Earlier this week we brought you a list of ten Wii U and 3DS games that are perfect for summer, as a starting point to also get community feedback on other favourites for the season. As promised, though, here's a follow-up that's all about eShop titles.

These eShop games are all download-only titles, and no Virtual Console games are eligible. There's an impressive variety of games, exclusive and otherwise, available on both download stores that deserve a spotlight. When looking for something new to play they also provide an affordable option, and we've targeted games with aesthetics or gameplay experiences that'll feel just right for some gaming on a gloriously sunny day.

Wii U

A relatively recent arrival from Drinkbox Studios, this taps into Mexican culture as you take on the role of a Luchador to run, jump and fight your way through hundreds of colourful villains. One of the best 'indie' Metroidvania games we've played, with plenty to do and a sizeable world to explore, complemented nicely by excellent combat mechanics. The soundtrack is perfect for summer, too.

The BIT.TRIP series was a persistent highlight on WiiWare, though this sort-of sequel adopts a fresh art style and provides a decent number of hours of clever, challenging level designs. One of the best games on the eShop, this is a runner of exceptional charm and quality.

This remake naturally created a lot of buzz when announced, and the final result delivers an old-school platforming challenge with a lick of HD paint. Lovely animation and mechanics faithful to its 8-bit origins, this is perfect for a longer, more focused play session.

This is an ideal option if sitting around with friends or family and looking for a fun game and some comedy, as this is a peculiar and humorous puzzle adventure. It brings to mind the glory days of LucasArts point and click games, while also making good use of the GamePad.

If walking around a golf course is too much to ask, or the local options aren't up to snuff, this updated entry from Nintendo helps to recreate the real thing indoors. Using a Wii Remote Plus and the GamePad, this is an example of clever technology and needs a fair amount of focus and technique. Just keep your GamePad charger nearby if you're playing a full 18 holes.


If the summer heat is getting to you, cool liquids are in order; this is nice and topical, then. Clever puzzles and attractive visuals keep this 3DS sequel up to the standards of the WiiWare original, the only downside being occasional moments of awkward motion controls. There's plenty of content to enjoy in short or long bursts, making this a great option at any time.

Renegade Kid's biggest success, this title now comes in "Deluxe" form on the 3DS eShop, serving up an impressive 80 levels to eventually discover and enjoy. Gorgeous pixel-based visuals in 3D, this is an enjoyable platform shooting game that'll provide a stiff challenge in later levels; it's an easy recommendation.

One of the great features of the 3DS is that it offers plenty of gameplay opportunities when away from home, with StreetPass prominent. This title takes great advantage of wi-fi hotspots and AR play with the camera, more effectively than anything else on the system, and on top of that the RPG experience is cheerful, charming and a lot of fun. A must have.

The product of Game Freak's programme to encourage its employees to experiment and try new ideas, this is a bright and enjoyable rhythm music title. Great with a pair of headphones on, the nature of the game makes it perfect for a car trip or a quiet 30 minutes in the shade.

The summer season is well suited to quiet periods for drawing and painting, making this app a solid choice for those with such instincts. Still the best of its type in the range of downloads, it is a powerful tool that also has excellent online sharing options.

There you have it, ten eShop games we think suit the summer nicely; the 3DS eShop list was hugely difficult, with some fantastic titles narrowly missing out as we aimed for summery games. Let us know what eShop titles you think best suit the season in the comments below, and we'll pick some suggestions from this and the previous thread for a follow-up feature. You can also choose from these options in the poll, too, so let us know what you think.

Which Wii U eShop game from this selection is best for summer gaming? (222 votes)

Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition


BIT.TRIP Presents: Runner 2 Future Legend of Rhythm Alien


DuckTales Remastered


Stick It To The Man


Wii Sports Club: Golf


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Which 3DS eShop game from this selection is best for summer gaming? (201 votes)

Hydroventure: Spin Cycle / Fluidity: Spin Cycle


Mutant Mudds


The Denpa Men 3: The Rise of Digitoll




Colors! 3D


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