Hatching eggs in Pokémon GO is definitely something you'll want to do on a regular basis. Not only does it give you additional 'mon for your collection, it's the only way to bag some of the rarer beasts. The big problem? You actually have to walk around for the eggs to incubate.

The distances involved vary, but as a general rule the longer you have to walk, the better (or rarer) the hatched Pokémon will be. If you cover a lot of steps per day then this won't be an issue, but for those of us who don't, it means waiting ages for eggs to open up, or going out of our way to take massive walks every single day. While the health benefits of this are beyond question, it's understandable that some people want to find a shortcut.

The good news is that a workaround exists, and it's actually very simple indeed. Pokémon GO uses your phone's internal tech to decide when you're walking, and you can fool it into thinking you're taking steps by popping it onto a revolving object - such as a old-fashioned vinyl record turntable, or a rotating ceiling fan (you might want to make sure it's affixed pretty tightly unless you want to see your phone flying through air and hitting a solid brick wall).

Your avatar in the game will walk round and round in a circle, which the game appears to accept as actual movement, even though you're remaining in the same location. You'll want to disable your phone's screen timeout, otherwise you'll have to keep tapping it to prevent it from turning off - and seeing as this method does take quite a while to rack up those steps (you get about 0.15 km for every two or three minutes), you won't want to keep going back to the phone all the time - this is supposed to be no-effort, after all.

The source of this amazing tip? YouTuber Rusty Cage, whose video on the topic contains some rather naughty words, so click at your own risk.

Another means of doing this (which requires quite a bit more effort) is strapping your phone to a model railway:

Also, got a Roomba? Then you're in luck: