Pokemon Centre Launch - Edited

If you're a Pokémon fan in the US that's willing to spend top dollar for official merchandise, the freshly launched Pokémon Center online store may be the place for you. Only taking orders and deliveries for the US, it serves up more 'mon merchandise than you could possibly dream of catching.

The main categories available are Apparel, Accessories, Plush, Home & Decor, Video Game and Trading Card Game. Most are self explanatory, and despite premium prices it's likely you'll find pretty much anything you'd hope to from such a store.

Trouble is, stock is disappearing fast, and the store seems to be getting a bit messy in the process. It went down at one point, and we've seen sections go from saying they're out of stock due to exceptional demand, only to suddenly have stock again moments later. If you go shopping, expect a few teething problems.

Check out the store and let us know what you think. Are you planning to spend a lot of cash on this Pokémon gear?

[source pokemoncenter.com]