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Wed 27th Jun 2012

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Lux-Invidious commented on FIFA Producer: Wii U Potential is "Pretty Exci...:

It would be nice if EA does some interesting things with FIFA on the Wii U, but unless a lot of my friends get a Wii U (doubtful) and Nintendo establishes a good online service I might have to stick with the Xbox version as I really like the community aspects of FIFA. In a way I'm more interested if Konami will do something innovated with PES on Wii U like they did on the Wii. I play PES solo as none of my friends don’t really care for that franchise, but I like it.



Lux-Invidious commented on Review: Rayman Origins (3DS):

This game is not meant to be played on the 3DS small screen, you need to enjoy it's art it's meant to be played on a HDTV. I think it would be nice if Ubisoft instead and went ahead and make a 3DS specific Rayman that uses the systems unique capabilities.



Lux-Invidious commented on Talking Point: The Pros and Cons of 3DS XL:

(Possible) Pro: The buttons and the D-Pad look to have that soft squishy feel of the DS Lite (which I really liked). I really dislike the hard rigid button of the 3DS, and my fat thumbs finds the small, stiff 3DS D-Pad unplayable for 2D platformers, that I have to use Circle Pad.

Con: 3DS XL Won't fit in my pocket. I carry my 3DS around with me everywhere. When going to work on the Metro, it's usually in my backpack, but for other things it's in my pocket.

Honestly I wouldn't mind owning both. It would be nice if Nintendo created sharing between two systems so 1 profile could encompass both and add Cloud Saving. The 3DS XL would be my at home system and my original 3DS would be my road warrior. Though I may be to broke to do this, lol. I have two Xbox 360's in my house (1 mine, the other my wife’s) and mobile gamertag and cloud saving works wonders.

I'll make my final decision when I get my hands on it.