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Street Fighter II' Turbo: Hyper Fighting Review

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Posted by Damien McFerran

The need for speed

Although many will accuse Capcom of flogging the Street Fighter license within an inch of its life, the company wasn't solely to blame for the production line of incremental updates which appeared after the release of the original Street Fighter II. Unscrupulous arcade owners would "hack" arcade boards to increase the speed of the game or make characters perform different moves, thereby prolonging player interest in the game. Capcom's hand was forced; to counter the hacked boards it released Street Fighter II': Champion Edition and Street Fighter II' Turbo: Hyper Fighting (also known simply as Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting). Of course, such releases also helped the coins to keep rolling in, so it's not like the company had much to complain about; the hacked boards effectively spurred the franchise on.

Given the huge popularity of the SNES port of Street Fighter II, it was almost inevitable that the Turbo edition of the game would also make the leap to domestic hardware. Like its predecessor, Street Fighter II' Turbo: Hyper Fighting is a faithful replication of its coin-op parent, with a few minimal differences in terms of visuals and sound.

As the title suggests, the biggest change here is the speed at which the game plays. Street Fighter II feels quite sluggish these days, but Turbo is refreshingly nippy, making for fast-paced and tense contests. You can select four different speed levels by default, with more obtainable using a special cheat code. To be honest, the fourth speed level will be more than enough for most players — going beyond that simply turns the game into an unplayable (but undeniably amusing) mess. For purists who prefer the pace of the original, you can select "Normal" mode, which basically grants you Street Fighter II': Champion Edition — an early iteration of the game which allows for single character bouts (with different coloured costumes to allow you to see which fighter you're controlling) and the ability to select one of the four boss characters: Sagat, Vega, Balrog and M. Bison. Both of these enhancements are naturally accessible in Turbo as well.

By increasing the roster of fighters from 8 to 12, Capcom gave the game a surprising amount of additional depth. However, it didn't ignore the original combatants, with many given moves which drastically alter the way they play. Chun Li's fireball is one of the most notable (apparently inspired by a move used in a hacked Street Fighter II board), and Dhalsim's Yoga Teleport makes the character a much more attractive — not to mention deadly — proposition. Other fighters are subject to balancing changes to bring them more in line with the rest of the cast, but generally Turbo offers a more agreeable selection of characters than the first Street Fighter II.

More fighters, a faster pace and the ability to both play as the same character make Turbo a much better option for competitive players than the original game. The solo portion of the title remains an addictive and enjoyable draw, but it always feels like it's a training mode for the multiplayer element of the package. Despite the lack of many genre staples — there's still no mid-air blocking or "Super" combos in Turbo — it's a much more enticing prospect in two-player than its SNES forerunner. Additional cheat codes — which allow you to switch off special moves for a unique handicap mode — add even more complexity to the overall social experience.

However, Turbo suffers from the same problem that Street Fighter II does — played with the benefit of hindsight, it's not the best version of the game out there. With Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers also available on the Wii U Virtual Console for the same price, Turbo is stuck in an odd No Man's land — it's superior to the original, but not as polished and feature-rich as its direct SNES successor. This will of course matter little to those of you who fondly remember Turbo but didn't spend as much time with Super Street Fighter II, but it's a consideration for newcomers.


Street Fighter II' Turbo: Hyper Fighting was undoubtedly a big deal when it launched on the SNES back in 1993. The Street Fighter craze was in full force and it was genuinely exciting to see the original game refined and improved in such a manner; you could finally play as the four boss fighters and the additional speed injection made things much faster and enjoyable. Turbo is an improvement over its SNES-based prequel, and offers more depth and entertainment as a result.

However, context is important here, and with Turbo releasing alongside Super Street Fighter II, you have to look at the wider picture. The sequel has more characters, better visuals and a cool "Elimination" mode, which makes multiplayer fights even more addictive. Nostalgia aside, it's the better option if you're looking for the best Street Fighter outing on the Wii U Virtual Console, but that's not to say that Turbo isn't worth a look — it's faster than Super Street Fighter II for one, and for some players, the need for speed overrides other concerns.

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User Comments (59)



ricklongo said:

I see no reason to get anything other than Super Street Fighter II, truth be told.

The Wii U getting a version of Street Fighter IV would be the actual real deal, though. A pity it isn't happening.



Le_Gazman said:

Super Street Fighter II was a shoddy conversion which used many of the original sprites, rather than their updated Super versions. Turbo is the best SFII version on SNES/SFC.

I've got all 3 for my Super Famicom and Turbo is the only one I bother with.



luminalace said:

I prefer Turbo Hyper Fighting (Just called Hyper Fighting in the arcades) to New Challengers. Unfortunately the SNES never got the final game in the Street Fighter 2 series which is affectionately known as Super Turbo to my friends and in my opinion the best in the SF2 series!



retro_player_22 said:

I never really like Super Street Fighter II or its Super Turbo upgrade, I felt Street Fighter II Turbo Hyper Fighting should had been the final upgrade to the series as the roster is much more balance and the battle mechanics works perfectly. Super SF ruins some of the stages and music for me and I don't quite like the new art compare to the ones in SFII Turbo.



unrandomsam said:

The TG16 one on the WIi VC is the only one I think feels like the Arcade.

(Not played the XBLA ones but I guess they would be better than the SNES ones).

I have Alpha 3 for the Dreamcast (Think the Saturn version is supposed to be better but I don't have a Saturn).



lbs said:

The sound in "Turbo" is vastly superior to "Super!" Those HPs and HKs sound great when landed.



gojiguy said:

Arcade versions, please!

Or how about Capcom releases some of those HD online remixes instead? I'd prefer those.



oOo-Sega-oOo said:

I'd like to see Street Figher III 3rd Strike get released on the eshop. For me that is the greatest Street Fighter ever!



Zael said:

Ok, it's cool to see the snes sf2 trio, but capcom, you really should release ssf2 arcade version (through the cps2 machine you emulated for dungeons and dragons) and ultra sf4.
Sf2 is one of the most downloaded game on eshop, nintendo players want street fighter, want megaman, Capcom you really should do something, we are happy for the snes games (also breath of fire), but you have to do a step forward, release also megaman x 3 4 5 6 on vc
And what about re7?



Zael said:

street fighter 3 hd is good, but sf2hd mmmmmm, I prefer the original arcade



Kirk said:

Just like I said with the previous review of Street Fighter II: The World Warrior; this game is a 9-10/10.

Underscoring the first game and now this game too, so you can presumably give the next game the highest score of the three, is just wrong.

All three of these Street Fighter games absolutely deserve 9-10/10, even by today's standards.

You are doing these games a disservice.



WWammy said:

I enjoyed Turbo Edition a hell of a lot but that said I really enjoyed Super Street Fighter a lot too. Great conversions in my opinion people did moan about it not being the Super Turbo release however I had only played Super Street Fighter at that time and for me it was amazing to see the new characters and stages. I didn't experience Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo until many years later so I still managed to play this a hell of a lot both the Arcade and the SNES and Mega drive home conversions.

Personal favourite in the series has to be Street Fighter Alpha 2 which has yet to be re-released it's a damn shame
Not the SNES version though the 32bit consoles conversions of Alpha 2 spoiled me back then and I found it difficult to appreciate Alpha 2 as much as I would have if I hadn't played the almost Arcade perfect versions at home first



Ras said:

Is there any way you can get the arcade versions? Are they on 360? Mainly interested in Super.



sadsack777 said:

I realy wish they would bring a patch so u could play on line this would be brill tall streetfighter fans back from the old school



Technosphile said:

Very glad to see Nintendo Life recognize how great Hyper Fighting is, and yes, the SNES port was a good one. Super added characters, but just wasn't as good. Only Super Turbo/Grand Master Challenge is a better SF2 game.



arrmixer said:

Honestly I'm probably just gonna get the original and that is it .. If Capcom gives me the actual arcade port then I will buy each version



Angelic_Lapras_King said:

It be nice if we got III and maybe even IV somehow, but I bet Capcom is counting the days till Nintendo add Mega Drive and/or TG16 support so they can flog us more SFII. XD



JonSpangler said:

I got SF2 Turbo for the 1.50 upgrade and then SSF2 for half off because of the special.
The buy1 get 1 1/2 off deal and upgrade special should be considered if you want one or multible editions.



unrandomsam said:

@Angelic_Lapras_King standard Capcom not willing to put in any effort whatsoever. (If they did CPS1/CPS2 right then they could use one emulator for the lot like D4 Enterprise have done with the Neo Geo).



Angelic_Lapras_King said:

I'll be surprised if they keep the online feature on the MD version of Super.

Ahh well, I got all 3 for cheap anyway (Upgraded the first, brought ATurbo and got Super for free) so meh....



Ryno said:

Good to see that I'm not the only one that likes this over Super.



Damo said:

@Kirk All three games deserve the same rating?

Think about that just for a second.

You're saying we should rate the first Street Fighter 2 the same as its sequels - all of which drastically improve on the core gameplay, options and number of fighters?

Street Fighter 2 was a seminal title back in 1992, but the fast-moving nature of the genre means that it has been outclassed several times over - not just by Capcom, but by other companies operating in the same field.

No one loves Street Fighter around here more than me, and the SNES original took over my life - but if you seriously think that the first game is as a good as the later iterations, then you're allowing nostalgia to cloud your perspective. Fighting games are totally unlike other genres; they revolve around the depth and balance of the combat system, pace and roster of characters. SF2 has been improved upon many times over, which is why we've given it the rating you see.



Kirk said:


Because there are certain things that go beyond opinion, even when it comes to reviews, and giving this game an 8 or previous one a 7 is just misguided and wrong.

People need to STOP with the politically correct socially conditioned crap that everything is a matter of "opinion" and therefor nothing can be objectively quantified and measured.

That kind of thinking is based on a total lack of understanding of the subject matter that is being reviewed and the various elements, skills and principles that come together to make it.

The review might seem like it's just his opinion but it's also blatantly obvious he's artificially skewed the scores because he thinks that the later ones are clearly better than the previous ones, since it added more stuff, and he wants to recommend that one to us for purchase.

He thinks the right thing to do is make sure to recommend the version that he thinks is the best of the bunch.

That's fine if he thinks this one is the best of the bunch, that's opinion, but you don't artificially mark the other games down to emphasize that.

There is no way in hell that Street Fighter II: The World Warrior is a 7, or this and 8, and only people who really shouldn't be allowed to give opinions in any kind of professional capacity would say otherwise.

You can call "opinion" till the cows come home but all that tells me is you just like to throw out the same old stuff as the average layman in your misunderstanding of professional critical analysis and the critical analysis of critical analysis.



Kirk said:


Did I say all three games deserve the SAME rating?

Did I say that EVEN ONCE, in either this review or your other Street Fighter review?

Damo, you're a professional reviewer on this site so I expect at least you, if no one else, to read what I've typed properly before you debate it.

I got banned the other day for getting into arguments on this site, totally unfairly I may add, and if people actually read what I typed properly before replying maybe I wouldn't get so annoyed and frustrated at them and get into so many silly and unnecessary arguments.

Just saying.



Damo said:

@Kirk "All three of these Street Fighter games absolutely deserve 9-10/10, even by today's standards."

What else could that statement possibly mean? You're saying that all three games deserve "9-10/10".



Kirk said:



Damo, that means one could score a 9 and the other a 10, for example...

You know how your own scoring system works, right?

A 9 is not a 10 and a 9 with slightly more praise in the review for all the extra stuff isn't also the same a 9 with a little less of that praise in the review for all the extra stuff. That's why so many professional reviewers go on all the time about how we should actually read the content of the reviews too because a review isn't just a number, I assume.

Basically, I would suggest that all these Street Fighter games are near perfect games (and I'm saying that entirely objectively based on what actually defines a well made game in all the ways it can be measured), with each adding slightly to the previous one, so you go form a near perfect score and get closer and closer to the perfect score with each review if you feel that's necessary because the later games added more stuff.

I don't think it's correct to artificially mark the previous examples down simply because your score system only has a scale of ten and you don't want to put them all in the 9-10 range they all 100% deserve.

That's what I see happening here.



Damo said:

@Kirk You said all three should be scored in the same bracket, which suggests to me (and anyone with a brain) that you feel they're all equal.

As someone who has played every SF game to death, I can safely say that it goes without saying that they are far from being equal. SF2 was amazing when it was released, but the genre has undergone radical improvements since then - improvements which make SF2 seem slow and limited in comparison.

Why would you argue that incremental improvements throughout the life of a series don't warrant better scores? Especially when we're reviewing them in the context of three different versions of the same game being released at the exact same time?

I think you're basically allowing your love of the original game to cloud your perspective on this. SF2 has to be reviewed in context on the Wii U VC, just as we do with every other game we review on this site. SF2 has been bettered several times over (in fact it was bettered within a year of its release) and while it's still an amazing game (7/10 is not a bad score) it is far from being the best version available right now on the Wii U VC.

We've not "skewed" the rating system to somehow rob SF2 of a 9 or 10. The simple fact is that the game hasn't aged as well as you think, and has been improved upon by subsequent releases.



rastamadeus said:

@Kirk You're right, certain things do go beyond opinion. Like its not an opinion we should be going into Syria to stop their maniac leader gassing innocent women and children, its a necessity. However, a videogame getting a certain mark isn't something that goes beyond an opinion as the whole review is the reviewer DESCRIBING his opinion. You need to take off your rose tinted specs pronto. You think they all deserve 9 or 10? Good for you. Even back in the '90s I thought they deserved no more than a 7 or 8 and I'd personally give them less now. I suppose I'm wrong though, eh? As Lord Kirk has spoken. No wonder you got " unfairly" banned when you can't even accept people's opinions.



Kirk said:


"You said all three should be scored in the same bracket, which suggests to me (and anyone with a brain) that you feel they're all equal."

I'm sorry Damo but we obviously interpret the english language or simple scoring metrics very differently.

A 9 with extra praise in the review text for additional content is not the same a 9 without that extra praise and a 10 certainly isn't the same a 9.

If we can't even agree on the basic understanding of metrics and how the actual context of a review is also important alongside the score then let's not, because I don't want to get unfairly banned again.

Let's just agree we both love the Street Fighter II games and leave it at that.




Damo said:

@Kirk You clearly know what I'm trying to say - you feel the games are all sufficiently similar in quality to be awarded similar scores. There's no need to be so obtuse.

I was about to post a reasoned response to your previous post stating that what's really important here is that SF2 is a fantastic game and that 7/10 is by no means a disservice to the title, when...

"Trust me, I've played this game more than you, and just as recently as you too, so you don't have to lecture me on how much we all love the game and what or what not has not changed over time in our subjective minds etc."

Oh boy. It feels like I'm 13 again. Peace indeed!

EDIT: I note you've just removed the quoted text above from your last reply...



OorWullie said:

@Kirk "Banned unfairly" ?Haha you make me laugh.You have already said yourself that you're an "arrogant douche"! I am sick of reading the comments which I normally enjoy being spammed by your utter drivel.Why they let you back on I'll never know but i'm sure it wont be long until your gone again!



Kirk said:


Yeah, I edited that last part back out again because after re-reading it I realized it wasn't necessary.

I know what you mean about feeling like I'm 13 again though.

PS. SNES is better than Megadrive!



Kirk said:


So, banning someone for being an arrogant douche is "fair" now?


And people wonder why I reply the way I do.



rastamadeus said:

@Damo I have a friend who supports Man U and when we (Liverpool) slaughtered them 4-1 in their own backyard he refused to admit it was because we were good. He insisted it was because they were dreadful from start to finish - despite going in the lead initially. Everyone in the world were saying, "Blimey, Liverpool played exceptional, didn't they?" but he still refuses to admit it. It just didn't happen. Kirk reminds me of him. Fond look back at when we were good now over...



Damo said:

@Kirk My childhood was scarred by MD vs SNES arguments in the playground!

@OorWullie Kirk is entitled to his opinion, and as you can see we've had a debate and no one died. Time to move on.



Kirk said:


Funnily I never really had those "console wars" arguments that much as a child.

It took until I was an adult to have such wars over pointless yet kinda fun stuff.

Oh the irony!




Damo said:

@rastamadeus To be fair, I don't mind when people react in this manner to review scores, esp for retro games - passion for old titles is something that should be encouraged. I love loads of terrible games from the 16-bit era, so much so that I would fight for their honour until the cows come home (not that SF2 is a terrible title, but you get my point).

@Kirk feels strongly about this and is expressing his opinion. Everyone has one.



Damo said:

@Kirk As a hardcore MD fan I was forever getting into playground spats with Amiga players. Not so much the SNES fans, though - I got a SNES early on. Still prefer the MD if I'm honest, though



Kirk said:


Oh, yeah, I did have a few debates at the time regarding the whole console vs "PC" battle.

I was firmly on the side of the consoles, although there were a lot of games on the Amiga and Atari ST that I definitely wanted to play too.

My brother actually had a Megadrive and I had a SNES, so I think we both had our favorites, but because I had access to both I never really got into big debates about which one was the best.

Although, it was the SNES!


PS. I was however actually a bit of a Master System fanboy before I finally played a few games on the NES, like Super Mario Bros 3, and realized the NES was clearly the better system. A little less powerful, certainly in the graphics department, but just better overall.



rastamadeus said:

@Damo True, I was meaning just the blind bashing head against the wall argument style he was initially using, not able to accept people have different opinions. I'll argue til the cows come home that Other M is one of the best Metroid games - only behind Prime 1 - but I know others disagree. Debating is good, blindly defending and not listening to what others say isn't.



OorWullie said:

@Damo Yeah of course and if it was just friendly banter like everybody else has on here then great but when he needs to resort to telling others to F off and basically calling me stupid for having the audacity to disagree with him in a polite manner,then yeah I'll have an issue with it.



sleepinglion said:

Turbo is actually my favorite home console version. As a kid I only picked up II and II: Turbo, but I really loved the end credit music in this one. Here's to hoping a video game cover band takes a whack at it someday. Great title, well worth it.



SparkOfSpirit said:

I also think this is the best 16-bit Street Fighter. The original doesn't give you Turbo or the 4 bosses and Super just doesn't have the same level of polish.

Unless they put Super Turbo on the eshop, I think this is the best VC version available.



Kirk said:

Like a lot of other people have said; this is also my favorite 16bit Street Fighter II game too.



Relias said:

This is hands down the best version of Street Fighter 2 to hit any 16 bit system.. I loved this game.. (Still do)



WinterWarm said:

I hate when commenters forgo punctuation and their comments come out a strangled, confusing mess. >:[

Just wish more SF would come to 3DS.

Good review.



Bass_X0 said:

More proof that people really do care about a score.

Out of five gave more leeway. The first two games would both rate 4/5 (or 7/10 - 8/10) which would be right and wouldn't have caused this many arguments.

Just wish more SF would come to 3DS.

The next game is likely the Game Boy Street Fighter II and then after that, the GBC version of Street Fighter Alpha.



WinterWarm said:


Yes, people wonder why in the seven hells you comment the way you do, or attempt to make a better Nintendo handheld. People wonder why you chose "Kirk" as your username and didn't have your avatar a Star Trek character. People wonder when you'll be banned. Some people want you to be banned.

All because of your... Incredibly trying nature and your... Truly unique view. And the fact you butt heads with everyone in every review, article, interview, first impression, or RAPTURE you comment on.

Speakin' the peace, shootin' the breeze, inside and out I'm perfectly at ease.

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