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PokéBall Vivillon Available in Short Term North American Distribution

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Collect it quickly


This is now also confirmed as a wi-fi distribution for Europe and North America, taking place from 29th August to 8th September.

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As we reported recently, the Pokémon Centre online store was launched today, making a return with a large range of merchandise to consider; that's coinciding with a short-lived but nevertheless appealing online distribution event in North America.

Available from today (6th August) until 12th August in North America, Pokémon X & Y gamers can download a special PokéBall Vivillon; you can see a handy breakdown of its abilities in the image below, via Serebii.

You don't have long to pick this up, so don't delay too long. Will you be grabbing this, and are you planning to spend any hard-earned money in the relaunched Pokemon Center store? Let us know in the comments below.

Thanks to all of those that sent this in.


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GloverMist said:

Gosh-darn it, Americans! I want my purely aesthetically different Pokémon in Britain, too!



GuSolarFlare said:

I've seen the guys in the pokémon xy thread talking about it earlier today, yeah!
a pokémon I never even cared about before but for some reason seems to be really cool now!



noctowl said:

Got two of them. They look pretty cool. But they'll sit in pokebank forever along with my complete living dex I imagine.

The store doesn't really have "a large range" of anything. I was hoping for a lot more. Only one or two things I'll buy.



sinalefa said:

My friend told me of this before I saw it here. I usually give him the news but he is a pokémaniac so he knows Pokénews before I tell him.



Drawdler said:

I want one but I wouldn't be surprised if Aus never gets it.

... It's actually my favourite Vivillon design, beyond the rarity of it. :c And the Fancy one is one of, if not my least favourite.



JonathanX said:

In my humble opinion Vivillion is just a boring bug pokémon, I was hoping for good events when I bought this game...



millarrp said:

Even though I haven't played it in a while I plan to fire up my copy of Pokemon X when I get home and get this. Since it's free there is no reason not to...



Megumi said:

I miss the old Mystery Gift items...where you unlock special side events, like Darkrai in Platinum. Here all these powerful legendaries (and special normal Pokemon like this) are just given to you. Want a level 100 Arceus? Here ya go...



ShadJV said:

Glad to make my complete Vivillon collection possible but I'd still rather have Diancie...



Iggly said:

Oh sweet, I was wondering if the US would get the Pokeball Vivillon ever since it first showed up internationally.



2Sang said:

Got it thanks. Don't check serebii too often so I would have missed it.



Fandabidozi said:

I've got everything crossed for an Australian distribution.
I'd like to use Pokeball Vivillon for my Alpha Team. My Fancy Vivillon has the worst stats ever



Klinny said:

Thank you for the heads up! Poke Ball Vivillon is the very last pattern I need to complete my Vivillon collection



Poketendo said:

Oh come on! America gets the online store AND the vivillon!? Why not Europe? It's so unfair! And no, Paris doesn't count. How was anyone living outside of France suppost to get there?



wolvesboy said:

I am from Britain and I have a friend who went to Paris just for the download, took my game too and I have one of the only french ones in my home town!



AyeHaley said:

...What about Europe? Not all of us could attend that temporary pokemon center in Paris-thing. As a Vivillon collector, I want all of 'em.



thesilverbrick said:

If anyone across the pond wants one of these, I'll happily trade it over wifi for an English impostor Ditto...



Flowerlark said:

Got mine! I'm so happy to have a complete vivillon collection!

BTW, this event is coming to Europe and Australia later in August, so you guys will have a chance, too!



Derpkip said:

I'm missing out. When X and Y came out, I was like "Meh". But with the Hoenn remakes I am buying: Black/White, X/Y, Plushies of all three starters and Kyogre and Groudon, a new 3DS, and the actual game. Sorry Kalos fans, wasn't for me. But Hoenn? That's my jam.

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