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Feature: Kickstarter's Wii U and 3DS Campaigns - 19th May

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Yet more games make the cut for Wii U

It's been a busy week in the world of Kickstarter funding, with plenty of positive news for Nintendo gamers. There are three projects that have hit Wii U targets, a new entry that looks promising for the 3DS, and unfortunately some that have failed to make their mark.

Plenty to consider, then, so let's get to it.

New Projects

OMORI — 3DS stretch goal at $180,000 [approx $78,000 of $22,000 target reached, 17 days to go]

This "surreal psychological horror RPGmaker game" has already comfortably passed its original goal, and certainly looks intriguing. With a distinctive art style and peculiar storyline this has evidently capture the imagination of a number of gamers, the following tagline sums up its approach nicely. "Your story is already over. You just have to remember it."

Chances of 3DS release: Certainly positive, as the campaign is progressing well.

Funded Projects

Heart Forth, Alicia — Wii U stretch goal at $200,000, 3DS at $245,000 [$232,365 of $60,000 target reached]

A particularly successful campaign. This is a '90s-inspired action RPG, and it's had plenty of praise to date along with that old favourite description — Metroidvania. With plenty of depth promised through items, levelling and spells, and footage that shows fast-paced action, this is undoubtedly eye-catching.

Chances of Wii U and 3DS release: Wii U funding target has been secured, 3DS misses out unless the developer opts to produce a portable version without the target.

Popup Dungeon — Wii U included as $100,000 stretch goal [$100,946 of $80,000 target reached]

This is described as a "roguelike papercraft RPG that lets players create any weapon, ability, enemy, and hero they can imagine." Developer Triple.B.Titles has enjoyed Kickstarter success in the past, and has cited the second screen of the GamePad as an exciting potential feature for the dungeon play.

Chances of Wii U release — Confirmed for Wii U, having squeezed past the stretch goal at the close.

Hover: Revolt Of Gamers — Wii U included as $100,000 stretch goal [approx $103,500 of $38,000 target reached, 3 days to go]

This is an open-world freerunning/parkour game inspired by Jet Set Radio and Mirror's Edge, and looks impressive in its early demonstration footage. The developer has explained that the Wii U goal reflects the work to make the game run on the system, but also a desire to utilise the GamePad for asynchronous play.

Chances of Wii U release — Confirmed, along with local multiplayer.

Project Updates

Red Goddess: Inner World — Wii U included in core goal [approx $27,800 of $30,000 target reached, 18 days to go]

A visually appealing "2.5D Metroidvania" title, this is the work of Spain-based Yanim Studio. There's already a free PC demo, and you can learn more in our interview with the developer.

Chances of Wii U release: Almost certain.

Adventures of Pip — Wii U included in core goal [approx $29,500 of $90,000 target reached, 16 days to go]

This one has an interesting concept — it's a 2D sidescrolling action title in which Pip starts out with a basic form and abilities; as he kills enemies he powers up and changes in terms of his move-set and appearance. The pixel-based visuals are sure to catch the eye of retro game fans.

Chances of Wii U release: It does need to step up its momentum to hit the target, but there's still time.

Unfunded Projects

Clive and The Stones — Wii U included in core goal [raised £537 of £25,000 target]

A 3D platforming adventure inspired by brands such as Spyro, Jak and Daxter and Banjo Kazooie, this involves a tale of good bunny Clive trying to save the world and embarking on some time travel. The campaign was cancelled due to a lack of momentum, though the develop has suggested it may return to crowdfunding in future.

Chances of Wii U release: Cancelled for now.

Salvaged — Wii U included in core goal [$20,143 of $125,000 target reached]

From UK-based developer Opposable Games, this is a dual screen tactical action game in which you control a team of Marines using a touch screen device (it's no surprise Wii U support was added to join PC) while an action view is shown on the TV; its goal is to draw inspiration from iconic movie Aliens, among others. You can learn more in our interview with the developer

Chances of Wii U release: Unclear. Development may continue but at a slower pace, with the developer to provide updates in the future.

So those are some crowdfunding efforts currently doing the rounds on Kickstarter. Let us know which ones interest you, and likewise point us to any we've missed in the comments below.

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User Comments (36)



Tsurii said:

Aw yiss!! :3
Getting Popup Dungeon Day 1. And I really hope, Adventures of Pip will get funded, too.



ChessboardMan said:

@MrV4ltor send them links to it on Twitter before they post these. I sent them Omori last week.

Also, Re: Alicia- I think their Paypal campaign is still in effect, and while raising 13000 on Paypal is unlikely, it's still technically possible and at Least worth a mention.



BertoFlyingFox said:

I'm glad pop up dungeon and hover made their goals, look forward to picking those up when they release.



navonod18 said:

For all my fellow musicians out there, did u realize that Omori music uses some of the same chords from giant steps-John Coltrane? Song is dope, video is kinda weird tho lol.



XCWarrior said:

For what it's worth guys, Luna's Tale, people who made Percy's Perdicament, is currently doing a kickstarter. Not doing well, but noticed you guys missed it on the list.

People at Popup Dungeon have to be so mad the WiiU stretch goal was hit at the last minute. Just means more work for them, lol



jariw said:

@PvtOttobot Its always difficult to judge the final quality of a game based of early KickStarter info, since each game would change so much until release. To me, there's no way not truly judge the professionalism of a project until the final product arrives. But if you judge professionalism by keeping the promised release date, I guess all will fail (based on current eShop titles).



EverythingAmiibo said:

@MrV4ltor lol, too true.
@jariw It's something that has to be done now though. If games were just released as they were meant to be then we could all judge them on their final product, but Kickstarter has mixed things up. We now have to (at least to some degree) judge games before they are finished in order to choose whether to support them or not. Kinda stinks.



SKTTR said:

Salvaged stands out of the bunch. The other Kickstarter games are pretty good as well, but Salvaged is one rare title that demonstrates the innovation and fun gameplay of Wii U. Too bad people don't seem to understand the dual screen concept and let the potentially greatest game slip away.



PanurgeJr said:

I'm happily backing a few of these, including Luna's Tale, which I'm sure will be added to the list. A recent update suggested, if I wasn't misreading it, that they can get additional funding if they get enough backers, even if doesn't mean a successful campaign. They aren't likely to be successful, but there's no risk to pledging and it may help them out at no cost to you, so at least take a look. Who knows, it may even give them some momentum.



ACK said:

I stepped in to help push Popup Dungeon over the Wii U stretch goal in the waning hours. Happy to see it confirmed as a priority.

Now about Omori... Am I correct in my understanding that this is an RPG Maker gamer that has raised $78,000?! And the gall to ask for $180,000 for a 3DS version..! Gross. Though I suppose cool art is more important than gameplay or game design when asking for kickstarter funds. I mean, I get that it may have a neat plot or something, but...

I guess there's really nothing to say, other than this world has passed me by.



Turnip said:

@ACK: Just look at the art and listen to the soundtrack; it's pretty obvious that there's more to it than your usual "slap premade sprites and a sub-par story full of cliches together" kind of RPG Maker game.



ThomasBW84 said:

@MrV4ltor Will check them out, but they need to have firm targets for Nintendo systems. If so, they'll more than likely be included in the summary.



ACK said:

@Turnip Well it's obvious this campaign is built around proliferating that supposed desire to transcend RPG Maker. But this art and music was specifically crafted to sell this campaign and raise funds. If you believe otherwise, you may just be a little naive. With an RPG Maker project there is little else to hang you hat on beyond sprite work, sound design, and writing...

I will only show this project respect when they exhibit an ability to transform the RPG Maker mechanics into relevant, enjoyable gameplay. Asking for funds with a peacock dance of snazzy artwork, concepts, and music is not enough for me without establishing proper game design ethos. That's what I'm not seeing here.



Captain_Toad said:

I'm hearing news that Heart forth is getting a 3ds version too since nintendo was nice enough to approach em.



ogo79 said:

theres a lot of people trying to eat off the earthbound/mother series these days...



Lobster said:

@Captain_Toad That's good news!

Pop-up Dungeon is accepting Paypal pledges, so they actually have a little more over what is listed... but not much. I think they're pretty excited about hitting the Wii U stretch.



ACK said:

@rumple88 Whoa, thanks for pointing that one out. Looks nice! To be fair, they don't include Wii U (or PS4/XB1) in the funding goal, only the promised intent to release on those platforms in the future. Any or all could be dropped for contrived or superficial reasons.

Truthfully, while I greatly respect Black Forest Games and am inclined to support this project when I rarely do (and am not at all fond of Giana Sisters beyond the soundtrack)... The cynic in me generally reads these promises as frivolous gimmicks to generate cheap support. Obviously there is always the potential for ports to various platforms, but Kickstarters are about funding priority and, as such, backing a project based upon vague, non-binding promises is a naive pursuit unless you truly believe in the project's viability.



Turnip said:

@ACK: Fair enough. I can see how one wouldn't like that they're asking for funds for what is, essentially, a pretty RPG Maker game.

Keep in mind, though, that JRPGs are generally judged by their art, soundtrack, and story. I honestly don't see how mechanics matter very much.



jariw said:

@PvtOttobot If you don't believe in crowd funding game development, you will still be able to buy the game at release, if it gets funded. I don't think it's anything that "sucks" about crowd funding, since it for example can help small developers that don't have their own publishers. And users can often give their input to a product in development as a backer. But I think that what happened to Ocolus Rift and Facebook really sucks.



rumple88 said:

Couldn't agree more. It's very disappointing they don't have the Wii U (or any other console) as a 100%. Seems like a bad look more then anything. But daaayyum the game looks incredible. Anyone is interested in this title should write the devs and demand transparency for console releases.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

I gotta say I'm surprised OMORI got a 3DS stretch goal. It's pretty rare for such crazy and psychotic games to target handhelds. Nonetheless, I'm really interested. Reminds me a lot of Yume Nikki, and that was already fascinating surrealism galore!



JaxonH said:

Well, you win some, you lose some.

I would have liked to see Source and Salvaged funded, but we're getting a few good ones in their place. Hover Revolt of Gamers in particular.

I got an email from the Salvaged devs saying the game would go on, but at a slower pace. Not sure if Wii U will still be a platform release, but I hope so.



EverythingAmiibo said:

@jariw my phone deleted my coment, DANG IT!!!! In short: some stuff about crowdfunding does suck, I've always hated the Oculus (pre and post FB), I don't oppose crowdfunding, just the coverage and funding of artless, effortless crap. And I can choose what I define as crap, as can you, that's what kickstarter allows us to do.



CanisWolfred said:

Salvaged was a sad loss, but the other two didn't look very good in the first place. Same for the new one and that Red Goddess.

But at least we gained 3 really interesting-seeming games. Now lets hope they can live up.



Sir_Deadly said:

So glad Hover: Revolt of Gamers got funded, but i rather have online multi instead of local



jariw said:

@PvtOttobot I try to avoid to define unreleased product as crap, since they are...unreleased. But it's sometimes very difficult to judge what will be an interesting end product. One example: "Luna's Tale" (in the link that @MrV4ltor posted) just had a couple of pictures and some text on the earlier KickStarter page, which made it very difficult for me to judge the ambition for that project. Now they have updated the page with some alpha game footage, and to me it looks like a way more interesting project now than just a few days ago.

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