In the 'things that will obviously happen' stakes, we were wondering whether images of a Nintendo Switch teardown would emerge online. That time has come, and there aren't any major surprises, though it is fun to see the innards of systems.

First up, here's a general shot that seems to include the hulking beast of a battery, and at this stage a lot of the metal covers and so on are still in place.

The shot below shows the broader board minus the battery and various covers.

This next image shows the Tegra-based graphics processer, which has prompted some interesting chatter online.

The text on this NVIDIA chip - 'UDNX02-A2' - is interesting (with the 'NX' codename's presence included), and seems to tie-in with a teardown of the 2017 'NVIDIA Shield TV'; the chips may not be the exact same (with the Switch chip described as 'custom' in the past) but they seem to share a status as second iterations of the Tegra X1 technology. The teardown images seem to reinforce the previously held view that it's a variation on the older technology and not the newer 'Pascal' variant.

Interesting stuff, anyway. Let us know what you think in the comments.