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Snowboard Riot Review

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Posted by Paul Lind

Is Hudson's Snowboard Riot a riot to play, or just a wipe-out?

There's no denying that Hudson is one of the more talented developers on WiiWare. All of their games to date have done much to impress and show other devs how it’s done. In Snowboard Riot they have turned their hand to creating a racing game with the added bonus that you can use items to get revenge on fellow boarders. The question is, does it live up to the high standards Hudson have already established on the WiiWare service? Read on to find out.

Upon start-up, you will find four save spots, each with a corresponding friend code spot. This is a nice feature if you’re not the only gamer in the house. While the game options are fairly limited, they work well. There’s a Nintendo WFC option for online play and a Stand Alone mode for offline play. You will also find a 29 page tutorial, three difficulty options, and the ability to view past play results. There are four racers to choose from; two males and two females, and you can select basic gear for each, like caps, goggles, and outfits. You also have your choice of four courses to race on, and each race lasts three laps.

The Stand Alone mode is a one or two person offline game. The multiplayer option features a vertical split screen mode which works well enough, depending on your television set up, and you can select between Battle and Stoic race modes, with the main difference being that there are no weapons in the Stoic Mode. There is also a Time Attack mode for one player to race against the clock. The offline multiplayer works fairly well and features computer opponents to keep the game full.

The Battle mode is just what it sounds like, an all out battle against three other riders. There are over ten areas to obtain power-ups on each lap and the overabundance of power-up locations means never playing long without attacking someone or being attacked. While having access to constant power-ups sounds appealing, it creates a reliance on power-ups with less focus on racing skill. Available power-ups include five red items that can be shot using the B button: freeze, power disc, homing, lock on and napalm. There are also seven blue items that can be activated with the C button: turbo, speed down, barrier, gauge down, high jump, icicle and mine. In addition, you have an SP Gauge that fills up as you land tricks. Shaking the Wii Remote will activate this power up and cause the rider to speed up and knock down anyone in the way.

Stoic race mode features gates throughout the course that will help speed you up. While there are no weapons in Stoic mode, the SP Gauge is available. Leaving the SP Gauge in this mode was an odd choice as it adds a bit of battle to Stoic mode.

On-line play is also featured in Snowboard Riot and it works really well. While finding an on-line match can be hit or miss, once connected, you can stay with those players for as long as you want via a continue system. It is hard to tell what the longevity of the online play will be, but the option for friend’s codes is present, securing a long-term solution for players wanting to play on-line.

Wii Balance Board support is included as well but it really doesn’t make a lot of sense in a game where speed is of the utmost importance. After going through a short calibration process for the balance board, you can use it to work your way down the slopes instead of the traditional analogue stick. The problem is the balance board is not as precise as the normal control options and will do little more than slow you down in this game. Standard controls work well enough so there is no need to utilize the balance board other than for novelty reasons.

The play control itself is plenty responsive; in fact maybe a bit too much so for those times when you find yourself speeding down some of the more intricate tracks. It's quite possible that Hudson was trying to give the game a very authentic feeling in the way your snowboarder handles, but it can make it quite difficult to manoeuvre at those times when a sudden drop-off appears out of nowhere. Even the shooting can be quite tricky to get a grip on until you get a good feel for how it works. It's almost as if Hudson couldn't decide whether to give the game more of a simulation-style feel or an arcade style of play. The result is a control scheme that will require quite a bit of practice to fully come to grips with and even then there will be some luck involved.

The graphics, on the other hand, are actually decent for a Wiiware game. The courses have some detail to them and are easy to view while speeding through. There is a lot of white snow with the occasional tree to avoid, but don't look for a lot of variety in the scenery. There are also some caves but again, this doesn’t really change the look much. Even the characters have a very generic look and feel that sometimes makes them feel like they're more of a tacked on extra than an integral part of the game. The 40MB file size limit obviously played a role in the sometimes bland look of the game, but you can't help but still feel that Hudson could have thrown a bit more variety into the mix.

The music is also very limited, featuring a hard rock song at the title screen and then one song per race track. Most of the songs are nothing more than generic synthesized techno that tends to become annoying within a short amount of time. The sound effects aren't much better and don't add a whole lot to the overall audio experience. You might not go so far as turning the sound completely off, but the thought will likely cross your mind a few times if you find yourself playing the game for any extended period of time.


Snowboard Riot is quite an average game on the whole. If you are able to connect to other gamers online, you will certainly have some fun. However, you need to have a high frustration tolerance if you are going to play this game. It is the type where the races are usually close and the chance to win or lose it all at the end is almost always a possibility. While this can be fun when it works your way, it is incredibly frustrating to be on the losing end. This game would have benefited from a reduced number of item pick-ups to help make the balance between fighting and racing more equal. As is, Snowboard Riot is an entertaining game but with its share of missed opportunities.

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User Comments (73)



KeeperBvK said:

Only 5/10? Looks like even Hudson isn't safe of failing on WW from time to ime. Too bad, since this actually was one of the games we really had our hopes up high as opposed to Pom em Drop Em Same Game or whatever it was called.



Disco_Stu said:

Great job on the review Paul - you really hit the nail on the head!

I couldn't agree more myself. I had high hopes for this game, but the rubberbanding AI just really killed it for me. Still its nice to have another game to play online with I suppose.



Mik said:

Great review Mr Lind! I was expecting higher from this game but I won't be downloading it now.



Doogle said:

Hmmm after reading the badly written IGN review I was waiting for the WWW verdict to see if they were off the mark, it seems my worst fears are confirmed. What a shame! I won't be investing in this when it hits Europe later in the month.



Wiiloveit said:

What a shame, indeed. Well, now I feel happy that we got Pop Them Drop Them instead on our last update, but either way, I'll still be giving this one a go when it's released here. Here's hoping that Onslaught does better.



calculon said:

I've been getting less and less interested in Hudson's stuff since Bomberman Blast so this review doesn't surprise me. Hopefully they'll get back on track now they've released three crap titles in a row (Pop em Drop em, Pit Crew Panic and this)



Wiiloveit said:

@Calculon: come on... they weren't that bad - so will you stop dissing the games! They haven't released three crap games in a row, people - so don't listen to the calcumalonator.



PiratePete said:

Well, I'm disappointed, but I have SSX On Tour for GC, so its ok.

At least I have space for World of Goo in July.



Shortay said:

I was hoping that Hudson would pull it out of the bag again for this one, but it seems it's not so. Still, I may try it sometime.

Great review Paul



Golgo said:

So Hudson screw up another online Wiiware game with too many power-ups!...wasn't Bomberman enough?

Damn, when a few people die on that you can't even see the playing field for power-ups!



longtimegamer said:

To anyone out there that was thinking about geting this, I think this game is mainly about online. I've had alot of fun playing this. This is one of those one more time games. I don't agree with some of the things said in this review. Don't just pay attention to the rating on this. I've been playing this alot since I got it. It's one of my favorite wiiware games.
Though, I would have liked a better offline mode.



tatemon555 said:

Great job, Paul!!!
Wow, Hudson can actually make a crappy WiiWare game? I'm shocked. I also had a lot of hope for this game.



WarioFan63 said:

I know Ive seen some of the other users have a lot more fun with this game so I know for sure it isnt all that bad.
I only really consider a game bad if its a unanimous agreement.



AVahne said:

same score as IGN....but i think i'll still get this game though,its pretty and still looks fun if you play online



Sean_Aaron said:

Shame about the balance board support, I would have thought it would be a natural for these kind of games; it worked well enough for the skiing and snowboarding bits on Wii Fit I thought. Even Overturn worked pretty well considering the slidy physics of the robot movement.

Race games have always been problematic for me. I think that Excite Truck hits the balance right: you can come in first by crossing the line, but points is the deciding factor, so people who aren't as good at the control/speed part can focus on tricks. Sounds like that would have suited this game as well.


Nice job Paul!



Objection said:

Just keep in mind that 5/10 here means average, as opposed to the other games you mentioned. So I could see someone liking an average game kinda like how some movies become "cult classics".



Corbs said:

I gave Snowboard Riot a go last night and found it quite bland. I'd only recommend it to someone who's a big snowboarding fan and can overlook the game's inherent lack of substance. In short, I found it quite boring.



Terra said:

Good review Paul.

Shame this only got a 5 as i had hope for this game. It looked amazing and it came from Hudson so i thought it would reach a 7 at least. Oh well, there's always SWS: RT.



CanisWolfred said:

Nice review, Paul. I wasn't looking forward to this game, and after reading the review, I can see that I'm not missing much. Thanks.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

@Terranigma: I have Shaun White. It's great.
@Mickeymac: Suckish update? lol. Let's hope for a solid one tomorrow!

@Corbie: Thanks! Too bad you found it boring. Honestly, the game isn't meant to be played single-player.

I challenge someone to tell me the game is boring only after playing a 4P match with 4 human players online. lol. It's crazy, sometimes. Challenging? Yeah! Boring? Hardly. As always, this is just one honest guy's opinion who happens to enjoy this title. I for one wasn't disappointed. If anything, I just wish they could've added unlockables. but I'm fine without it. I treat the game like an Arcade-experience. Anyone else notice this?



Twilight_Crow said:

Really, nice, I'm getting this game for the online then, as soon as I get some money for points.
Ok, I send you the message on Youtube (I'm TwilightC), and I got your friend code alright.
I respect your opinion cause you always stand up to your thoughts, no matter what.



Corbs said:

@ KnucklesSonic8 - That's probably true. I just don't like playing video games with other players, online or otherwise. Never have. I'm selfish that way. Gaming has always been a rather personal thing for me.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Aww, thanks. Yeah, I don't like letting people push me around. I used to be swayed easily but I've matured a lot in the past few years and I'm certainly a non-conformist, that's for sure.

And yeah, you should get this game for online. That was a given since the very first option in the game's Main Menu is the Online mode. It's clear that's the main focus of the game. Like I said, it's like a pick-up-and-play Arcade-type of game, imo.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Well, let's see.
I loved SSX On Tour for the Xbox. Played that game like crazy. Loved it. It was AWESOME. I could execute tricks like crazy, particularly Monster tricks. I used to be so good at that game. I miss it terribly, honestly. I'd love to pick it up again.

I really enjoyed SSX Blur for Wii. I still play it and honestly, it's really innovative. The way they mapped the controls is really well done. I didn't have too many complaints. I'm sure the next rumoured SSX game for Wii will improve on what I felt was missing from the first one (and let's hope for a fleshed-out online mode to extend the Replay Value exponentially! .

And Shaun White Snowboarding is great. I've had it for a while but haven't played too much due to time being spent on other games. lol. The game's learning curve isn't too steep but it takes a bit to get used to with the Balance Board controls. But admittedly, it's really well done. I'm sure there will be a sequel. It's too bad there's no online. I would've loved to see that. If you DO get it, play one file with the Wii Remote and one file with the Balance Board (how you SHOULD play it anyway). You'll appreciate the game more.

And look, Snowboard Riot comes along! lol.
And I'm a huge fan of Snowboard Kids 1 & 2. Both are 2 of many games I'm REALLY hoping comes to VC.

So yeah, I'd say I enjoy snowboarding games. I didn't when I was a kid. I was never an SSX fan until I tried On Tour.



Nobarai said:

I've played the game, and I don't find it to be that bad.
Although, the Weapon Rape is annoying, if you've played Mario Kart for a while, you get used to it. PLUS, the game has Stoic race mode, which is a fast race with no items.

There is definite problems with the game, but I think you guys were a tad harsh, I give it a 7/10.



Terra said:

Those are some good Snowboarding Games. I'll probably pick up Shaun White Snowboarding at some point and i have the Balance board, so it should be good. Couple of things though. What about 1080 and the DS Snowboard Kids? What's your opinion on those?



KnucklesSonic8 said:

@Nobarai: high fives I ALSO think it deserves at least a 7/10. So far, everyone who's played this on here doesn't think the game is bad at all.

@Terra: I've ALWAYS wanted to try SBK for DS! Have you tried it? I got gifted 1080 last year. I requested it off a friend. I regret it. It's not that great, imo... All the Snowboarding games I've mentioned above best it, imo. I wish I could enjoy it more somehow...

And yeah, get Shaun White. It's a great game. Plus, Ubisoft needs the encouragement.



Terra said:

I always thought 1080 was quite good but that Avalanche was much better IMO. As for SBK on DS, i haven't tried it yet but i was thinking of buying it. It's currently going for £7 (P&P Included) on Amazon, so i may get it soon, alongside the N64 game.

I'll wait for Shaun White for now and try and get it around my birthday, or seeing that i (finally) got a PS2, i may just spend my money on games for it. I'll Probably get both knowing me.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

@Corbie: Me too. I barely touch online for most games. EVen though I have Halo 3, which everyone praises due to its multiplayer, I rarely ever touch the damn mode. Its all Campaign for me

@KS8: You are the leader of the island of misfit toys. Your opinions are always so different. But I like that. You really should review games regulary, even if just here in the comments section. You always buy the games anyway



Clayfrd said:

This game looks decent, but I don't plan on buying it. It's just so okay looking. Very meh.



longtimegamer said:

About the weapons on Snowboard riot, I've actually managed to out maneuver the weapons at times...even the homing weapons it's really fun when you can do that.



Sean_Aaron said:

I'm sure this would be great online, but I think given the hit-and-miss nature of online communities for WiiWare games (see Alien Crush Returns folks, the crickets are the only ones there), the game needs a solid single-player and optional local multiplayer mode to get a really positive score. In a few months this game may have next to no one playing online; if the single player game isn't that great then I'd rather have put my money/points towards something else. The balance board support also sounds uneven and in a snowboarding game released post WiiFit I think that's inexcusable.

I don't think Paul has anything to defend, but I wouldn't mind seeing some feedback from him.



Pablo17 said:

Being able to comment on reviews, is what makes this place so great. It allows people that have played the game reviewed, to express their feelings about the review and the game in general. It is always a good idea to search out multiple views on a game, especially since there are no demos for Wiiware games.

As for the game. Snowboard Riot is a game that after I reviewed it, it went straight to my SD card and I doubt I will play it again. As I stated in the review, there is some fun to be had online, so that may play a role in how much you enjoy a game like Snowboard Riot. For me, I felt the overall package was a 5.

In regards to online play, I played several matches and each match had three other human players. I will say that I had a bit of a hard time finding a game but once I did, I just stayed with that group. I finished in each of the four places possible, during my online experience. I felt like the online play was fun but not enough so to change my opinion of the entire package.

I felt like there were just too many power ups. You will encounter a row of two to four power ups (usually four) every five to ten seconds. That's just too many in my opinion. By the time I started my fourth online game, I noticed that no one wanted to jump off into first place because of the first row of power ups. The person that took the lead in the previous three races took a serious beating.

Again, I would suggest that players interested in any game, search out multiple points of view to help make their decision.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

@Pablo: lol, "passion". Nice term. Except, I don't think "passion" has anything to do with it. Honestly, I really like the game because (a) it's challenging and (b) online play is a blast. Those are the two main reasons. I'd add BB Support but I haven't tested it throughly yet.

I will admit that things may have been a bit better if items were a bit more spaced out, yeah. I guess probably that contributed to the frustration factor of the gameplay.till, same concept with the items. But in all honesty, MKWii does the same thing - maybe not as bad but s I CAN take a serious beating sometimes but if you get the hang of the game, you'll know that you can deflect the items and/or dodge them entirely with proper timing.

I have no problem finding a game, now. Even if you do, it's like Clubhouse Games on the DS, you need to know WHEN to play to find the most people. For example, from 2:00-5:00 seems to be a peak time.
Online play is crazy which is why I like it.

And yeah, I'd suggest that anyone interested in this even slightly take note of all the comments from those who have played the game, including the reviewer. Try to pick out the common complaints and determine if it's still right for you.

And yes, I am playing the game right now. Been playing for a while. lol.



Pablo17 said:

@KnucklesSonic8 Well let me know what you think of the BB support. While it does work, it is not a good fit for this game. I am sure with practice I could get better but my lap times were two to three times longer when using the BB.

In regards to Snowboard Riot, I can kind of see a comparison to Mario Kart Wii but there is a big difference. Mario Kart Wii online can have up to twelve racers vs the four found in Snowboard Riot. The number of racers can make a huge difference when you are dealing with four power ups. I would also say that the power ups in Mario Kart are spaced out much better as well.



Ricardo91 said:

Looks like I'll be sticking to Shawn White Snowboarding for my Wii snowboarding fix...



KnucklesSonic8 said:

@Pablo: Excellent comeback, my friend. I was wondering how'd you respond to my comment about MKWii and I must say you did a good job. I completely agree. And even if there WERE only 4 people in a MKWii match, it wouldn't be THAT frantic, don't you agree?



Ren said:

I can accept a low score and live with it, and I have lots of respect for this site and the great reviews here, but I do also think this one was a little oddly written. I anxiously await reviews from here and I usually look at the number first then scroll back up to read the content.
So it's a 5, fine. you didn't like it. Then reading the review; why? I see mostly praise, with some minor flaws. The problems we could have with it aren't mentioned much, not enough to warrant a 5. I'd say the bulk of the review really should reflect in the number score a little more directly. This means as a consumer I don't really know why I should trust this opinion because I don't know why it got such a low score (nowadays average score means not worth it, pretty much). It's inconsistent and causes confusion. I still don't know, now if it's worth trying out. Good review + low score = confusion; lack of trust.
Anyway, I still love the site, I'm just saying take the feedback here seriously, there are some good points made even if the game really is bad.



Objection said:

So many comments on this review topic! Long story short, you shouldn't buy a game based on a numerical value, but by weighing the strengths and weaknesses mentioned while thinking of your own personal tastes. Or at least, that's how I do it. Then again, i do usually stick to well-reviewed games but that might be a coincidence.



EJD said:

Welcome Paul.
A good first review, I hope to read more from you soon.

I'll pass as this game as I wouldn't play multiplayer often. I've got 1080 on the N64 to keep me occupied.



DigitalSanz said:

Why is ppl always getting reviews from IGN for Wii, we all know IGN is a bunch of Wii haters who cant accept his favorite system is not leader machine of its generation as PS2 was in the past. So as Wii is the system of the masses and its not Sony they are frustrated and declare it is "casual".

Remember last year when Gears 2 came out? Because it was an X360 exclusive they decided it shouldnt be in the game of the year list, "its just a sequel". "MGS4 is the better shotter out there". Men lets face it MGS4 is the best damn PS3 game but for God sake even a noob know it is not a shooter. Now, what happened with Resistance 2? "Oh this game rocks cuz its PS3 exclusive and we can miss it, it deserves been in the top 10 game of the year". Yep partiallity is what i see here.

GTAIV was the best game of 2008, it was multiplatform, but after praissning it in the review they suddenly started to flame it after the download content for 360 was annunced. "buu its not for PS3, it sucks" and we started to hear comments like "GTAIV was a good action game, but a BAD GTA".

They are obsesed with gore, violence and sex. A game without those elements is not a game... its a "casual" software. Just check the wii section, i dont even remember when was the last update... a month ago? The reviewers are partial always saying it is a "kid friendly" machine. But who are the Wiifit buyers...? 6 year old kids....? Games like Snowboard Riot are constantly compared AAA+ PSN tittles like SuperstarDust HD. BTW I dont see anything wrong in Bomberman, in my opinion its one of the best WW games out there.

I came here trying to find a FAIR and non-partial review, but for me the guy who made this review trust TOO much in IGN...



KnucklesSonic8 said:

@Mickeymac: Thanks! I sure do! I'm glad people appreciate that facet about me.

With regards to SRZG, I traded it in as part of an amazing promotion. I was very reluctant to do so but I did. Basically, If I traded in two games, I could get a new game free. So I ended up trading in a couple games to get SW Snowboarding, RRR TV Party for free and ACCF/Wii Speak for $30. I was reluctant to trade in a couple of them though. I'll be re-buying GRID, MVDK2, Kirby Canvas Curse and SRZG when I see them at a reasonable price.

@longtimegamer: Well, I did see some people "warp" a couple times but the lag isn't as bad as Bomberman Blast. The lag doesn't happen often and when it does happen, it's not that frustrating to put a hamper on the experience. Mind you, I did end up losing a race because I thought I past someone near the finish line only to see them pop up past the finish line. XD It was more funny than upsetting, honestly.

And thanks for your kind words. It means a lot to me.



Clayfrd said:

@KS8- I'm a cynic; it's my job to think everything good is bad. And yes, I do think it is foolish to look for the good in a game solely for the sake of doing so. Why don't you just play genuinely good games?

@Mickeymac- Why didn't you like F-Zero GX? I thought it was great with no flaws to speak of (aside from voice acting). I was just wondering what you thought was bad about it. I have every NA released F-0, and GX is one of my favorites. GP Legend is probably my favorite.



CanisWolfred said:


F-Zero GX was way too hard, and I don't even remember it having any other modes besides the story mode (usually the only mode I play anyways, except in the Wipeout games).


Wow, those were some really good games you traded in that day. You didn't have any worse games that you could've traded in instead? I would've thought twice before trading in those ones.



Nintendork said:

@ Clayfrd,
WHAT?!? You like that pile of garbage? That game was ridiculously hard in story mode, and the track design was too crazy.

Back on the review, I was expecting an 8 or 9.



Clayfrd said:

@Mickeymac and Nintendork - The story wasn't that hard! Secondly there was a grand prix mode, and the crazy track design was what made it insanely fun in combat. Difficulty should never count against a game. It builds character. The difficulty was in track memorization, which isn't hard to begin with. The same concept goes into Mega Man games, which plenty of people love.
@longtimegamer- You don't have to "find the good" in a genuinely good game. It's just immediately and consistantly good.

Oh, and Nintendork; you never actually asked me a question (no question mark); all you did was insult Captain Falcon. Good luck dealing with him!



AlexSays said:

People seem to be bent up on Nintendo making easy games but then when they make a hard one people don't like it.



CanisWolfred said:


My brother could barely get past the first level, and neither of us could get past the second. I doubt we would've faired any better in Grand Prix mode. It was very frustrating and we didn't enjoy it, and in the end the game just collected dust until traded it in at Gamestop.

Difficulty is always a legiimate complaint, since it can effect your enjoyment of the game. I don't mind a difficult game, so long as it isn't frustrating. Most of the Mega Mans were difficult, but never frustrating, and I always felt like I was making progress in the game. F-Zero GX was simply frustrating, and I never felt like I was actually getting better at it. In the end, it simply wasn't worth the pain and aggrevation.

You see, difficulty in games can effect a person's enjoyment of a game. Some people may find a difficult game too frustrating, and not really worth the effort, while others, like yourself, find that a difficult game adds character, and add to one's enjoy of a game.

And I suck at track memorization.

I rarely complain about an easy game, although I will admit, I have accused the Kirby games as being too easy on more than one occasion, although I'd be lying if I said that I didn't enjoy them for some period of time.



PiratePete said:

I'm sorry, but F-Zero GX is a fantastic game. The controls are incredibly smooth, there are plenty of modes, the track design is the best of all F-Zero's imo and it's graphics are better than 90% of Wii games'. Not to mention the sheer speed of the game (with a frame rate which must be commended. The action never jitters. The best frame rate ever.)



KnucklesSonic8 said:

@Mickeymac: Yeah, I know. I miss GRID, Kirby Canvas Curse, SRZG and MVDK2. Plan to re-buy them all. I also traded in Bomberman Land Wii (was so surprised they accepted it - it JUST got the minimum requirement of $8 TIV) and NiGHTS.

@AlexSays: Tell me about it! Especially for Wii.

Guys, I am still playing this game very often. I keep going back to it like almost every day if not, every other day. Online is always a blast and now, it's a lot easier to find people now that even people in Japan have it. It's definitely become one of my favourite WiiWare games. I just wish more would appreciate it for what it is.



Terra said:

Just so you know, i won't be able to get SBK DS for at least another 6 weeks unfortunately. The reason? i got banned from buying more games, so i have to be sneaky and only buy/get gifted Downloadable games or buy some off a friend in secret.

It's hard being a gamer in my house lately but i have more than enough to live on for now, i hope.



dogsoldier said:

Evening guys - this looks good fun on Youtube - Anyone able to comment on the balance board controls? Hope it comes to the UK as you guys get all the snow.



Toddr said:

You have to have really good balance to use the balance board. As some people have said, it makes their race time about 2-3 times as long. If you're good with the balance board it will be a fun experience, but if you aren't very good with balance like me, then you probably won't like it.

@ KnucklesSonic8
How much did you get for NiGHTS, cause I just bought it brand new for $9.99 from futureshop.

Also, I own SBK DS but have never tried any of the others in the series. The story mode is quite fun, but I find it way too hard which is why I have not played it in a few months before today. You can also just race against AI in 8 levels from all around the world. There's no online, but does have local multiplayer which is fun, but I'm pretty sure each person needs to have the game to play. It's a decent game which is quite similar to snowboard riot and if you like SR than you'll probably like SBK DS.



Objection said:

@K8- I recently traded some games in to my game store too. Last time I do that; I'd forgotten how much you get ripped off. Sure, I wasn't going to play those 8 games, but I should've gotten more than $30. Oh well, I got MGS3 and Silent Hill 2 out of it with some extra left over.



dogsoldier said:

I don't make a habit of trading in games but sometimes 'need must' - So dont feel bad about it Objection_Blaster - jst make sure you hang onto those clasics though or rare titles. There's just too much content on these new consoles to get it all !- what we need is a swap shop



Terra said:

Same here. I rarely trade in games, mainly cause you get more for them online. I have traded in some games before, just some little crappy ones no one in my house played anymore that we weren't going to miss. I only got £12 out of all 6 games but, like i said, they were poo. I dont trade now, i just sell and use the money to buy other stuff.

The only big game i ever traded was Pokemon Battle Revolution. That was certainly not rare, nor a classic. Plus, i got Battalion Wars 2, Timesplitters: Future Perfect and Timesplitters 2 out of the deal.

Also, i'd have to agree with you on the idea of a Swap Shop.

I Got NiGHTS new quite cheap awhile ago as well. I got it at £6.50, which when converted to $ is around $9.32



KnucklesSonic8 said:

@Terranigma: Thanks for telling me. Hope things get better. I know how that feels. Trust me. All the best.

@Toddr: That's about how much I got it for. $14.99 New from Blockbuster during a sale. Any complaints/notable praises about SBK DS?



dogsoldier said:

Thanks for your comments on the balance board Toddr. Definitely looking forward to giving it a go as I enjoyed the ski slalom on wii fit.



Toddr said:


One cool thing about it is you earn points when you do tricks which you can use to buy new boards, characters and cheats which range from being invisible all the time to always having your SBK meter full which lets you do tricks worth a lot more points. Not having online sucks, which is why I don't play it much as I don't like the single player.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

@Toddr: Great to hear! Thanks! Ever try Local Wireless?

Oh and guys, seems like the Japanese players are taking over the charts now.
I faced Markmann in Stoic the other day (he's 2nd ATM) and he's really good at Stoic but I HAVE beaten him on more than one occasion.



Toddr said:

No, but you actually can play with a single card. Not sure if there is less tracks you can choose from like how mariokart does it though.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Ah, nice. Thanks for that.

In other news, I'm currently 3rd highest in the World for Stoic!
And after many fluctuations (1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th, 10th, off the chart - not in order, obviously), I'm now 8th in Battle.



Madman2000 said:

Wow Hudson is making crappy and amazing games from Onslaught to this. Can't they just take their time and make good games.



MickEiA said:

im still getting this even after i read the full review it was unclear i know it would have taken a long time but in the conclusion you were bagging the game and in the main part it seemed positive



SMW said:

After playing this for months, I'm still loving it. The weapons are pretty crazy, but once you learn how to avoid being hit, it's not too bad. If you do get hit, you'll probably get hit again before you can get up again, though!

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