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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Bad trip?

Sunsoft made a ton of great games for Nintendo systems back in the day. Everybody knows the likes of Blaster Master and the NES Batman game, but they also had a ton of equally great games which people simply didn't find out about. We've already had some, like Ufouria: The Saga and Lock 'N Chase, but thankfully it's continuing its support, now with perhaps one of its least well-known games.

In Trip World, you play as a strange creature called Yakopoo, who has to recover his tribe's stolen flower to prevent the villagers from fighting each other. The game shares a lot of similarities with the Kirby games: it's an action platformer in which you can gain special abilities or even transform completely, with a fairly low difficulty level. It's fairly straightforward, easily avoidable enemies, short stages and cute graphics, with only a minimal number of split paths that generally lead to health or power-ups only.

But Trip World does differ slightly in the gameplay department. Yakopoo has no air sucking ability, and thus cannot simply harness the powers of enemies by inhaling them. To get special abilities, you'll have to find special items lying around and pick them up, which will temporarily grant you the ability to turn into a ball that can bounce around, the ability to tailwhip or other such things. There aren't many different abilities, but as the game is fairly short that might be a good thing, otherwise it would be very possible you would see most of them only once and then never again.

When you're not using a special ability, Yakopoo's only means of self defence is a very, very short-ranged kick which does very little damage and, obviously, requires you to get in close to enemies. You thankfully don't die in one hit, so if you have some health to spare you might be able to take this risk, but generally it's better to simply try and avoid enemies when not powered up.

The default Yakopoo can also transform into two different forms by holding up or down and pressing the attack button. Up turns him into an upward-flying helicopter, but you only gain height if you go forward at the same time, limiting its use to wide open rooms. Pressing down and transforming will turn you into a fish form, which is handy in the game's pre-requisite water stage.

These mechanics are all fine, although the physics take some getting used to, but unfortunately it all suffers a bit by the game being very short and, aside from the last few bosses, very easy. In this regard, it's a bit similar to Sunsoft's Mr. Gimmick, an NES game to which Trip World is sometimes considered a spiritual successor.

The big difference is that although Mr. Gimmick has a completely different main gameplay element, it is actually pretty challenging, is quite a bit longer and has many secrets to find and collect. Trip World only has five stages lacking any hidden goodies, and with nothing left to do after finishing them, all you'll be able to do is simply admire the game's admittedly impressive graphics and music — two more traits it shares with Mr. Gimmick — some more.


Trip World is, at its best, a decent action platformer, and not much more. It has some impressive, detailed spritework and music, and offers some mildly entertaining gameplay, but because of its incredibly short length and lack of difficulty we would advise you to be a bit cautious about purchasing it. Instead, what you should do is hope that Sunsoft releases Mr. Gimmick! on Wii Virtual Console, as it does everything much better.

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Link79 said:

Incredibly short length and lack of difficulty wasn't enough to keep Kirby's Dream land from a higher score. I think it's safe to assume I'll enjoy this too.
Now if it ever comes out in America I'll get it.



WolfRamHeart said:

Shame to hear about the game being so short and the lack of difficulty. I would still like to see it come out here in the US. I will pick it up if it does come here to show my appreciation of lesser-known niche games on the eShop.

I would rather have Mr. Gimmick but I seriously doubt that will ever see the light of day on the VC.



BlueToad said:

I love this game! I think it deserves an 8/10 because even though it is so short its one of those games you play again and again.



Flowerlark said:

I still want it in NA. I don't care about lack of difficulty because I usually suck at platformers, much as I like them, so it might be a less frustrating experience for me.



Bass_X0 said:

Its basically a Kirby's Dream Land clone but a good one. Just as easy, just as short but just as fun and replayable. It being short and easy should not be held against it. At £2.70, its also cheaper than Kirby.

A 6/10 gives the impression it plays worse than it actually does. As long as you don't mind rushing through the same stages several times, its a decent game - there are some slight alternate paths to take too throughout one or two of the stages. Better and in fact longer than many other £2.70 games. I'd give it a 7/10. If it were £3.60, then I'd agree with the 6/10 but its not.



Link79 said:

I don't think short length should be held against any gameboy game.
None of them were all that long unless it was Zelda or some other rpg game like final fantasy.



WaveBoy said:

I love games that are short but sweet...But if they don't offer any real challenge like Kirby's Dreamland for example, than it's defintily a bit of a turn off. I 'may' check it out down the line, but as of now I've got Gargoyles Quest and Super Mario Land 2 to play hehe.

EDIT: Just check out some footage from Trip World Stage 1 and i'm absolutely loving the music and graphical style...But it really does look extremely easy. Ah well, another relaxing breezy platformer to add to the list I guess.



ToneDeath said:

I've been trying to stick only to games that score 8 or higher, so that I don't clog up my 3DS with any old rubbish...but despite this review and gameplay videos that make it look like the easiest game ever, I'm afraid the charming music and graphics have already worked their magic on me and I'll be downloading it in a minute.

I still intend to get Balloon Kid too, whenever they decide to drop it on us Europeans, even after it scored a 4 on here.

I'm so weak-willed



chewytapeworm said:

I never really took to Kirby's Dream Land because of its easy difficulty and blink-and-you'll-miss-it length, so I'll probably opt against buying this now. Shame, as before reading this review I was very curious in taking Trip World's, um, trip...



ogo79 said:

i have Mr Gimmick, but if it comes to VC i will for sure be getting it for the Wii as well



JustAnotherUser said:

I bought this game based on the video in the e-shop.
It's a great little platformer, glad I bought it. (Unlike another platformer it could mention , cough Pyramids cough)



Mok said:

Can't afford sub-par games, timewise, when the market is flooded with good ones. Seeing as there will be a couple of excellent retail titles arriving very soon there is no point purchasing almost-shovelware games.



StarBoy91 said:

I'm really hoping Trip World comes out in the NA 3DS Shop, because I'm really interested and really want to experience it. Good review, Drake.



joevox316 said:

Even though it's been said a dozen times, hopefully "the squeaky wheel gets the oil" is a well known enough phrase worldwide: I want this in NA!!



FonistofCruxis said:

@Mok Saying that a 6/10 game is almost-shovelware is harsh. This looks like a pretty decent game. I think I'll still get it at some point even with its incredibly short length and lack of difficulty.



Geonjaha said:

I was hoping the reviewer wouldn't go for the standard "oh it's too short and too easy for me" and look more at the bigger picture and the game itself - but what a shame. This game deserves a 8/10. It's got great innovative ideas, and really goes underapreciated.



NX01Trekkie1992 said:

I can't believe I'm the first one to point out how the in game sprite of Yakopoo looks insanely like Pikachu



sinalefa said:

So is this the same Yakopoo that appears in Galaxy Fight for Neo Geo? I had no idea it had its own series. Thanks for the history lesson!



dustin_g said:

I would like to get this and live in North America/USA, when is it coming here? Looks like nice graphics!



TromaDogg said:

@Link79 The biggest difference between Trip World and Kirby's Dream Land is replay value...Trip World simply has none, whereas Kirby (as with all the Kirby games) had a fair few secrets to find and an unlockable 'hard' mode (even though it wasn't that hard to be honest). Kirby also at least has plenty of action along the way....in Trip World, you can meet maybe 3 or four samey enemies in an entire stage. It's not awful, but the 6/10 score is justified...I bought it a couple of weeks back and was pretty much done with it all after barely racking up enough time to be allowed to leave a review on the e-Shop, whereas I can replay games like Kirby and Super Mario Land (even though admittedly I've blasted that for being too short and easy myself) and still feel like there's something worth returning to them for.



Bass_X0 said:

And thats why Trip World isn't a £3.60 game. Its still good for a £2.70 game.

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