthy tongue to eat up almost any enemy, as well as apples scattered around stages for coins and some cool bonuses. By holding different coloured Koopa shells in his mouth, he can spit fire, kick up deadly sand clouds, and even fly - can your Tanooki suit do all that? Yoshi changes the way you'll look at levels; there are lots of routes and exits you can only take with the green steed in tow, and a few that you'll need to leave him behind for. Beyond that, riding Yoshi is just plain fun - it's impossible not to smile when you break open a '?' block and find a green egg inside. There's a reason a generation of gamers tried almost everything to unlock him in Super Mario 64.

Later generations who were introduced to platforming with the New Super Mario Bros. series will be surprised to learn that Mario's multiplayer antics weren't always so rowdy. Before he and Luigi were fighting a pair of Toads for coins and screen-space on the Wii, they enjoyed the classic, comparatively civilized two-player co-op mode found in Super Mario World, where players take turns moving around the map and clearing levels. (As anyone with siblings can tell you, the younger player is obligatorily Luigi.) Depending on how you play, it can be a friendship-affirming buddy-quest or a continuous battle of 1-upmanship, but either way it's a blast. Just as with real-world adventures, this game is best enjoyed in company, and playing through the game with a friend is one of the finest ways to spend a day that we can think of.

While opinions vary on whether or not this is the best-looking 2D Mario outing (Yoshi's Island's pastel-painted style is hard to beat), Super Mario World is an absolutely beautiful game in its own right. It's bright and bold, with clean lines and a cartoon-like style that reminds us a bit of The Wind Waker, in a very good way. This is iconic 16-bit Mario - the graphical holy grail that retro-styled games aspire to - and it holds up incredibly well even today.

The soundtrack by legendary composer Koji Kondo is similarly timeless. It's full of memorable melodies, many of which are variations on a single theme that runs throughout the game. You'll hear the level 1-1 tune bubble up as a waltz in underwater sections, echo nervously underground, and charge quickly and confidently ahead in the air. In a truly lovely touch, hopping onto Yoshi's back adds a bouncy bongo beat to whatever stage music is playing. The excellent sound effects provide another interactive layer to the soundscape - from Yoshi's famous 'start-up' noise to grabbing coins, breaking blocks, spin-jumping, entering pipes and even being shot out of them, every action has a unique identifying sound.

Super Mario World has always been a phenomenal game, and this Wii U edition adds a few new features to the mix that make it the best version yet. First, the most immediately exciting: off-screen play via the GamePad marks the first time you can potentially play Super Mario World in bed. (Sure, there was the GBA remake, but this is the original.) Dinosaur Land looks excellent on the small screen, with crisp lines and a colour palette that's serendipitously very well suited to the Wii U's streaming technology - it looks so good that we constantly found ourselves looking at the GamePad even while playing on the TV.

One of the coolest additions afforded by Super Mario World's new Wii U home is Miiverse integration. Its community is a great place to share memories and see some amazing art, but for a game as full of secrets as this one, it's also a fantastic resource. It's been a fair few years since we'd last made it out of the secret-exit-ridden Forest of Illusion, for instance, and when we got stuck on the fourth stage, a quick trip to Miiverse was all it took to bail us out. We found a post by someone else having the same problem, read the helpful (and marked-as-spoilers!) tips in the comments, and were back on our journey within a minute. It's amazing what Miiverse can do - when Super Mario World was originally released, players had to rely on playground intel to find all 96 exits, and anyone who's spent fruitless summer days searching for Mew under a truck can attest to the fact that that isn't always a reliable source.

Given the Wii U's bevy of possible control inputs, it's great to see that almost every option you can imagine is supported here. Players who grew up with the original Super Mario World should have no trouble translating their skills to the GamePad or Wii U Pro Controller - and the game feels wonderful on those pads - but if you're looking for a more authentic experience, you can plug in an original Wii Classic Controller — or the SNES Classic Controller if you're lucky enough to own one — and party like it's 1990. Another first for this release is the ability to customize the controls entirely to your liking. Struggled to pull off a running spin-jump on the SNES? Cut your platforming teeth on Rayman Origins or another series with shoulder-button dashes? Remap a run button to 'ZR' and rock on. It's worth mentioning that we initially ran into a frustrating amount of difficulty trying to assign a controller to a second player. The Virtual Console interface is unnecessarily obtuse about this, but it's easy enough to do once you know how.

Finally, as with all Virtual Console games on the Wii U, you can create a restore point to come back to at any time. Super Mario World was actually the first Mario game to let you save your progress - with in-game save points dotted fairly regularly along your journey - so a Game Over won't set you back as far as in the Super Mario Bros. titles, but restore points are still a welcome option to have.


For anyone still on the fence about Super Mario World, the answer is yes, download it now. This is the apex of 16-bit platforming, a cornerstone of the gaming canon, and - most importantly - just as much fun to play today as it was twenty years ago. If you're yet to experience the thrill of discovering a secret exit, the joy of soaring through a level with your super-cape, or the unique tragicomedy of accidentally running off a cliff while trying to catch up to a runaway Yoshi, you're in for some of gaming's best-loved and most iconic moments. And if you already have fond memories of beating the game back in the day - or if the original cartridge is sitting in your SNES as you read this - off-screen play, a vibrant Miiverse community, and the chance to play through it all again may well be reason enough to dive back into Dinosaur Land. This is one of the best games of all time; clear your weekend, call over a Player Two, and enjoy!

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User Comments (127)



Captain_Balko said:

Super Mario World is simply one of the greatest platformers ever made. As a child, it was my favourite Mario game, and it's certainly still near the top today.



Salnax said:

I'm a very lucky individual indeed.

Why, do you ask?

Because I'm playing this for the First Time!



ToxorAxiom said:

The best game ever bundled together with a console for launch, and arguably the pinnacle of the entire Mario franchise. A MASTERPIECE!



HaNks said:

legit 10 right here. i wish the NSMB games handled and sounded more like this baby.



shinesprite said:

This is one of those reviews where you didn't even have to view this page to know the verdict, the title alone is a strong enough hint!

10/10 and never doubted it for a second.



Mickey said:

I hate to be THAT guy but, I wouldn't give it a ten honestly. But, maybe that's just because I prefer Super Mario 64...



Millenia said:

I must admit this review was beautifully written. I actually 100%'ed this game on my Super Nintendo a few days ago. Beat every level and found every secret exit. I think I'll have a go on my Wii U too. I won't be needing Miiverse for help though since I know this game inside and out. I have been playing this game for as long as I can remember!



HawkeyeWii said:

I never really cared for this one as much as a lot of the other Super Mario Bros. games. I like SMB 1 and SMB 3 better.



Philip_J_Reed said:

Great review Morgan. One of my favorite games period...and replaying it right now just reinforces that it hasn't aged a bit.



Bass_X0 said:

People should find the Special Zone easy to complete with save states now.



DRL said:

Darn you, Morgan! Now I feel obligated to download and replay this masterpiece immediately. Highly effective writing, sir. Great job!



DreamOn said:

Got it for SNES and GBA and now on WiiU! I remember how beautiful it was to look at when it first released and it's still got that charm!

I think NSMBU is a worthy progression for the 2D series and I prefer playing it over SMW. It really goes on to perfect the 2D Mario platforming experience for me.



Portista said:

I can't tear myself away from Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, but once I'm done fighting all the monsters, this will be really close to what I will play next.



sinalefa said:

"In a welcome change from the Super Mario Bros. games, each world's Koopaling boss puts up a unique fight;"

This is the only part of the review I disagree with, as the second batch of Koopaling fights (Roy onwards) it is just a reworking of the first three, with a few extra obstacles. Still, for me that does not diminish this game from the 10 it so rightfully deserves. Definitely my favorite 2D Mario game.



rjejr said:

I DL this a few years ago on VC and never got past the first ghost castle. I tried a few times, even setting up a fictitious 2nd player as Luigi just to steal all his lives but I just can't get past it. And I HATE having to restart a game. I don't mind restarting a level or a world, but the entire game? And I know there is a way to avoid this w/ the VC save state but sometimes I've forgotten how to do it. Both my kids who are big videogame players have tried their hands at it a few times over the years but nobody gets past that castle. Maybe we'll try it again. Or maybe not.



manu0 said:

I like SMW, but I don't think it's the best Mario game...it has a number of problems for me:

  • the controls aren't really that good, I like the NSMB controls a lot better
  • the level design is questionable sometimes (sometimes you can't see what you're going to land on when you jump down, and the crushers in the first castle are just annoying because there's no hint of where they are, those are just two examples...)
  • I don't like the music at all..what happened to the bright sounds of the NES? Why is almost every SNES game I know, including SMW, so bass heavy? I don't like that. The NES Mario music is so much more uplifting because of its bright sound.


WiiLovePeace said:

@rjejr Even after years of trying you've been unable to get past the 1st ghost house? I think its time you looked up a guide on youtube...



Pachterkid said:

Couldn't care less about any of the Wii U-specific features; this is hands down one of the greatest games ever made. I suppose all of that other stuff is just icing on the cake for others.



Pichuka97 said:

I really love this game. I bought it on Wii U and finished it in a day and a half. I still love playing this on my SNES. My dad has had the game since it came out and the battery still works!



Dpullam said:

This is one of the few Super Mario games that I haven't given anywhere near as much attention as it deserves. I plan to change that once I get a Wii U.



Williaint said:

I'd get it, but... my SNES version is working fine! When compared to "Super Mario All-stars", I liked the original version's graphics better. While I liked "3", I liked the brightness of "World" better.



WindWakerLink said:

Haha. I expect the score to be @ least a 10/10. Anything less would have been insulting. (Chuckles)

It's cool that people who couldn't play this back then can play it now on the Wii U. I have such fond memories of SMW in the 90s. Time to go play Mario All-Stars again. (Chuckles)



KAHN said:


1.) funny. i thought the control scheme was the exact same for both games. if you're talking about slippery controls, i highly disagree. the controls are fluent and soft. mario controls the exact same way he did in SMW as he does in NSMB, controls and all.

2.) you are referring to a leap of faith, no? well excuse SMW for not scrolling only left and right. SMW had levels that had the camera flying in more than two directions, whereas most levels in NSMB scroll only left and right, not up and down. you have to give the developers credit though. when you are in a position where you can't see the ground, you are still centered in the middle of the screen, so what you can see are platforms you can land on to keep you from falling. sorry you don't like challenge. why don't you go play easy NSMB, which as zero fun jumps like this?

3.) the crusher you are referring to does not just fall down. it first lets you know where it's going to fall by slowing descending (letting you know where it is before falling), and if you're smart, you'll dodge it. going out and saying "there's no hint of where they are" is just stupid and unintelligent. this is not up for debate.

4.) whether or not you like the music is your opinion, but you have to agree that the music/sound-effects it does have fits. tell me, does a door really require a high and up-beat sound-effect to match? whether or not you like the music is your opinion, and i respect that, but i don't respect people who label it as a flaw of the game when it's something as delicate and opinionated as the music. this is not up for debate either.

(this is just from me) also, you're telling me that this isn't as uplifting:
as this?



DarkCoolEdge said:

I have yet to finish the GBA version. It hasn't clicked with me which is a first for a Mario platformer



manu0 said:

Indeed, @DarkCoolEdge, no reason to get so worked up about my opinion. I wrote 'it has a number of problems FOR ME', so I'm not even going to comment on the things you wrote..I've played through the game enough times to know what I'm talking about and not like about it...it's still an excellent game.



stefenjc said:

When will they release this game on 3DS? Im definantly will purchase this one it releases.



Moshugan said:

@AntiGuy A review is paramount because younger gamers might pass it due to it being ''ancient and outdated''.
In truth, it's a timeless classic that time's tooth cannot gnaw! Super Mario World will feel as beautiful one hundred years from now as it was when it got released.
The same can't be said of say Super Mario 64. While it's gameplay and design is near-perfect, old low res 3D just doesn't age well. Mario 64 deserves a HD remake that keeps it otherwise intact but ups the graphics!
3D games can have that timeless quality, if the art-style is clever.



TreesenHauser said:

I absolutely love Super Mario World. I'd be lying if I said any other game was my true favorite game of all-time. To this day, even after clearing it fully on the Wii U Virtual Console I still love going back to play again and again. And I'll admit, after clearing it out and defeating Bowser, I may have shed a nostalgic tear during the closing credits. Just a little one. Don't judge.



hYdeks said:

i think you guys only gave it a 10/10 cause it's now a timeless classic, but I don't think 10/10 is right, maybe an 8/10, certainly not 10/10, it's not that great of a game to be considered perfect.

This game is 100% memorized by me, this is just one of those games I can easily get everything in, guess that's why I never play it anymore



WaveBoy said:

Still waiting for new VC games. sigh*
But yup,this is one of the most amazing platformers of all time....Those Ghost houses were just too awesome. I tend to shuffle between 3 & World, while 2 takes the unbeatable number 1 spot!



Moshugan said:

Sorry if this is somewhat off-topic, but I think these 2D classics don't need remakes. I'm pretty mad that they added voices for the GBA re-issues.
A good 2D game retains it's charm through time.
I can't think of any ways to better the likes of Super Mario World or A Link to the Past (and this goes for many GB and NES games as well, even though they're even more ''crude'').
Then again, I'm glad that some N64 games are getting remakes. Lylat Wars, Ocarina of Time, Goldeneye... Next up Mario 64, maybe the first Paper Mario?



Moshugan said:

@manu0 #26 ''I like SMW, but I don't think it's the best Mario game...it has a number of problems for me...''
You have fair points and you have the right to not be obsessed about it like a crazy person (i.e. me).
Maybe I'm a bit lenient about the games I like. But the truth is that I wouldn't change anything about it. (although, maybe a wider angle, greater area of view would help gameplay, playability. Just maybe....)



Moshugan said:

@DarkCoolEdge #37 ''I have yet to finish the GBA version. It hasn't clicked with me which is a first for a Mario platformer.''
That's likely the GBA versions fault!
Try the original, it may do the trick!



nik1470 said:

I scrolled down to the score like "you better give this a 10!"... Ok we're good I read the full review.



Matthew94 said:

GBA remake?

The GBA version is the exact same. I don't mind you praising the game but talking straight up bull is too far.



TKOWL said:

This game is a completely overrated, clustered, way too loose, boring, slippery mess of a game

I still have no idea how people consider this to be the best Mario game or the best platformer, or even the best game: I see almost nothing in it.

And before you ask, yes I've 100%'d this game and got every single nook and cranny including the Special World and the Top Secret Area: I barely felt satisfied in it. Just when I'm asked to play any Mario game, this is the last one I'll ever go to; hell, I'll even play New Super Mario Bros. 2 or The Lost Levels before this.



OptometristLime said:

People are still butt-hurt over this game many years on...
The difference is a review like this grants me enjoyment on the basis of how warm and fuzzy Nintendo's legacy is, no matter the grievances of the present.
But it seems like a nice in depth review just opens old wounds of battle worn gamers, why does it matter that your experience with the game differs? Stop being so insecure people!



fluggy said:

Could only be a TEN!!! TIMELESS!!! Mario World still plays like a dream... Unlike sonic which hasn't aged well and was over rated back in the day anyway.



TromaDogg said:

I still prefer Yoshi's Island, Super Mario Bros 3 and (much more recently) New Super Mario Bros U., but Super Mario World is still a great game in it's own right.



RetroGBHippie92 said:

@Moshugan There is already a remake of Super Mario 64 dude, It's called Super Mario 64 DS and I think you can still get it. While it improves on the graphics department and being able to play as luigi, wario and yoshi, the controls aren't as perfect because you have to play with a D-pad instead of an analog stick, but if you can ignore that, then it's a good game.
As for an HD remake, they're making a new 3D mario for the Wii U, I think that'll be enough of an excuse for a HD mario game instead of just a remake of Super Mario 64, who knows they may make two like they did on the Wii.



Lions said:

It's so frustrating that I can't play this on my 3ds. I own it on both the original snes and wii vc? Why not on a portable. Just dumb.



UnseatingKDawg said:

Easily one of my most favorite games of all-time. When I had the GBA version, I played it to the point where the score counter was maxed out, and then played some more. I really like the Wii U version though - especially with the Off-TV play.



nocode said:

10 out of 10... Absolutely. It might be nostalgia, or it actually deserves it...I dunno. I choose not to analyze it...All I know is I still enjoy this game now as much as I did when it was released.



Gridatttack said:

@Peacock Completely agree.

I think that for the most part, the level design is just uninteresting (or frustrating like tubular) and fail to leave an impression.
Though, I don't despise playing it.



Moshugan said:

@UnseatingKDawg Ah man, I just said Mario 64's graphics don't ''stand the test of time''. If you read my comment carefully I wrote that ''it's gameplay and design is near-perfect''. Personally I don't mind older graphics, but a facelift could do wonders for that game.



Moshugan said:

@RetroGBHippie92 I find the DS version to be almost unplayable, and it certainly doesn't improve the graphics, atleast not in the way I concider improvement!
If it can be enjoyed though, it just goes to show that it's that good of a game.



UnseatingKDawg said:

@Moshugan: Well, I guess some upgraded graphics would make it look better. It'd probably make it look better than the DS remake. But I'd prefer them the way they are - adds to the nostalgic charm, so to speak.



Dpishere said:

This game is likely my favorite Mario game, though 3d Land comes in at a very close second. Still, I have many great memories with this game, though I have only played the GBA version so far. I will probably end up puchasing the Wii version at some point just so I can play it on a big screen.



Gregor said:

Ima have to give it a 9.4 for lack of variety. The game only has about 2 real power ups and one is way overpowered and the music while good, it really starts too piss you off when you are listening to the same damn track remixed over and over and over. Great overall though. My main gripe is the music.



Gregor said:

@Dpishere GET THE WII U VERSION. The D-pad is ESSENTIAL for this game. Trust me because I hated it when it was on my Wii.



sweetiepiejonus said:


Man I disagree. People have long said Super Mario Bros. 3 is the best Mario game but Super Mario World has always been my favorite. Had so much more fun and spent so much time finding all the alternate exits and all the secrets multiple times.



AcesHigh said:

Raise your hand if you instinctively tried to wall-jump of the side of the first pit you fell into playing this game again after so many years! LOL!

To me, this is hands-down the best Mario game ever made. Even today. Having more fun playing this now than the 3D, 2.5D and New SMB. The overworld map is just more creatively laid out. NSMBWiiU tried to emulate but couldn't capture the exact formula.

And the graphics are the best - to me. I'll take creative 2D pixel art over 3D or faux 2.5D any day. Imagine a new Super Mario World 3 with HD, hand drawn gpx like Rayman!!!! And no crayon, watercolor or yarn art. Just honest to goodness HD 2D Mario!!!



Tasuki said:

Is it weird that even today when I see screenshots of this game I get that same OMG that's gorgeous feeling I did back when I saw it as a kid for the first time?



IAmSpike said:

This is my favourite video game of all time, really. It well deserved a 10/10.



Kurtis_the_Red said:

I don't argue that this is a great game. Super Mario World was a big part of my childhood, and for many out there, this is a worthy investment for the Wii U Virtual Console.

But on the other hand, I still have an SNES with a Super Mario World Cartridge...so I'll just boot that up instead of paying close to 10$ for a game I already own.



Gridatttack said:

What is also great about this game is all the cool mods it has, which essentially make the game 100 better



WiiLovePeace said:

@JaxonH hahaha true!

As for the review, I would've stopped visiting this website had Super Mario World gotten any less than 10 It's pure blasphemy to award it any less haha Great game!



sr388survivor said:

@Moshugan Honestly I think Super Mario 64 looks great. It's my favorite Mario so it's just my opinion but I really wouldn't want it to look different. I think many 64 games stand the test of time unlike PsOne games that are just all pixels lol.

@AcesHigh <raises hand> I did that too haha. I also kept trying to flutter with Yoshi and I would hit ZR to try to spin in the air to make my jumps farther, which would bring up the VC Menu so I finally assigned the spin jump to ZR as well lol

I think NSMB (while still very fun) didn't capture the formula because SMW didn't have a set formula. This play through I really noticed how they really didn't follow any rules in it and there were plenty of levels that probably would be called too "experimental" for NSMB.



Mario-Man-Child said:

It makes me laugh the people who pretend to know what they're talking about and 'dis' this game, they talk like they're some kind of gaming connoisseurs.



Moshugan said:

@skjia True about PS1!
My friend is even worse than me. He refuses to play his favourite PS games anymore because he doesn't want to foil the good memories.
HD versions are great. But I wouldn't want them to do M64 by replasing the char models with Galaxy counterparts for example. Keep the look, just up the polygon count and texture res a bit, and replace the sprite trees and enemies with polygonal versions. Maybe higher quality sound effects.
I wouldn't change the music though!
But yeah, these are just opinions.



Kirk said:

Thank God this game got a 10.

I immediately scrolled down the review just to check, scared that it might only get a 9 or something.

Out of all the games out there this game most definitely deserves a 10.

For what it is, it's about as good as it gets.



ScreamoPichu said:

All-time favorite game. Awesome review! This is the first review I've ever read for this game, aha.



scrubbyscum999 said:

Had the GBA version along with PAC Man GBC as my first two games. Also have the Wii version. Know this game like the back of my hand and is by far the best 3d Mario game and the ultimate in platforming. It deserves a 10/10.



C-Olimar said:

@WaveBoy Isn't that an oxymoron? ;P

No, I get what you mean. They should have put more effort into releasing games that aren't already available on Wii VC.

Still, Earthbound's on the way!



Cesco said:

Never liked it too much. IMHO Super Mario Bros 3 is still the best 2D Mario ever released.



Ren said:

yeah, this is a great game but I definitely wouldn't say it's the best ever. I liked the ones that took big chances and this did the least of that. Nothing tops SMB3, really, and 64 also is easily one of the greatest games of all time. SMW is a great Mario game but played it too safe to me, and kind of felt like one of the easier ones. Could be my age also, 3 was the pinnacle for the NES and to me the top of that style; I was just ready for new things and didn't get it until mario 64 after that. That's why I don't dig any of the "new" smb games, theres nothing new about them, smoothed out edges and more of the same. World was just the beginning of the "new" smb style brand (to me). It's an amazing and fun formula, for sure, worth playing. I just happen to like seeing a new take every few years.



LindsayPez said:

I feel like one of the only jerks that could never get into this game. I've tried many times since everyone loves it...But I don't. I just can't get into it. I couldn't even get into it when I was a little kid, even though I loved Super Mario Brothers 3 and Mario 64.



WaveBoy said:

Earthbound is going to be a real treat, for those who haven't played it and are unwilling to put the cash towards an expensive cart.
Also, while World is an amazing game I think it's a bit lack luster with it's stage design....It can often feel a bit empty & bland. I prefer 2D Mario that has you continuesly hopping on teeny little platforms while avoiding bottomless and lava filled pits. Plus, SMB3 already had the Koopa Kids and i'd say SMB3's power ups are superior to that of Yoshi, the cape & Balloon Mario. Still, the way I see it. SMB 1, 2, 3 and World all desserve 10's.



Sun said:

Best 2D Mario and best 2D platform game ever. Period. Mario movement, levels design, music, visual art... Everything is perfect here. People who do not see this as a fact are blind.



Sun said:

Morgan Sleeper: 'You'll run through Dinosaur Land with some of the smoothest, tightest platforming controls seen anywhere. Mario's moves are few - jumping, spin-jumping, running, and ducking - but with clever combinations of these basic maneuvers you can pull off some seriously satisfying tricks'.

Now this is a guy who REALLY knows about platform games.



Balaclavab said:

Best 2D Mario game, possibly the best platform game out there.
Should come out on 3Ds though :/



C-Olimar said:

@Ren I wonder if US cartridges work on European NES'? Perhaps one day when I was older I would have bought the cartridge, but now I can get the VC version

I've not played World since I was a little kid so I don't have an opinion, but I remember at the time not liking it as much as the first SMB. I'll be picking it up soon though!



Nintendo4Lyfe said:

OUTSTANDING JOB on your Super Mario World review! This game is ultimately the BEST Super NES title of the 1990's and truly one of the best title ever made in the 20th century. It's great to relieve the past once more... and Super Mario World are one of the prime examples.



PokeNerd said:

I miss this game so much. I wish they would put it on 3DS without making any changes to it other than maybe making it 3D. I hate when they make changes to the original games.



sweetiepiejonus said:


It's not always a bad thing. Bionic Commando Rearmed is 10 jillion times better than the NES original.

The non-Japanese Super Mario Bros. 2 originally wasn't even a Mario game, but was great and stuff from that game ended up becoming part of the franchise and being used in future games.



PokeNerd said:

@sweetiepiejonus I agree that not all changes are bad but with games like donkey Kong Country and Super Mario World, I wouldn't like the change but I know as a single person I'm not going to get what I want, the choice is theirs. But I dislike all the new Mario games.



WolfLink22 said:

I am glad that when they released the Wii U VC that they gave those who owned SMW for the Wii VC a discount of 1.50 which they could have clearly not done to begin with.

As for SMW it can take time to get use to playing it with the Wii U Gamepad, but it is still worth it to rebuy it just for the 10 Club Nintendo Coins you will receive if you have your Club Nintendo account linked to your Wii Shop and Wii U eShop Accounts.



MrsPickles said:

Definitely agree with the 10/10. The first video game I ever played! Ahh... the memories.



sweetiepiejonus said:


Oh I know. Just the same way that I agree there are some games that any changes would seem unnecessary. But you never know, sometimes you get one change in a sequel or remake where you go 'holy cow this would have been so awesome in the first' or something where it seemed like common sense.

By the way when you say "all new Mario games." Can you elaborate? Just curious how far back you are going. Do you mean the "New" series or are you talking like Galaxy as well? I haven't played the Wii U title or 3D Land yet but I thought the "New" series games have been good including the first DS game.



PokeNerd said:

@sweetiepiejonus The last one's I played in full were for Super Nintendo. I tried some of the other ones and I don't like them. But I can't remember specific titles. Unfortunately I don't make a point of remember the names when I don't like the game.



P-Gamer-C said:

I must admit the force is very strong with this one so many hours of fun with this game best bundle game without question still have not finished it got pretty close now is the time to beat this monster once and for all lol



WiiLovePeace said:

@Kuksenkov Really? Wow! That's awesome, thank you I feel that FFCC: The Crystal Bearers is a greatly underappreciated gem & definitely doesn't deserve some of the "hate" it got upon release, hence I try to spread a little bit of the FFCC: TCB love with my avatar haha. You use telekinetic powers, the music is amazing, the graphics are beautiful, the characters are funny, the story is interesting & the play time is long (with the HUGE list of in-game achievements). How could anyone not love this game immensely, right? Oh & what's your avatar from?

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