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This snowboard racing and battle game can be enjoyed by multiple players and is compatible with the Wii Balance Board accessory. In an intense scramble for first place, guide your character down the slopes while snatching up items to attack and defend against rivals along the way. Up to four players can battle and participate in various ranking modes via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

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Posted by Paul Lind

Is Hudson's Snowboard Riot a riot to play, or just a wipe-out?

There's no denying that Hudson is one of the more talented developers on WiiWare. All of their games to date have done much to impress and show other devs how it’s done. In Snowboard Riot they have turned their hand to creating a racing game with the...

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User Comments (60)



Terra said:

This looks awesome. I really want this when it's released. Reminds me of 1080



Wiiloveit said:

I can see this being ace. If it does turn out like 1080, though, then I'll be disappointed. Let's hope it fulfills its potential.



BlueRider said:

I was about to get Shaun White but since this game has a lot more feature then Shaun White am getting this game instead thanks Hudson for making me save 50 bucks !!!!!



jeremy2 said:

I would probably buy Shaun White if it had online play. What were they thinking? The use of wii balance board is clutch, but I wanna use it online against my lil bro who also has a board. Snowboard riot also lets you shoot at eachother Mario Kart-style? COUNT ME IN!



RADE said:

Hudson is proving to be making above average games for WiiWare so far...let's keep it up.



Wiiloveit said:

@Terranigma: I found 1080 very disappointing - the tricks were often tricky to get right, there were few courses (although they did have off-branching routes - which I quite liked) and the boarding music did my head in. In addition to this, I found the multiplayer modes disappointing and the whole thing felt like a mess. I'm almost definite that this is just my opinion though, and I'm sure that many others see the goodness in 1080.



Terra said:

I see the goodness in 1080. I guess it's just one of those "IMO" things.. Everyone likes/hates different stuff. I have friend who hates Halo but loves Project Slypheed for example and another who loves Godzilla Unleashed but not Galaxy. I'm guessing you like SSX then.



Nobarai said:

I, personally, didn't like the physics in 1080. I dunno why, but my character always would fidget and slow down after landing from a jump. I also thought the characters were boring, the music was irritating, and the boring scenery.
That being said, I'd still give 1080 a 4/5 stars.



-TR said:

"Spring" Bah! I just hope we genuinly do get a good game ebfore America for once...

EDIT: Sorry. Jan...? Woo hoo! I'll save some ponit for it. Anyone know how much?



Stratos said:

Screens look really nice.
Do we know approximately how many courses there will be or if there will be online?



Dazza said:

Please post any friend codes you wish to swap for Snowboard Riot in this thread. If you haven't yet signed up to VC Forums, we recommend you do so.

Any friends codes posted on this page will be removed. Please keep your comments about the game



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Am I the only one here who has it? That's such a shame. Why is everyone so bent on waiting for a review? XD



Toddr said:

I bought it as well. I've been waiting so long for it I couldn't wait until a review came out.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

@Toddr: Same! How do you like it? I'm having trouble finding someone to play with at the moment. Have you tried online? Wanna exchange FC's in the above thread?



Toddr said:

Yeah, It seems only about 10 people have bought in all of north america. If you look at the leaderboards, some only have 1 or 2 names listed. Also, how do you see your friend code? When I look at it, it just shows xxxx-xxxx-xxxx.



Julbaril said:

I have bought the game, wanna play now? I will post my FC on the forums.

By the way, I own the 1st position on 2 Time Attacks in Canada



Toddr said:

That's you? I can barely even make it down the hill without falling off the edge many times.



Julbaril said:

Yeah it's kinda hard at the beginning but you get used to the game quite fast.



Toddr said:

well, I've only been able to play it for about half an hour so far.



Toddr said:

So, do you guys use the balance board when you play? I find it way too hard.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

I haven't tried the Balance Board yet.

@Julbaril: You beat my time on Course 4, huh? lol. That's the only Course I TA'd thus far. What's your name online?

A while ago I had my first 4P race. It was awesome! Chaotic, but fun.
I have an AA Rank online!!

@Toddr: Once you go online, then you'll get a Friend Code. When you reload the game, you'll see it.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

@lapetus = I have 1080 Snowboarding on the VC. I'm not that big of a fan (never played before, wasn't exactly what I expected. I somewhat regret getting it even if it was a gift.. I wish I could've used that 1,000 Points some other way, honestly).

But anyway, imho, Snowboard Riot bests it but that's just me. You may find otherwise. I certainly had more fun with SR than I am/did with 1080...



Toddr said:

Well I've never played any other snowboarding game before, but I can say it is a great game if you like mariokart style games.

Also, what's with my picture? It just popped up overnight. Does the website give you an avatar based on your username?



Julbaril said:

I don't know but it did the same to me Toddr.

I prefer this game over 1080°. It kinda looks like Snowboard Kids on the N64 but way more mature and there's the option of racing without items.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

@Obj_Blaster: Like I said earlier, I like this a lot more than 1080 Snowboarding. Snowboard Riot has a lot in common with Snowboard Riot, which has been mentioned many times already.

@Toddr: Well, maybe cause seeing your name without an avatar on this page with your comments got annoying? XD Online, are you Ty?

@Julbaril: Hey! you online? I can't find anyone at this time. Also, nice run on Course 3.

Did you guys see the new #1 guy? He's passed me. I'm at an AA still from yesterday but that Kendo guy is 1st with an S Rank. Nice! I faced him in one match when he still had a B. He was okay.



rbtransformed said:

Hey, I bought the game yesterday. I think it's pretty cool and is worth a buy from what I've seen/played. (Although I think 1080 is definitely better offline.) I just logged onto WFC for the first time and I was surprised to see that I'm rated as no. 2 right behind Jul. I also see Knuxsonic on there, which I'm guessing is you, KnucklesSonic8. I just added my friend code on the forums.

I'm going to practice a little more and figure out how to perform some tricks before actually racing random people online. Just out of curiosity, who do you guys use and how do you customize them? I use Ledrov with a black beanie, jet black goggles, and the black jacket.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

@Toddr = Cool, cause I saw Todd on the high score tables for BATTLE.
@rbtransformed: Yep, that's me! Too bad I can't put the number 8! lol. But yeah, not too many people have this game yet. A lot of people seem to be using Ledrov actually, myself included.



Toddr said:

Yeah, I've tried Ledrov but I find him too hard to control at high speeds. I still haven't really decided on who I will stay with yet.



rbtransformed said:

@KS8, yeah I understand. I couldn't fit rbtransformed either... it would've been something like "rbtrnsfrmd" had I gone with my usual screen name which just looks like gibberish! lol

I honestly haven't even tried the other characters. And I've really only played around with the goggles as far as equipment goes. I wonder if you can unlock any extras.



Toddr said:

I really hope there is unlockables, because that is one of the best parts of games. It's no fun when everything is just given to you at the start of the game.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Well, TR, at least it's been confirmed for EU release.

@tkubas1: Don't go by IGN's review. Their reviews have been sub-par lately and their review for SR is no exception. The game deserves a lot better. It's clear they didn't spend much time with the game. >_>



Toddr said:

Well I've never played that hot rod game, but I can say for sure that you will like this if you like racing games with weapons.



Toddr said:

When is this game going to get reviewed? Cause it seems most people won't buy it unless it gets a good review. IMO it is a great game and definately worth 1000 points. At least an 8/10.



Kaluba said:

I agree with anyone who says that WiiWare needs a good racing game. I like games like Mario Kart and such, but a great game like Mario Kart has failed to come out on WW. When a game like that does come out, I will download it within a flash.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

@Kaluba: Admittedly, SNOWBOARD RIOT is pretty good and TBH, since I got it on Day One it's taken up more of my time that I would spend on MKWii and that can only be a good thing since I'm such a big fan of MKWii. It's definitely a nice change of pace.

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