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Steel Diver: Sub Wars Version 3.0 in Development for August Release

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Friend battles, more multiplayer stages, no friendly fire

Steel Diver: Sub Wars was Nintendo's first free-to-play release on the 3DS eShop, offering a limited number of single player missions and online play at no cost; the Premium edition opens up more content, naturally, while additional subs are available separately.

It's also a title that's being regularly tweaked and updated. The major version 2.0 update added more subs and stages while adjusting gameplay and features, while the iconic Blue Marine from Star Fox has also been made available. The game's director, Takaya Imamura, has now posted on Miiverse to advise that version 3.0 is currently in development and is targeting an August arrival. It'll add friend battles, more content and remove friendly fire damage — details are below.

In Version 3.0, you can set up Internet Battles with your Friends. This means as long as you have wireless internet access, you’ll be able to battle online with Friends you have registered on your Nintendo 3DS system, any time you want. However, keep in mind that this is limited to Friends who own the Premium Version of the game.

In addition, we’ll add two new stages exclusively for Local Wireless Battle to make this mode even more fun. You will be able to select these stages while playing Internet Battle with your Friends, too. We’re also working on adding subs that you can unlock by playing via local wireless a certain number of times. The number of times you’ve played on local wireless in Version 2.0 will be carried over to Version 3.0, so if you have already met the required number of Local Wireless Battles, you may be able to unlock them right after you update. Once again, please be aware that these subs will be available only for owners of the Premium Version.

We're also planning to add eight new crew members, with various abilities such as launching mines while using the masker, and healing your allies.

We've also made some other small tweaks. Your allies will no longer take any damage if you accidentally attack them in battle, and you can use the +Control Pad to enter messages in Morse code.

The in-game shop that was previously limited to Premium Version owners will now be accessible to players using the Free Version too. In addition, we'll be reducing the number of play coins required to play Internet Battle using the Free Version from two coins to one.

Are you still enjoying Steel Diver: Sub Wars, and do you like these upcoming changes? Share your thoughts below.


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Captain_Toad said:

I heard friend battles ..though only in the preminum version...
Heh, either way. I'm planning on buying this now.



Tsurii said:

I didn't play it myself (yet), so I don't know how annoying the friendly fire may be, but...imo it'd actually add to the gameplay, no? It'd at least make for a more realistic gameplay



C-Olimar said:

The play coin cost to play online killed this game for me. Update sounds good though.



Prof_Clayton said:

I mean, one play coin is reasonable. You can play ten times a day, which most people certainly do not do every single day, compared to only five which some people maxed on.
" However, keep in mind that this is limited to Friends who own the Premium Version of the game."
Why is everything going to the Premium version? I understand, they want your money. But this is getting less and less free to play every update.



6ch6ris6 said:

wow impressive that they still work on the game even after update 2.0. i will definetly play again when the new update hits.

lets make a nintendolife cup with friend battle some day !!!



TruenoGT said:

There was a discount on premium in Europe this week right? Let's hope we see the same in NA today and I might go for it.



sinalefa said:


There is a reason why Nintendo (or at least Iwata) calls it free to start instead of free to play. If Premium is not substantially better, then paying users will rightfully feel cheated.



Klimbatize said:

Great update. Friend battles is long overdue. @Tsurii897 In a perfect world, yes. Unfortunately there are many players whose sole purpose is to troll the game so they would only fire on teammates. It ruins the experience completely. That will be completely fixed with this update. Really pleased with friendly fire being removed.



reali-tglitch said:

Now imagine if they released a WiiU version with cross-play. This would be one of the best things they have ever done in a multiplayer title.



MasterWario said:

Nice! This is one of my favorite games so I'm glad they keep updating it. I only wish I had some friends who play the game...



Noonch said:

I'm really surprised that they keep updating this. I'd like to see sales figures on this game. No one ever talks about Rusty's Real Deal Baseball anymore so this must be the free to play winner. I'd like to see an HD version for WiiU. Give me a Silver Pike II! No, a Platinum Pike!



unrandomsam said:

@sinalefa What it should be called is free to play - pay to win which is what it is. The only free to play worth having is when all the paid stuff is purely cosmetic other than that might as well just be a paid app.



Dpullam said:

These added improvements sound pretty amazing. I can't even begin to recall how many times I was team killed by one of my own allies for no apparent reason. The new crew members are a huge bonus for me as well. Nice update!



HnD said:

I have a controversial opinion on the change in Update 3.0 preventing team kills: It's going to affect close-quarters battle in a negative way. The change should not be made!! Reason: aiming with precision and choosing carefully is more desirable for realism and emphaisizing skill. When 2 or 3 are ganging up on 1 player from three bearings, in the way things are, the poor schmoe in the middle could have some hope of escaping; people choose carefully as to not hit a teammate and suffer a point deduction. In Update 3.0, everyone will be spamming torpedoes with reckless abandon, skill is deemphasized. Strategy and fine-tuning should remain the dominant feature, now we'll get derp, and I also won't be able to send any more love notes back if someone friendly fires on me. P.S.: JOIN FLUFFY CLAN FTW.



brandonbwii said:

A lot of 3DS users tend not to use an honor system so taking out the friendly fire will be a massive improvement. I was in an online match once and the matchmaking gave my side more teammates than the other. Despite the odds being in my favor one guy endlessly friendly fired and we lost.



BodyOrgan said:

Even though they're eliminating FF I don't think this will completely eliminate team killing. Everyone seems to forget a sub can take collision damage. If I wanted to team kill, then I'd get the highest HP sub with a mechanic, and go-to town ramming my teammates. FYI

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