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Male, 41, United Kingdom

A gamer of many years who not being so hardcore now, more enjoys the playing than having a challenge. Its all about the fun, not the frustration!

Wed 29th Dec 2010

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Blue_Rover commented on Reminder: Club Nintendo Closes in Europe on 30...:

@Saveloy When I do get to the stars catalogue I'm finding exactly the same issue.

I know the deadline was announced but they have kept updating it, but it feels a bit of a rip to find the site hasn't worked in the last day or two. Is it down to the increased traffic??



Blue_Rover commented on Review: Super Mario Maker (Wii U):

Can't wait for this (of course I will have to) Preordered the special edition on Amazon in UK a month ago. I like the idea of being able to switch between playing and creating (like LBP) that I think it will help drive that creative spark and just playing about with what you can do in a relaxed way will be a lot of fun.



Blue_Rover commented on The Miiverse Redesign Has Gone Live:

I like it. I was never a heavy Miiverse user but I found yesterday I was using it more (maybe cos its new) and taking some screenshots and using the Play Journal. I like the idea someone else had of using the Play Journal to record something from every game session you play as a record. But thats more for your personal record than anything that anyone else might find interesting. I like the way the communities have been split so you can avoid the very, shall we say, sub standard drawings and doodles that don't mean anything to anyone.... I still fail to see where all the negativity is coming from. It feels like some people just like to moan about something just for the sake of moaning.



Blue_Rover commented on The Miiverse Redesign Will Go Live on 29th July:

Maybe I've missed a trick here but I am surprised about all the really negative comments about this update. I can appreciate the comment limit feedback although 30 a day seems enough but thats just me. The rest of the organising of the communities looks good and while I am not a massive miiverse user, I am looking forward to seeing the changes. I do like the idea of a screenshot album and I can see myself using it more.



Blue_Rover commented on Nintendo's E3 'Roadmap' Infographic Shows Off ...:

It would have been nice to see a few more surprises. I understand they will show off the games that are close to release and we have seen a reasonable amount of these before with other Nintendo Directs but there was a distinct wow factor missing for something totally new and surprising.



Blue_Rover commented on Splatoon Global Testfire Suffers Major Problem...:

Got one match in. Although I left as it was picking up (I'm UK) I am so glad the second hour proved a far improved experience. Disappointed by the issues in the hour I attended but overall its a far better picture for launch now and thats the main thing. Should hopefully appease the naysayers...



Blue_Rover commented on Poll: Is It Time For a Fresh Alternative to th...:

Echoing others on here, VC is a great idea and in many ways a far better concept that anything on other platforms by a country mile.

What has been continually disappointing is the slow release of some classic games and platforms. Some of them we still haven't seen. Allowing owners of 3DS/Wii U to access and buy the vast and wonderful library of Nintendo games of old was such a missed opportunity. Its always felt, especially since the Wii, that VC was a half hearted attempt. There are some great games/platforms that need to be on there. It should have been as good as the Wii offering straight away and its not and that feels like a step backwards.

I'm still a bit confused with the predilection of releasing GBA games on the Wii U. Maybe its just me but I'm not that keen on playing handheld games on the big screen.



Blue_Rover commented on Hardware Classics: Sega Dreamcast:

I picked one up from a friend about 2005, and I really enjoyed it. Had a few games but the two that stuck out that I had were SF Rush 2049 and Headhunter. On the face of it it still seems strange looking back that it failed. I still have it and rack it out every now and again... Come to think of it...



Blue_Rover commented on ​​​Parent Trap: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimat...:

Thank you for sharing your insights Andy into this experience. Its made me re evaluate some restrictions on games with my children. They are some games naturally I would stop them from playing but having recently got into MHU3 I thought this weekend I would try by 8 year old boy on MHU3, Early signs are good. He played through some of the early tutorials on the Wii U and we are next planning a co-op effort between Wii U and 3DS. Again thanks for sharing.



Blue_Rover commented on Feature: The Wii U is Two Years Old, But How's...:

I love it. We as a family love it. I wish there were more games but the ones we have we all love and seeing Mario in full HD is a sight to behold. You can play games on the Wii U that other consoles can only dream about (I am not getting into a PS4 XB1 debate here). My one complaint is the VC or lack of it. There is an abundance of games that could be brought out on it from all the previous consoles, and that would be a huge reason for some people to buy it. The fact that even after 2 years there are VC games that were on the Wii that still have not appeared on the Wii U is frankly beyond me. Missed opportunity totally. But I wouldn't give up my Wii U thats for sure. Its the first console we have played as a family and I know already Nintendo is forming a part of my childrens memories like it did me 25 years ago...



Blue_Rover commented on Preview: Using amiibo with Super Smash Bros. f...:

I was excited about these when they first came out but disappointed when it was announced they wouldn't be players in Smash you could control. I'm just not sure of the point is to spend £10 on a figure you can level up to fight against or fight with but not fight as. Nintendo really need to market these better and make it clear what the compatibility is other wise they could be a disappointment. The possibilities are mouth watering but so far it feels underwhelming. These need to have compatibility with more than Smash on day one but there has been nothing on Hyrule Warriors or MK8 only a mention they might be compatible with these games.



Blue_Rover commented on Nintendo 64x64: Excitebike 64:

Never played this. Just baffles me echoing other comments, why more formats and games are not on VC? Even the HD upgrades of what was available on the Wii (and are playable on the Wii U) have not been forthcoming. Nintendo are missing such a huge trick with this, but then I seem to remember this was the same complaint/observation with VC on the Wii.