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My Little Baby Review

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Posted by Henry Stockdale

Needs a time out

Simulation titles have come in all shapes and forms, from home decoration with Home Sweet Home to virtual fireplaces with Cosy Fire and many more. This time around we have My Little Baby, a simplified version of the DS retail title of the same name, where your aim is to raise and care for a baby. While it tries to present this realistically, it's a very boring experience.

There's only one mode available, which is the main simulator. Unlike other sim games, you don't directly choose the appearance of your baby. In this game, you choose the characteristics of the mother and the father such as ethnicity, hair colour, hair style and eye colour and this will decide what your baby will look like, in order to add a sense of realism to proceedings.

Once you begin, you will need to take care of things such as your baby's health, nourishment, happiness and cleanliness, aiming to keep these to a high level. You'll be guided by a nanny who helps explain things such as what the different rooms do and what to do to complete activities, as well as alert you whenever one of these different aspects drops to a low level.

In order to maintain these levels and keep your baby happy and healthy, there are a number of different activities available across the house which vary between different parts of the house, such as cleaning him/her in the bathroom or giving the baby a rattle in the playroom, so there's a fair amount of content here to keep you occupied. You can also venture off into town to buy various baby items such as bibs, bedroom lights, bodysuits, medicines, dummies and more.

For My Little Baby though, the developers have tried to present the activities realistically. For example, if the baby is hungry, you will be required to go through the entire process of preparing a bottle to feed your baby: you must sterilise it, fill it with milk, heat it and then do a minigame where you have to tilt the bottle to feed your baby correctly. As time progresses, your baby will grow and you will be able to do other activities, such as teaching it how to crawl and walk or start feeding it solid foods.

While it's commendable for the game to present these activities in a vaguely realistic manner, the tasks such as the whole bottle preparation or rocking the baby to sleep are very simplistic and tedious. However, this approach means that it's ideally suited for little children as the controls are very easy to learn for the minigames, and playing My Little Baby is just like playing with an actual baby doll so it's bound to keep them interested for quite a while.

Graphically, the game uses a colourful art style that works well with the menus, but unfortunately the baby's character model is rather badly done and, unlike most babies, not exactly pretty to look at.


Overall this is a mixed bag: young children will appreciate being able to care for a virtual baby, but the repetitive nature of the minigames sets in after a while. As an interactive, digital alternative to a toy doll, it's worth considering at 600 Points.

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User Comments (32)



grenworthshero said:

Wow, really? Just...why? I wonder if this will be out in the US, since the diapers in that screenshot say "Nappies"



rwq said:

This is terrible. Will someone please think of the children?!?



Big_A2 said:

There are a hundred better things to spend 600 points on than this.



y2josh said:

The real question that should be answered, can you in fact put baby in the corner?



Philip_J_Reed said:

I clicked one of the screen shots to see what the game actually looked like, and it turned out to be the baby in the tub.

I expect to be arrested any moment now.



Zach said:

The caption under the baby in the tub reads "Wow, I love the foam!"



Sadsack_Awesome said:

This game's score for girls and nudists: 10/10
This game's score for boys and men(except the nudists): 1/10



Terra said:

How I wish it was easier to block things like this out of my mind



Terra said:

@Dragoon Trainer - It is a DS game. This is a simplified version they created of that DS Edition specifically for WiiWare



TLink9 said:

This game almost looks like a ds game. I can't wait until the 3DS shop were we can actually rate the games.



Capt_N said:

This game looks like a medium-quality N64 game texture-wise. Stuff like that towel edges in of the images, offset by the baby models' polygonal heads.
@sillygostly: Basically
@Chicken Brutus: lol
@SoulSilver IV: Yes
@BallKirby1: Yes
@TLink9: I would make the face of your avatar, if I were forced to play this game.

On the upside, the as-realistic-as-possible nature of this game might persuade children not to be in such a rush to have kids.

But I somehow doubt it.



Nintendo-is-my-love said:

ok so ive read every comment i have one positive comment (however i thinking there may be a hint of sarcasim there just a bit) 1 neutral just consisting of the fact there is a version of this on the ds and 23 negitave coments consisting of various things including nightmares and people making fun of this game. Im thinking the followers of nintendo life nay not agree with this being worth 600 pionts..... just a thought



Nintendo-is-my-love said:

and totally of the topic but nintendo life why why did you do this to me there is an add on the side of the screen on k*n*c* i cant spell it out its to unbearable. everywhere i go its there its just everywhere i dont want it. nintendo is my love (hence the name) not m*c*o*o*t



JRL186 said:

OK...... so, what happens if you fail to keep the baby happy and healthy? If it's upset does it throw things and scream? If it gets too unhealthy does it die? Do you see it suffering? By the way, No, I'm not having children.... Ever.



Barbiegurl777 said:

Why does everybody want to constantly knock the baby games in the video game world???

I've been a gamer for 20+ years & well enjoy all types of games I play the baby games right along side mario.

I have:

Hello Baby - DS - UK import
Imagine Baby Club - DS - UK import
Imagine Babyz - DS
Imagine Babyz Fashion - DS
My Little Baby - DS - UK import
Yoshi touch & go - DS
Yoshi Island - DS
My Baby Boy/Girl - DS
My Baby First Step's - DS
My Baby 3 & Friends - DS
My Baby Web/Online - 4th game in the My Baby Series but online
Real Stories: Babies - DS - French import

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



ZombieToast said:

I'm astonished that this somehow managed to get a 6/10. Everything about this game is horrid. And I'm not even saying that because it's about babies; the subject matter is unimportant. There simply isn't anything redeeming about this aside from the sadistic satisfaction one may get from messages informing you that your baby is starving. I'm surprised that this review doesn't even mention that if you choose parents who are Indian, Asian, or African the only option for hair is BLACK. If you make parents who are "European" (white), they get a wide range of colors to choose from. Granted, people of other ethnicity do tend to have black hair, but not all do.

Also, as the father of a child, I feel the need to point out that this isn't even remotely realistic. This is infinitely more boring than raising a child and far easier than even the most cooperative baby in the world. 99% of the "game" consists of clicking on stuff and balancing the Wii remote (which usually doesn't work). I didn't expect to enjoy playing a baby sim, but damn, I never thought it could be as bad as this. The scary-ass baby needs to be left on the hospital's doorstep.

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