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UPDATE: Dr. Toto has responded to this new translation of Kimishima's comments:

ORIGINAL STORY: Yesterday we reported on comments from Dr. Serkan Toto which seemed to suggest that Nintendo was keen to explore the possibility of creating a true successor to the 3DS, separate from the forthcoming Switch.

Toto's tweets were based on quotes from Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima obtained by Japanese newspaper Kyoto Shinbun, which had lifted the statements from Nintendo's recent Financial Results Q&A.

It would seem that something has been lost in translation, as the official Q&A has now been published in Japanese and Kimishima's comments regarding a 3DS sequel are less solid.

According to Nintendo Everything:

When asked about a next-gen portable, Kimishima starting out by saying that Switch and 3DS can co-exist. After all, the two devices have many differences in terms of elements such as form factor, weight, price, and games. Kimishima believes 3DS can be appealing for parents to purchase as their first gaming system for their children because of those factors. He concluded by saying that there is a different demand and market for 3DS as a portable system from Switch, and for a next handheld, Nintendo will keep considering it as always.

Nintendo's Shinya Takahashi chimed in as well. About a new portable, he explained that Nintendo is always thinking about its next game device, so the answer is "We are always thinking about it" rather than there is or there isn't a 3DS successor.

Thanks to Benson Uii for the tip!

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