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Trip World is a cute platform game starring the innocent-looking - yet heroic - Yakopoo, who can transform into various different forms.

When their symbol of peace, the Flower of Maita, is stolen, the people of Shabubu begin fighting each other. Even the grass and plants are in a frenzy! Only Yakopoo can save the day. Advance through each world by using Yakopoo's transformations: fly, swim, become a bouncing ball and more, all to retrieve the flower.

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Bad trip?

Sunsoft made a ton of great games for Nintendo systems back in the day. Everybody knows the likes of Blaster Master and the NES Batman game, but they also had a ton of equally great games which people simply didn't find out about. We've already had some,...

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News: Trip World Visits Europe's 3DS Virtual Console on 5th January

Trip World Visits Europe's 3DS Virtual Console on 5th January

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Trippy Game Boy release Trip World is part of next week's Nintendo Download in Europe. Sunsoft's second 3DS Virtual Console game after Game Boy Color outing Blaster Master: Enemy Below, Trip World is pretty graphically impressive for a Game Boy game, with a barmy plot about a stolen flower and an innocent hero who can transform...

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cheetahman91 said:

Apparently this game was released in Japan and Europe, but not NA. First 3DS VC import game perhaps?



Geonjaha said:

Wow. Nice graphics I have to say. I know nothing about this game but it looks impressive from the 3 screenshots here :3

EDIT: Having now tried this game I think it's pretty good. It has good graphics for a game boy game, and contains some fun platforming action. Granted there are only a few worlds, its probably looking at a 7-8/10



StarBoy91 said:

@Flowerlark - me, too! The game looks appealing from the screenshots I've seen online; but Trip World, what a very interesting name for a video game



joevox316 said:

The graphics are great, the animations are great, it looks really fun, and the music is some of the best I have heard out of a Game Boy game. I really hope this comes to North America. =)



TromaDogg said:

I'll give this a go, though admittedly i've never heard of it. Sunsoft platformers are usually very well polished and extremely playable.



Bass_X0 said:

Only up to the third world after getting it two hours ago (I've been doing other stuff too). Yeah, it seems small but remember that you had to originally complete the game in one sitting. Using suspend really kills its length but thankfully it seems like the kind of game you wouldn't mind replaying several times. For £2.70, I think its one of the best games at its price point. I have heard of this before but didn't really care for it solely because info was pretty non-existant. I'm expecting a good review from Nintendo Life.

The packaging artwork is deceptively cute though. If you were a male at any age, you'd be embarrassed to pick the box up in a shop. And the Japanese version doesn't tell you anything about the game. There's no artwork, just the title. Hopefully it'll become more well known and played by people who wouldn't have given it a chance originally.



BlueToad said:

I think I'm going to buy this, I have a bit of eShop credit left after buying Mighty Switch Force.
EDIT: this is amazing i bought it and im so glad i did

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