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Nintendo To Distribute Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate In Europe And Australia

Posted by Damien McFerran

Just like it did with Monster Hunter 3, in fact

Nintendo has confirmed today that it will be handling the publishing duties for Capcom's forthcoming 3DS title Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.

Capcom will remain the publisher of the game, but Nintendo will take control of sales, marketing, PR and distribution throughout European territories and Australia when the title launches in early 2015.

A similar arrangement was in place for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, which launched on both the Wii U and 3DS back in 2013. It all went pretty smoothly, although the unexpected demand for the game meant that Nintendo had to issue an apology to fans who couldn't track down a copy.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is an enhanced version of Monster Hunter 4, which launched in Japan last year.

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erv said:

Aaaaaaand here it goes again: bring it to wii U as well !



Jazzer94 said:

This is going to be the best MH game yet portable but also having online makes for so much win.



FragRed said:

Why can't they release it for the Wii U? Just makes so much sense especially after the success of the last game.



Iggly said:

The wait is so long, but yet it'll be worth it. Besides, I've yet to get all of the achievements on MH3U to help contain my hype. Looking forward to hunting with everybody in 2015!



Shambo said:

The wait may be long, Monster Hunting is NEVER over! I'll play 3 some more



tj3dsXL said:

ive spent 158hours on MH3u. and i still have so much to learn and experience. I like swiming with the sharks & hunting for stuff the most i guess so far, its relaxing. I am looking forward to the "jump-attacks" in exchange for "undewater sports" MH4u, for i think this will help me with the bigger Dinomonsters for sure !



tj3dsXL said:

@tj3dsXL I am waiting for the Midnight eshop sale for MH4u at some point in 2015. Its just in one of my "back files" mentally so no biggie or stress to wait 4 real !



SkywardLink98 said:

Haven't played the series since 3 Tri (which I guess isn't all that long ago) and I'm looking forward to some online hunting!



Megumi said:

Really can't wait to see what they did with the Old Desert, also hoping that the Jungle returns, too. (I love its music, lol)



argol228 said:

@FragRed because as you said. things making sense, it makes more sense to sell it on a system that almost every japanese gamer has then to sell it on the wiiU, which would also increase cost of production,



Reverandjames said:

Only just started 3, and it's the first Monster Hunter game I have played....must say it's a unique, and great experience! Going to sink a lot of hours in, amd then more when 4 comes out!



Dpullam said:

I have to wonder if this game would be released in Europe anytime soon without Nintendo's input. Still, it's a day one buy for me! Love me some Monster Hunter!



Mega719 said:

Why not in North America? Just a matter of time until Nintendo acquires these IPs



Zombie_Barioth said:

Not really, the investors are just open to the idea of a buyout/merger, theres no guarantee they actually will. As long as Nintendo is the king of handhelds they don't really need to own Monster hunter, they'd be the obvious choice for the series either way, and that would depend on Capcom's willingness to sell one of their biggest IPs.



Xjarnold said:

I've never played a monster hunter game before, will this be a good starting point or not?



LasermasterA said:

Can't wait for it. MH3U has become one of my favourite games having sunk 450 hours into it without any online play! Although underwater combat can be annoying, I will somewhat miss the unique battles it brought. Still looking forward to sink 1000s of hours into this game now that this version has online play!



Reverandjames said:

@Xtremetdifan in terms of story, you don;'t have to worry about that because there is not much of a story, you pretty much just arrive and start hunting. Plus there is a pretty substantial tutorial in MH3 Ultimate, which I'm assuming will be in 4 Ultimate too.

I hope with Nintendo starting consider cross buy options, they will do the same for a Wii U version.

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