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Have you always dreamed of having a cute little baby to lovingly care for?

Well now is your chance. A little virtual cherub will now be yours to look after and you will need to change, bathe and feed your baby as part of your duties, as well as shopping, preparing meals and rocking your baby to sleep.

You will also be able to take part in playtime, dress your baby and teach it how to crawl and walk. But above all, what your little angel needs is your love and attention. All this plus an enormous selection of toys, clothes and other objects will make your little one the happiest baby in the whole wide world!

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Posted by Henry Stockdale

Needs a time out

Simulation titles have come in all shapes and forms, from home decoration with Home Sweet Home to virtual fireplaces with Cosy Fire and many more. This time around we have My Little Baby, a simplified version of the DS retail title of the same name, where...

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Barbiegurl777 said:

I have this game on my wii as a wiiware title & love it! :D

It's very cute! :D

I also have the version as a ds game - uk import. :)

Happy Gaming! (^ _ ^)

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