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Mon 21st Jun 2010

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ZombieToast commented on Talking Point: The Realities of Wii U System M...:

I don't see this as being a problem in the slightest, especially during this time of year when you can get a 2TB external hard drive for cheap. Heck, if you want to, you can just get a 320GB one for only $15 at some stores. It's a much better solution than what is available for Xbox 360. I'm assuming the Wii U can't handle two 2TB drives at once, but I'm sure you could easily swap them; you could even keep both plugged in but have one shut off when not in use.



ZombieToast commented on Review: My Little Baby (WiiWare):

I'm astonished that this somehow managed to get a 6/10. Everything about this game is horrid. And I'm not even saying that because it's about babies; the subject matter is unimportant. There simply isn't anything redeeming about this aside from the sadistic satisfaction one may get from messages informing you that your baby is starving. I'm surprised that this review doesn't even mention that if you choose parents who are Indian, Asian, or African the only option for hair is BLACK. If you make parents who are "European" (white), they get a wide range of colors to choose from. Granted, people of other ethnicity do tend to have black hair, but not all do.

Also, as the father of a child, I feel the need to point out that this isn't even remotely realistic. This is infinitely more boring than raising a child and far easier than even the most cooperative baby in the world. 99% of the "game" consists of clicking on stuff and balancing the Wii remote (which usually doesn't work). I didn't expect to enjoy playing a baby sim, but damn, I never thought it could be as bad as this. The scary-ass baby needs to be left on the hospital's doorstep.



ZombieToast commented on Ubisoft Boss Thinks Wii U Is Cheap, But Is Sti...:

I might believe the guy if his company wasn't selling their game's "limited" edition for a ridiculous amount of money and then making portions of the game only available to people who buy it from a certain store. And, of course, each store gets a different portion so you either had to have preordered from each one or spent way too much money on eBay. And if you didn't get it for PS3, there's a portion of gameplay that you just flat-out can't have at all. Right...this guy really prefers lower prices...because it's easier to milk your customers that way.



ZombieToast commented on Review: Cubic Ninja (3DS):

I actually think this game is pretty decent. I wouldn't have paid $40 for it, but I enjoy playing it. The level designs are a bit simplistic, but the controls are great. I'm really looking forward to getting some cool custom levels from people.



ZombieToast commented on Review: Happy Birthday Mart (DSiWare):

If this is meant for children, shouldn't a child review it? This doesn't really give me a good idea of whether or not my kid would like it; it only explains why I won't. And I'm a bit confused why a game isn't worth stealing but can still get an average score.



ZombieToast commented on Review: Art Style: Penta Tentacles (WiiWare):

Also, I just noticed that this review says "we" a lot. I'm curious to know just how many people were involved in this review. There's no multiplayer mode, so did everyone just pass the controller around or did you guys get several copies for the staff? And you all had the same opinion? That seems odd to me.



ZombieToast commented on Review: Arcade Sports (WiiWare):

Interesting... I see that most of the comments have been removed (they weren't even negative ones) and the score has been changed. Obviously, NintendoLife is haunted.