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Video: Impa Shows Off Some Impressive Moves in the Latest Hyrule Warriors Trailer

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Call that a sword? THIS, is a sword

Tecmo Koei and Nintendo have been busy in recent days and weeks to make sure that gamers know all about Hyrule Warriors, both also doing their utmost to convince us that this is a title we simply must have on Wii U. This Dynasty Warriors mash-up will certainly be a diversion for the much-loved franchise, at least.

Recent efforts to grab our attention have come in the form of quirky playable character reveals — early Famitsu leaks, admittedly — and hype-tastic trailers; today's dose of the title is the latter.

Impa, who has been confirmed and shown as a character a good amount before now, has her own trailer demonstrating her various moves; what's immediately striking is the sheer size of her sword, making her attacks slower than Link's — for example — but with a greater area of impact. Based on recent efforts from Tecmo Koei it's likely that a Midna-specific video is on the way, too.

Check it out below and let us know what you think.

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Thanks to Rei7 for the tip.

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Tsurii said:

hmm...not too sure what to think of her moveset, but this Impa is by far my favourite design so far.

Actually kinda interested to see if she's in Zelda U ...



Rei7 said:

Doesn't look like they have shown all of her special moves..



ThreadShadow said:

She looks great, but is it just me or are her legs a little too short? Is she supposed to have Wind Waker stylized legs going on there?
Yes, we've all got magic circles, yawn, tired of magic circles.

Hoping we get TP Ganon as a playable.



WanderingPB said:

Amazing how good marketing has me impatiently waiting for this games release…ur finally getting it Nintendo! now please do the same for Bayonetta 2 ASAP!!! I want to see more about my lovely witch please



Mommar said:

So this game is pretty much Link plus a bunch of chicks? Not thinking about it before, pretty much any sort of additional character in a Zelda title capable of fighting is almost entirely female.



BakaKnight said:

Awesome trailer OoO

And really unexpected moveset, I thought this Impa was based on the Ocarina's sage and got some shadows and ninja style attacks up her sleeves... I was so so wrong XD



SavoirFaire said:

@Mommar I was about to post the exact same thing. Also, the majority of male characters in the Zelda franchise I would rather push off a bridge (or tower...) than play as, except link, of course.



yemsols said:

@ThreadShadow was thinking the same thing about the legs. A bit dissapointed about it actually as I Impa is the character I was looking forward to playing as the most in this game. I was thinking she would be styled more towards her Oot model but oh well, at least its not a deal breaker for me as I love her moveset but certainly count me dissapointed with those legs.
Edit: On a second look her legs are actually ok when she's standing upright. So it probably has to do with bad animation of her lower stances.



0utburst said:

Cool. Though I'm not hyped on this game. I personally prefer if we get a monster hunter-like game playable with zelda characters. And Samus, and Kid Icarus, Bayonetta, Fire Emblem chars and ... wait. Super Smash Hunters?! LOL

Seriously what turns me off in this game are the hordes of enemies which is just there so there's something to slay. Sure you can increase the difficulty but it doesn't really change anything. I still think it will become boring after a few hours of gameplay.



biglittlejake said:

The more I see of this the more I like. At first I was skeptical of how it would play but all the new footage looks amazing and got me excited.



Radbot42 said:

She just seems so odd with that huge sword. Was hoping for SS Impa but after the game was shown I was disappointed.



Chubblings said:

Impa's attacks seem like almost a mix between Guan Ping and Zhou Tai, if that makes any sense. Or she might attack like Sakon Shima. Regardless, it looks like she (along with the rest of the roster that's been shown) will be extremely fun to play with. I'm extremely excited about this game, and I have for a while. There was no reason for me to be skeptical, as I've always loved and appreciated Warriors Games and Zelda. Although it still irritates me that people think Warriors Games are only button mashers. To those people, I say, don't play on Easy or Normal, play on Hard or higher and see how mindless it is.



J-Manix98 said:

I NEED that treasure box!!! Tell me how to get it! And please don't say it is JPN and or EUR only!



J-Manix98 said:


Thats just the way Dynasty Warriors game are. The gameplay (for the most part) completely revolves around killing as many baddies as possible.



0utburst said:

I see. I haven't played any warriors game. I guess it's not my kind of game then. Thanks for the heads up.



Grimlock_King said:

I will not buy this. It might get a 7 at the most for a review. The more gameplay I see the more it feels like a low scoring game.

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