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Rayman Origins Review

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Posted by James Newton

Limbless, but not limp

Rayman Origins has had a long trip to reach 3DS; it was supposed to be released in March, and while it's out now in Europe it won't make it to North America until November. Europeans can enjoy it in 3D for the first time, but if you've already played it on one of the myriad other platforms you might want to think twice before double-dipping.

Let's start with the good. In handheld form, Rayman Origins is still a beautifully rhythmic platformer that oozes grace; skipping around stages that vary from jungles to kitchens, controlling Rayman is fluid and instinctive, and as his move set grows the controls remain comfortable and responsive. Level design also remains wholly intact from other versions, and is uniformly excellent.

Although it lacks the multiplayer mode that made the home console version such a riot, a portable Origins is arguably more suited to solo play anyway; its smaller screen and handheld nature make it a more personal affair. There's plenty to keep a solitary adventurer entertained too: each stage must be completed multiple times to unlock everything, with speed runs and collect-a-thons both required to reach the game's full conclusion. There're hours of gameplay in here for the committed player.

Like any version of the game, when Rayman Origins 3DS is good it really sings, with great design and a real sense of joy. However, it's not all sunny days and happy faces in Rayman land.

For one, the 3DS version has a pretty murky presentation that looks especially disappointing compared to the recently vibrant Rayman Origins on PS Vita. It all seems a bit washed out on the 3DS top screen, colours from both ends of the spectrum mushed towards the middle and robbing the game of some of its visual potency. Sprites lack clarity too, appearing muddy at times, and while it's not a game-breaker it does chip away at the game's charm. The whole visual presentation has a compressed look, as if looking through a filter like those polarised 3D glasses we all did away with when 3DS came out. The 3D effect comes into play occasionally, mostly when skipping from foreground to background or vice versa, but you're not missing much by playing it in 2D; that's how the game was created, after all.

Exclusive to 3DS is the ability to show off your in-game progress with another player via StreetPass. There are multiple achievements to unlock, and an overall progression marker shows how close you are to reaching 100%. Hardly groundbreaking stuff — early 3DS efforts from Ubisoft offered similar modes — but as it's StreetPass it's a take-it-or-leave-it kind of deal anyway.


How much you get out of Rayman Origins ultimately comes down to whether you've played it already. 3DS isn't exactly bursting with 2D platformers, so if you haven't sampled the magic of Rayman Origins on another platform this is well worth picking up. However, it doesn't compare favourably to the other versions and makes little use of 3DS's unique abilities. A good, solid 2D platformer, it'll still entertain and amuse in spite of its flaws.

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The launch trailer for Rayman Origins on 3DS: it launches in North America on 5th June and in Europe on 8th June. Find out more at http://www.nintendolife.com/games/3ds/rayman_origins

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BenAV said:

That sounds about right going from the demo.
It seemed like it might be alright if I hadn't have already played the game on Wii, but in comparison it felt pretty terrible.



luminalace said:

I bought it and am loving it! However maybe I should not have passed on the console versions like I did last year! I just wanted this game on 3DS and so far it has not disappointed!



MeWario said:

I tried it and ended up getting the wii version. I still don't know if I made the right choice. Don't get me wrong the game is amazing but it would be great to have it on the go!



19Robb92 said:

Seems to be a lot better on home consoles.

I'll be waiting for Rayman Legends on WiiU instead. Would be nice if Ubisoft released a WiiU version of rayman Orgins as well. I'd buy that.



Corbs said:

Yeah once you've played it on Vita, it's tough to go the 3DS version. But for those who don't own a Vita or one of the home consoles, this is a very fine alternative.



matirishhh said:

I played it on WII and PC. I still bought the 3ds version which is great. I know that VITA version is better but ... I didn't want to spend 200 pounds on vita....I love playing platformers on a handheld system and can't stand playing it on TV (it is just my preference). Game is superb. I can easily recomend it to anyone. And yes it has the same content it's 1:1 port. Only disadventages are : quality of music and washed out colors.8/10



chewytapeworm said:

I wasn't a fan of the demo, but I really enjoyed the older games although they're snail-like by comparison. Like the majority say, the Wii version is probably the superior choice, and as you can get a copy at a piffling £10 in some places, they might just be spot on!



abINC4L said:

I have it on the 360 but decided to try the demo from eShop and glad that I had the 360 version. From the demo, although the visuals are indeed worse (not too concerned about that), the framerate was worse and considering the nature of this game, that's a deal breaker.

Can't wait for Rayman Legends though! Haven't even finished Rayman Origins yet XD



Koapa said:

Really poor game. As the game showed, it´s definitely only a port to another system. Tiny, colors get away and the speed also.
You could get better games for a few €. Rayman Origins worth max 10 €.



luminalace said:

@Koapa It may not be the best port but it's ridiculous saying it's a bad game! Also I wanted the game on the go and from that point of view it's great! If I had a Vita though, then I would have got this on that!



Cranky said:

Having fully completed this game on the Wii and the Vita, I have to say how shocked I was at how awful the 3ds demo was. If you have never played rayman origins (which you must), then make sure it is on another console. Also, If you play it on the Wii, I would highly recommend using a component cable, it looks a lot better.



luminalace said:

Considering I already bought the 3DS version, I am almost afraid to see how good it looks/plays on Wii/Vita/HD consoles. Maybe after I finish the game.



hendie001 said:

if i did not have the vita version i would be all over this. Its the only reason why i even play my vita, cool game though.



rjejr said:

Think we'll pass on this one. Had a lot of fun on the PS3 playing 3-player, don't think it would fly solo too well after that. My son who was Skylanders obsessed on the PS3 played his 3DS version once and got bored playing by himself.



sinsalaca said:

Was originally going to go all in and get it, but after playing the demo I may be changing my mind. I have it for the 360 and it is a blast to play on there. I didn't get that same enjoyment from the 3DS demo. The reviewer is rigth it does seem darker on the 3DS, plus playing it on a smaller screen also makes it harder to try and navigate some of the levels. Guess I will be passign on it for now. Maybe someday when if it ends up in the bargin bin I might pick it up then.



Paperchema said:

I'm not sure if i want to buy this version. It's great to have a game like this one on a portable console, but.....



Birdman said:

Does it have the same levels as the console (specifically Wii) versions? That's what makes or breaks it for me.



k8sMum said:

love 'origins' on the wii, but it is a fast game and i don't think i could keep up with it on that tiny screen.



thatoneguy4419 said:

I really didn't notice a lot of the problems that were mentioned in the review. And while I did notice that the sprites are a little unclear and small due the 3DS's screen, I really didn't mind it that much, and it really didn't take away much from the experience or make it harder to play in any way because it was extremely easy to get used to. All the problems stated in the review sound like something that you would easily miss and get use to easily as well unless you're really picky about these kinds of things. I would have given it a 9/10.



Knuckles said:

@NintendoLife Under the advertisement, it says the game will be released June 5th, not November like it has now changed to.

7/10? I expected that here



RevolverLink said:

Yeah, from what I've played of the demo, it's still a functional version of Rayman Origins and therefore still good. But unless the 3DS is someone's only current system, I can't recommend this version of the game to them over any of the others.



ScruffyYoshi said:

I'm glad you've commented on it looking compressed cus that was my opinion from the demo it looks like your playing the console game squeezed onto a 3ds screen (and consqeuently the view is too zoomed out). Having played it in beautiful 40" HD (and throughly loving it) the 3ds version is a real let down.



Metalskull said:

Oh man i was looking forward to the 3ds version anyway i might buy it when the price drops



RantingThespian said:

I was holding out to get the 3DS version. But then there was the delay . . . and the delay . . . and the delay . . . and eventually I got tired of waiting and bought the Wii version. Now it's been pushed back to November! There would be no way I would wait til then.

And when I compare my Wii version with the 3DS Demo, the Wii version is far superior (and cheaper!). Also, on the 3DS screen, you can't make out Rayman's features that well. The world is so big, and the guy is so small, it's like SML.

Buy the Wii version. It's cheaper, better, and you don't have to wait til November! >_<



Vava said:

I bought it on x 360, and I can say it's better than the 3ds one too, sorry my dear



Henmii said:

Well, this version took it's time to arrive!

Of course you are better of with the Wii version!



Lux-Invidious said:

This game is not meant to be played on the 3DS small screen, you need to enjoy it's art it's meant to be played on a HDTV. I think it would be nice if Ubisoft instead and went ahead and make a 3DS specific Rayman that uses the systems unique capabilities.



Yanni said:

I have the PC version and I love it, but I also enjoy my 3DS port as much. It's a great game with tons of fun, no matter the platform!

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