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Video: Something Overshadows this Sonic Boom 3DS Trailer

Posted by Tim Latshaw

Allegedly leaked before PAX

A trailer for Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal, apparently meant for PAX Prime, has surfaced on the Internet. From what it shows, the world of the 3DS Sonic Boom is one of robot-suited snakes, not very portable-looking video phones, and Shadow giving the routine he gives everyone, including kind old ladies ahead of him in the checkout line.

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The TV show angle is definitely getting pushed a bit here, but the actual gameplay footage that whisks by does seem pretty. Are you keeping this game on your radar? Let us know.


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TwilightAngel said:

I'm just going to say it the 3ds version is going to be better than the Wiiu version.Reviewers will destroy the Wiiu version and the 3ds will be amazing.But hey that's me i hope i'm wrong.



eaglebob345 said:

I'll try them both. They both look better than Lost World, IMO. A side-scrolling game for those that want it and a 3D one for those who want it. I will take the Wii U version, as I am not one for side-scrolling games.



TimLatshaw said:

@JeffreyG Thanks for pointing that out! I'd still say it's pushing the TV show somewhat, though, since they seem to be concentrating on these scenes, which will likely match what we see on the show, over the actual gameplay.

They also throw in "Coming Soon to TV" at the end. ; )



JeffreyG said:

@TimLatshaw Ah yes, I get what you mean.
I like how they advertise the Sonic Boom games and TV show as one brand though. Makes it feel like not just another Sonic game and just another sperate TV show.



TimLatshaw said:

@JeffreyG Oh yeah, I think it's a good idea! If the cutscenes can look like the show, they should definitely be making that known. If the audience likes one, they'll go to the other.



BigDaddysPizza said:

Methinks there could be a good 3D Sonic... if a talented enough team could get together and re-think the 3D ideas, perhaps something better could happen. But for now, it is what it is.



AltonLove said:

@Wilford111 Big Red is developing the Wii.U version, while Sly 4's Sanzaru Games is doing this one. I am purty excited for both, but the Wii U version is the version I'm playing this year, since I have no 3DS.



unrandomsam said:

I don't get why people didn't like Lost World. I get why reviewers didn't. (Other than Famitsu who did like it same as me).

I wish they never made that 9 lives change though. (Cannot do a level in 5 lives shouldn't progress - especially in a game like Lost World).



DarkKirby said:

I don't really agree with Amy being kidnapped in the 3DS Sonic Boom game. She looked like the most interesting character in the Sonic Boom cast and they are removing her from the 3DS one.



Drawdler said:

3DS version looks better to me, though neither seem great, just fun but forgettable.



Artwark said:

I can't help but feel that there's something different about Amy.......she barely gets crazy over Sonic.......that's something mature SEGA is putting......right?

The 3DS version looks better but I'm not convinced till I see the reviews of the game.



abbyhitter said:

I am more excited for the Wii U version. I am tired of 2D games now. I have been playing Tropical Freeze and NSMBU a lot lately, so I am ready for a 3D game.



outburst said:

For me I didn't like the demo so I didn't buy it plus the mediocre reception. I'm still waiting for it to drop 20 bucks and get it though.

On topic:
I really really hope the Sonic Boom Wii U will be good. Does it compare to SM3DW but in steroids? I need to see more gameplay footages.

Off topic:
I found Sonic Colours + figurines (new) at a local GameStop for 20 bucks. Same price as the the game only (new and used). Is it the best Sonic game on the Wii? It got good reviews but I'm not sure if should get it or there is a better Sonic game out there on the Wii.



ChessboardMan said:

Maybe in the next trailer they'll introduce Silver!
I can see it now…

Silver: "It's… NO USE!!!?!????"
Sonic&Shadow(jumping into each other's arms): "AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!"



Grumblevolcano said:

@BensonUii Assuming you're not including Wii Virtual Console in "best Sonic game on Wii" then yes. If however you are including VC then I'd recommend the 4 main Genesis/Mega Drive games (1, 2, 3, Sonic & Knuckles).



Screenshot said:

In terms of reviews if the reviewers don't like the Wii U version then it doesn't matter to most people how good or bad this one is , it will most likely be 'Sonic Team needs to stop making Sonic games for a few years.'
Although the lack of Amy is dissapointing to say the least but it looks fun regardless



outburst said:

Thanks! I'll go buy it then. As for the Megadrive games, they were my favorite Sonic games and the only Sonic games I've played. I haven't bought the VC games yet since I don't have a CCPro at the moment. Unless you can play it on the Wiimote sideways? And who knows if they'll bring them on the Wii U VC.



Grumblevolcano said:

@BensonUii You can use the Wiimote sideways for all Megadrive games on Wii VC, in fact only SNES and N64 Wii VC games cannot be used with Wiimote sideways out of the full Wii VC collection.



outburst said:

Cool. Thanks! So where do the 3rd button go on the Wiimote? On the back B button? I've never played a Wii VC game but I guess you can customize the button mappings like in the Wii U VC?



Grumblevolcano said:

@BensonUii "A" is mapped to A, "B" to 1 and "C" to 2. Also no, there isn't custom button mapping like on Wii U VC though if it does come to Wii U VC after you purchase it you'll get a significant discount for upgrade.



outburst said:

Oh noes, you can't? There are games that require your left thumb constantly on the DPad. It would have been better for me if they mapped it on the Wiimote B button. Although I think it won't be a problem with Sonic as they are all jump buttons IIRC?



Grumblevolcano said:

@BensonUii I don't know whether the mapping is the same for all Megadrive games but for Sonic it is that layout. A, B and C are all jump buttons so it's not a problem.



GreatPlayer said:

@BensonUii I was grown up with sonic games on genesis but I like Sonic Colors better than old sonic games. Sonic Colors have more variety in terms of gameplay.

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