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Street Fighter II defined gaming in the 1990s by revolutionising the fighting game genre. Regarded as one of the greatest games of all time, Street Fighter II' Turbo: Hyper Fighting was the third and final release of the original Street Fighter II series.

Featuring the original eight world warriors including Ryu, Chun Li and Guile - along with playable boss characters Balrog, Vega, Sagat and M. Bison - Street Fighter II' Turbo: Hyper Fighting offers enhanced gameplay speed and improved character balancing.

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Posted by Damien McFerran

The need for speed

Although many will accuse Capcom of flogging the Street Fighter license within an inch of its life, the company wasn't solely to blame for the production line of incremental updates which appeared after the release of the original Street Fighter II...

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USA USA Version

Posted by Damien McFerran

Time to get hyper

If there's one thing the Virtual Console service has taught us, it's that some games have aged better than others. Playing the original Street Fighter II after all these years is a real eye-opening experience - it is almost too slow to be playable...

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User Comments (103)



RMA said:

THIS is the SFII game you should buy! I love playing as Sagat! The speed option improves the gameplay so much as well!



SuperCoolAl said:

I already bought World Warrior, but I'll definitely snap this one up. I can always compare how crap World Warrior is by comparison

And SPEED SELECT!!! B-e-a-u-tiful!



Mendez said:

Yay! I'm so glad I waited and didn't download the sloooooow one now =D I really hope this comes out soon.



Mirokunite said:

Once Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers comes out I will be happy. Super Street Fighter II Turbo would be nice, but The New Challengers is really nice.



Kelvin said:

Honestly, I preferred the Mega Drive version of this one. I mean they're both really well done, and basically the same game, but the MD version gave you just a bit extra, like up to four turbo stars on normal/champion mode, extra character colourations, etc. Minor stuff, mostly (although you miss those champion turbo stars when you go back to the SNES version!), but just enough to tip the balance.

Of course, then the SNES got Super SFII (and I don't believe the MD did), rendering it all a moot point.



Fed said:

You could go up to 10 stars turbo setting on the SNES version with a small cheat.

"After the Capcom logo disappears on the opening credits, press Down, R, Up, L, Y, B on controller 2"



Jazzem said:

I'll be getting this. May get Super too, but I've become hopelessly addicted to the plug in and play of the Mega Drive version, and would love to have the SNES version on the VC. Great game, and the fact I had no experience of it back in the day just shows its timeless quality!

And Chun Li FTW



Bass_X0 said:

Street Fighter II Turbo was the very first Street Fighter game I owned. I played the original SFII in the arcades and as a rental briefly before then but I wasn't familar with the characters; plus I was young. I put a lot of time into Turbo at the time but I wouldn't say I was any good at it. I play Street Fighter games for fun rather than competition.



Jazzem said:

"If you like your 2D fighters then this really is a must-have, it's just a shame you don't get the lovely metal tin that was given away free with the UK SNES version at the time!"

Ah, that's what I saw on ebay!

Despite what my balloon fighting, vegetable throwing, mach riding Megaman friend may say, I'm now jealous of America for getting this! *Hopes we get it soon*



antster1983 said:

This was better than the original Street Fighter II because it fixed the speed problems. Now we in Europe play the waiting game...



the pal release shouldn't be worth it
since it will run at 50Hz



Dazza said:

Deckers: This is a good choice for PAL gamers (when it comes out of course!). There is a speed select option so having the PAL version isn't really a problem as it was for original SNES SF2.




I'll definately be downloading this one. Used to play this all the time as a kid.
Its a must have for Street Fighter fans and for fighting game fans.



its a nice title indeed and with the arcade stick from Hori on its way(august) it will play even better...but is already featured in tons of compilations.some being arcade perfect and very cheap too.i owne at least 5 versions of this game...



Shrapnel09 said:

regarding the 10 star turbo setting... i mean THIS is the version where you can do that right? i know there are 25 different updates of the same game so i get a little confused... i just need someone else to confirm them because i lay down another 8 bucks for the update. thank you



Levi said:

10 star turbo setting? That sounds fake on so many levels but i've never heard about that so i can't judge lol. Those 25 different updates of the same game? Yeah those were fake versions and what not, could you imagine that many updates on the SNES/Megadrive?? I think some stupid company tried cashing in and making fake versions, like being able to fight in the air and stuff. (Literally walking on air dragonball Z style)

This is the version you should D/L end of. Nothing more, nothing less. This is the SNES version that allowed 4 star speed i believe, 10 star sounds like stupidness/just for fun/kicks lol.



Bass_X0 said:

ten stars are real! you need to do a button combo on the title screen to do it though.

down, R, up, L, Y, B, X, A with the snes controller.



Shrapnel09 said:

i was being sarcastic when talking about the 25 updates, i dont like how capcom releases so many versions of this game trying to cash in as much as possible.

Either way i seen on multiple sites that if you wait until the Turbo logo flashes, and quickly press Down, R, Up, L, Y, B on controller two you can have the option of adding up to 10 stars, similar to what fed said earlier... now i just need to confirm this, thats all... thats all i need.



Shrapnel09 said:

omg, i just got done playing a full 10 star game and ... DAMN lol that is insane! thanks a lot for cheat and all... oh and you dont need to press X A for it to work, again this is awesome and i dont feel bad re-buying the game.



chadnorred said:

Best 2 player fighting game I've ever played. I still own it and play it often with buddies on the SNES. I recommend a download if you like to drink and go to battle.



Ian_Daemon said:

THIS version of SFII is my personal favorite. I haven't bought it, but I should. I just don't have enough friends that are fighting game fans... Again, "Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting" is MY pick for ultimate version. I'm glad it's available.



sami said:

they should put super street fighter 2 :the new chalengers on the wii virtual console u know (fei long,dee jay,cammy and T.hawk)



Kelvin said:

Yes, you can cheat to get ten star speed on Turbo mode on the SNES version. On the MD version, this is not only a standard feature (ie you don't have to cheat to get it), but you can also input a code to get five star speed on Normal mode!



RMA said:

Oooh...downloaded at last...along with SMW this was the reason I picked up a SNES...and they've both held up well as great games.



johnsen6 said:

Is it really worth getting hold of this instead if Super SFII though (especially if I am happy to wait!!)?



Kelvin said:

I prefer this to Super, as I don't think the new changes in Super added much to the game, but most people seem to prefer Super.

__Nicky Wan


Nicky Wan said:

Do most people prefer Super? Super does add 4 characters and stages but loses the speed as far as I recall? Turbo is the very I've played most of the SFII series. I think I'll probably download this one!



Yoshi175 said:

Good game but how are ryu and ken so popular, there hard to use,
I am good as Chun li, Vega, blanka and unfortunatly the sumo(can't remember his name)
I'll give this a five star



SuperWiiDude said:

Anybody else having any issues doing special moves like hadukens and stuff?
I used to be pro back in the day. (To the extent of having calloused thumbs).
And now I can't even pull off one special move for the life of me.
It's kinda freakin' me out.
Anybody got any ideas? Is it a classic controller issue or is it just me?



Kelvin said:

It's probably just the controller, as some are better than others for SFII. While the SNES and GBA D-pads seemed to work really well, I remember the MD pad was a bit trickier to use, as was the Playstation's.



SKTTR said:

It's Tuuuurbo!!! It really is one of the fastest, if not the fastest beat'em up out there! Put in the Capcom code. Set Speed on 10 and there you go! This is the kick!
But nothing is a kick like Cammy. And Cammy is not in there!
I wait for Super Street Fighter II or Street Fighter Alpha 2.
They have more Street Fighting, less speed.



Elo said:

it's awesome..and works very well with the gc controller,esp since you can conf the controls to ure liking ;D
def worth every point



dunsybhoy said:

SuperWiiDude I am having the same problem too. I am completely unable to do any of the special moves. Before any one suggest this is down to my ineptitude it definitely isn't!! Spent about 5 years solid playing this in the 90's (took me that long to finish with Dhalsim without continuing on level 7!! lol). I cant even get any move where you press a button repeatedly to work like the hundred hand slap or Blanka's elictricity. I'm using the Classic controller as well!! Any suggestions? I'm going to try deleting it and downloading again and see how that goes



dunsybhoy said:

I've deleted the save file and the game and downloaded it again and still nothing. I can't do a single special move. Anybody else having this problem or got any other suggestions? It's really beginning to annyoy me now!!!



SuperWiiDude said:

Only thing I've figured out so far is it's back to taking baby steps.
No 10 star turbo ownage for me, at least for a while anyways.
Taking the turbo setting down to 3-4 stars does seem to allow me to do special moves again. I guess some of my mojo has left me over the years. Only a matter of time now I hope. >_



dunsybhoy said:

I can't even get the special moves to work using Normal mode and that includes the moves where you press a button repeatedly!!



Jazzem said:

@Davie, I seem to have trouble doing Dhalsim's teleport, but everything else is fine apart from that. Regarding the rapid fire moves, it seems to be the middle punch/kick buttons that work best for those.



mc_chick said:

This must be the best street fighter to play on the PAL virtual console. And what a good feeling playing the best 2-D fighting game gives you. 15 years ago I played this game for the first time... what a game!!!



Mendez said:

Awesome game and probably the best 2D fighting game I've played. I much prefer 3D fighting games but this is still great.



dunsybhoy said:

Cheers Jazzem but I have tried every punch and kick button to get them to work and still nothing. I tried for around 90 minutes the other night trying almsot every special move for every character on every speed setting in VS mode with no other player and I couldn't do even one of them!!



Jazzem said:

Good grief, that is odd Davie!

As barmy as it sounds, might you have accidentally activated the 'no special moves' cheat? It's something you do in the game's intro, and the only way you could deactivate it was by deleting the Wii suspension point (As the game can remember it if you just reset it via the Wii home menu) but then, you did say you deleted the save data...



Kelvin said:

Maybe Davieboy's batteries are running low? I don't know what else could be up.

__Jade Louise


Jade Louise said:

I have the metal tin. I got the game for Christmas 1993. I still have the badge that came with it unopened. The tin is a bit rusty sadly now.



TBoneTony said:

Dam, I got the original Street Fighter 2: World Warrior without even knowing of the Turbo Version, I feel like shouting "Give me my 800 points back so I can get this one...."

But I perfer staying with the one I already got, the slower one. Besides I enjoyed it without knowing any difference so I guess be not knowing before is a good thing.



Fergus said:

I also had the problem with the inability to do special moves, after trying a vs game against myself i found out that it wasn't my age making my special moves not working, In the Data Management i deleted the Street Fighter 2 Turbo edition block and then all was well.... Time to bring back some very fond memories!



dunsybhoy said:

Guys thanks for the advice. I had activated the no special moves cheat D'oh!! I don't remember this being in the original at all. From playing it before I had always activated the turbo cheat whenever I saw the Capcom logo through muscle memory or something (Told you I spent ages playing this back in the day). I just forgot it had to be done on Controller 2 rather than 1. Deleting the save file fixed it. At last I can hear Guile shouting SONIC BOOM again!!!



Jazzem said:

Good to hear Davie, now you can enjoy one of your favourite games how it was meant to be played

Incidentally, I just completed this with M.Bison, and therefore have completed the game with all twelve characters! There's still a lot of room for improvement in how I play, being able to activate Zangief's 360 piledriver and Dhalsim's teleport would be a start! =P



Charco said:

I had trouble playing two player with one VC Controller and one GC controller, both seemed to control player one. Anybody know what the story is with this? I had GC controller in Port one and VC controller kooked up as normal to Wiimote 1?



Jazzem said:

"I had GC controller in Port one"

There's your problem Charco, whatever port the GC controller goes in will map it to that player. It'll have to go into port 2, since the Wii remote linked will be considered player one.



dunsybhoy said:

I think Zangiefs 360 piledriver is a myth that Capcom threw into taunt us all. Never been able to get it to work consistently!!



LostHeaven said:

I remember having spent something like $90 USD for this game the day it was released here in Portugal. It was the most expensive videogame I ever purchased, but the money was well spent, I played this forever with my friends. Watching the video just brought the nostalgia back xD

For 700 points it just seems a bargain now!



Betagam7 said:

How come the game appears to be full screen on the demo and then title screen but then has borders during the game?
Was it always like this? I thought SNES games were now considered safe regarding the removal of borders? (if not the speed fixed)



Chris said:

Unlike World Warrior it was so easy to be cheap in this one. Just pick E-Honda and move towards someone doing the hundred hand slap (for example). Sure World Warrior wasn't as quick but it rewarded skill far more and is the better game in my opinion.



Clayfrd said:

Wow, I had the slow version for SNES, and I wasn't impressed. I was used to the fast pace of Mortal Kombat. With this version, the speed is great and the gameplay is smooth and fun. I am glad I gave Street Fighter II one more round (ho, ho...).



FirebrandMustDie said:

Just downloaded this. Fantastic game, this was MY streetfighter back in the day. Just been playing on the hardest difficulty, now I remember why I went through about 4 control pads! Argh!




Link_O_Fett said:

Street Fighter II Turbo for the SNES is still an awesome fighting game to play because of the increased speed and the still iconic levels and characters.



SunnyLSD said:

Can't we play the SF2 Turbo game in full screen? Why do black widescreen bars appear at the top and bottom?? Any way to make it full screen - cheats, settings etc?



Saint said:

I remember playing this back when i was in school, if you could pull off Zangiefs 360 Piledriver you were considered a GOD



Andrew said:

This is my favourite console game ever on any system! Such an awesome game, I still play it quite a bit nowdays! One of my best mates and I still play verses mode, and we're still finding out new tricks and getting better at this game. I remember buying this game on import in 1994 from japan and it cost me $150AU which was a LOT of money at the time. Such great memories. Totally owned the MD version - I mean there is no comparison, just load them up on an emulator nowdays and see which is more playable. The SNES version goes down as one of the best 2D fighters, not just for the era, but ever.

For those still keen to play, download ZSNES and zbattle and you can play online. Lots of fun to be had!!

__Rene Guerra


Rene Guerra said:

Andrew, how do i download this exactly. all i can find are links. i reeeally want to play this game again. it was my fave back in the day and i would love to play other people online if possible.



Danja said:

The reason I bought a snes and I've still got it but it doesn't work... Lucky I can get the VC version then! 10 star speed definately worked on the snes version, I used to use a programable joystick to get it every time! Mega drive version was nothing in comparison especially with only a 3 button pad!



Elk810 said:

What can I say? It's Street Fighter II. Of course it's a good game. At least buy this instead of Street Fighter: The World Warrior though. This will definately hold you over until Super SFII if you're impatient. A little note for Gamecube controller users though: Try using a Classic controller instead. The control setup is really mixed up and the R button, which is supposed to be one of the kick buttons, doesn't work. No, my Gamecube controller isn't broken, because all of them have this problem.



Damn straight its Street Fighter II, and I can echo every other point you raise: the GameCube pad really doesn't do this game justice. Play it with the Classic Controller configuration to mimic those great times I had as a kid getting resoundly beaten by my mates at this game!



Zweck36 said:

You people and your speed dissapoint me. Compared to the others on the system, this game dissapoints me.



dexter said:

So many good memories of this game. The increased speed really improves things.



Mixer152 said:

Being a MegaDrive owner I only played this at a friends occasionally, but I'm a Street Fighter fan so i picked this up without question, timeless classic.



AchubaNanoia said:

I'm really jealous of people who PWN on 2d Fighters like Street Fighter 2. I used to be an average player back then, and I just found out that I'm worse now . I feel bad about downloading this game... I guess it's great for those who are good at it, but I for one have made the move to 3D fighting.
4 stars because I know it's a good game, even though I'm bad at it, and it can be tons of fun when you play with friends, especially with people who don't play videogames, since it's a lot easier to have fun on this game then on something like, say, DOA 4 or Soul Calibur.



Gum_Kid said:

I only have 1000 wii points left im thinking of getting this. But im also thinking that i could get 2 nes games like mario bros. 1. or im also torn with donkey kong country 2 also. I need some help chosing a game. Thanks to any one who helps.



KirbyPunk said:

Gum Kid, I bought this game over Super Street Fighter, and it's a great game, but if the "Mario Bros 1" you're talking about is "Super Mario Bros", I'd get that game over any game on the Virtual Console, as "Super Mario Bros" is one of the greatest games of all time. If you're just talking about the original "Mario Bros" which is very different, I'd get this over that and DKC 2 (even though I've never played (DKC2)



Quimby said:

This is by far the best Street Fighter on the VC. A lot of people prefer Super because of the extra characters (who weren't all that great anyway... DeeJay {shudder}), but there were also some small changes made to the gameplay that tip the balance for me. And I don't mean the loss of speed, I'm more refering to changes like when Ken uses his tornado kick mid air he now just spins as he falls limply to the ground as apposed to performing it properly .etc



Quimby said:

Also here's hoping Street Fighter Alpha 2 comes to the VC in short order. I'd be willing to pay up to 1500 points for a fixed version.



Charco said:

This is a fine game. Had it for my SNES. Better than Super Street Fighter II in my opinion. The sound effects are better in this version, SSFII sounds like hitting a tin can when you kick someone.



Jona said:

this game is my favorite snes fighting game. thats all i hav 2 say



Jona said:

amahaaazing game but i still recomend street fighter the new challengers more than this game. but it is stil very good.



classicmike said:

This is my first street fighter game that I have ever played, and this game is as fun and rewarding as it is hard. The controls are decent enough to land some nice combos and quickly take out your opponent. I would recommend this game to people who have played at least one of the other street fighter games at least for an hour. Still, it is a really cool game. 4/5



Ricardo91 said:

I wanted to get into Street Fighter II Due to it's legendary status, despite the fact that I'm not very big on fighting games other than Super Smash Bros. Which is a better edition: New Challengers or Turbo?



Bass_X0 said:

you'd be better off with new challengers. turbo is still fun though but new challengers is better for newcomers imo.



The_Bear said:

This game is amazing. Easily my favorite fighting game of all-time. I make it a point to beat this game at least twice every year on my SNES.



Slionr said:

At the Wii-shop channel, choose VC-games, then you have youre choice on how you want to search for the game



Kurachi said:

i always played this street fighter, i knew the trick to get like 20(?) stars and when i tried on 5 stars after a while, i sucked at it
i can be pretty slow, but that game needed turbo for me i guess
was fun to play with M. Bison



Corbs said:

To me this was the best overall version of Street Fighter 2. I know many prefer Super Street Fighter 2, but I think the balance in this one was better and the speed increase was a much-needed feature all along.



Divock said:

It's a great fighting game and it's pretty addicting too. The Controls are pretty responsive and you can almost always get someone to do the super move when you want it. I can't really say much more, but if you want a great fighter, you found one. (by the way, I seem to have trouble doing Ryu's uppercut, the wii handbook says its forward, down, forwarddown, but I can't seem to accomplish it. I don't need it but if someone can give me a tip that'd be great)



Kurachi said:

ok, made mistake, was 10 stars, but thats the only way how i can play it well
its a nice SF game, my only one, but i'm not interested in other SF games



Divock said:

Okay, I figured it out Apparently this game works much, MUCH better with a classic controller. I can now pull off Dragon Punches easily. YAY! I love this game.



pikmin95 said:

Ryu get really tough with 4 stars (moderate difficulty). He relentlessly attacks you with those Hadukens. ARGHHHH!



retro_player_22 said:

I use to play the hell out of this game back when I got my SNES. This version of SFII was the only version that Chun-Li could used her permanant blue fireball (unlike the many after where she use it and then it disappear half screen).



The_Ink_Pit_Ox said:

I was disappointed when this was brought to the VC. Why have more than one Street Fighter? It's all the same game to me.



Bass_X0 said:

Except its not. The upgrades only make the game even better than it was before.



Willybomb said:

This was the best SFII out of the bunch, its down to the increase of speed which was so needed as the original was very slow when played after playing this version.Everything about this game was so groundbreaking which has led it to be one of the best beat em' ups series running. The players are so unique well was back in 1992 with great moves and combos that all types of players could master. SFII offered something for everyone a great game and glad to see it on the VC.



SNK said:

i remember paying £100 for the jap version of this in 1993,its just pure class.

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