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E3 2014: Fantasy Life for 3DS Gets a North American Release Date

Posted by Martin Watts

Another excuse to escape real life

Nintendo announced earlier today that life role-playing game Fantasy Life for 3DS will be arriving in North America this coming October.

Developed by Level-5 in collaboration with Nintendo subsidiary 1-UP Studios, the game tasks players with choosing a profession and making a name for themselves within the game's world. Typical life goals include building a home and completing story-based missions. Up to four players can play together online, as well as exchange messages.

If this sounds like your cup of tea and you want to know more, then make sure to check out the trailer below:

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After both Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Tomodachi Life are you ready for another life-focused game to absorb your time? Let us know in the comments section below.

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smikey said:

I'd prefer this over tomodachi but animal crossing is my life sim of choice.
I'm still holding out the smallest hope the wii u version will be announced this week though it looks highly unlikely now meaning I'm probably waiting until 2016 for it 3 ds version will be getting real old by then.

Will probably get this on or around release however but I really don't use any of my 3ds consoles for much other than street pass Much more of a home console gamer These days.



Nik-Davies said:

Tomodachi Life is taking over my life (I've even started talking to my Miis :/) I'll pass



gabikun said:

Congrats on you, lucky americans!! Hope we, europeans, will receive it soon too. I will keep playing the japanese version until then



Rezalack said:

I've been waiting for this announcement for what seems like 2 years. Glad to see it's finally coming to the US. I'll be getting this for sure.



LittleFuryThing said:

Please be announced for EU at some point - hopefulIy soon.
Been interested in this game for a long time.



ricklongo said:

I'm not an Animal Crossing (or Tomodachi Life) fan, and yet I always thought Fantasy Life looked appealing. It seems to offer more than just straight life simulation.



Obito_Sigma said:

This game looks more like an RPG rather than a simulation. I might buy this, but it doesn't look like a life sucker. I'm sorry if I have completely ignore the Tomodachi Life review by playing eight hours in a day, but the game just came out the day after my school has ended, and it just sucked my wannabe social life!

At least in Animal Crossing, it forced me to play no more than an hour per day. After an hour, you were stuck with nothing to do.



JCnator said:

Oh yeah, I actually own the Japanese version Fantasy Life and its DLC that allows you to play online and access to a new island for expert players. Can't wait to connect with you guys with my Level 75+ dude on October 24th, as long as the North American version includes everything from Fantasy Life Link!



ShadJV said:

In other words, as soon as I get over Tomodachi, I will get sucked into another sim? Stop it, I'm beginning to spend more time in sim lives than my own life!



Windy said:

Can't wait I've been sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for this one now its coming. Awesome! Pre-ordered!



CanisWolfred said:

I wasn't too sure about this game before, but now I'm intrigued after seeing the combat. Level 5 tends to be better at pure gameplay, and their odd town-building and crafting mini-games were always a blast.



ichigo62 said:

I"ll Buy back 3DS just for this !!. Now i have a reason to play Bravely Default, Rune Factory 4 and Upcoming HM/Season of ...... game.



Arcamenel said:

YES YES YES YES YES YES OMG! I just worked a 13 hour shift and this news just made the whole day less crappy.



Windy said:

@Spoony_Tech it has 4 player online play too Tech. I hope we can team up. . Big releases for me will be Fantasy Life , Persona Q and then Monster Hunter. That might be it for me the rest of the year in retail. I still have 50 dollar credit in Eshop I'm sure something will want my money soon



solcross said:

Correct me if I'm wrong, but this isn't the Link version, right? Someone posted the info docket from Nintendo's E3 press site and it sounds like they're just porting the vanilla version.



AshFoxX said:

Great... Another game I have to buy twice because I just KNOW my wife will want to play this, too.



Kitsune_Rei said:

I was actually excited about this game when I first heard of it, and then had forgotten after several other vaguely similar games came out. Yay! Now to try to be done with Tomodachi Life by then...



aja14 said:

@citizenerased the 90 minute conference will be revealed later.

i hope this is the updated version of fantasy life. been waiting for this almost a year now.



Jake_homs said:

I love Level 5 (Ni No Kuni was amazing!), but this looks rather simplified in the style and gameplay as compared to other 3DS offerings. I'll still get it, but I need to see more in the coming months.



KnightOfNothing said:

Can the 3DS in the US get any better at this point? Well...Majora's Mask or some Metroid game, but other than that.



HandheldGuru97 said:

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahem, well thats now out of the way, finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been waiting for this game for years, this E3 was disappointing on the 3DS side of things, but with this???? I think I'm in good shape! Well goodbye life all over again.....



Mariru said:

@solcross "Correct me if I'm wrong, but this isn't the Link version, right? Someone posted the info docket from Nintendo's E3 press site and it sounds like they're just porting the vanilla version."

I really want to know about that, too.

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