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Curve Studios Announces Wii U Exclusive Stealth Inc 2

Posted by Damien McFerran

Tactically Excellent Announcement

Curve Studios has revealed that it is working on a sequel to its popular download title Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark, and that it is being developed exclusively for the Wii U.

The original game — which was launched on PC under the name Stealth B*****d Deluxe: Tactical Espionage A**ehole — has been downloaded more than a million times across all platforms, but never came out on the Wii U or 3DS. However, Curve has a long history of working with Nintendo, having produced WiiWare release Fluidity (AKA: Hydroventure) and its 3DS follow-up Fluidity: Spin Cycle (AKA: Hydroventure: Spin Cycle).

Speaking to Joystiq, Curve CEO Jason Perkins said that Nintendo actually got in touch before the original Stealth Inc was released:

We've got a good relationship with Nintendo. Really enjoyed working with them. They originally got in contact when we were just on the verge of launching the first one. We were too far along the line with Sony, but got back to them and said, 'Look, here's an opportunity, how about that?' Then in terms of the hardware and the opportunities with something like the GamePad as well, it was really quite exciting.

Concept art is all that is being shown at present, but the team have confirmed that Stealth Inc 2 will showcase new gameplay features, such as campaign mode co-op and off-TV play for those who like stealthy using the GamePad when the TV is being watched by other family members.

Stealth Inc creator Jonathan Biddle added that the company is taking ideas seen in its previous games and applying them here:

We've got a really rich dynamic. It's taking some of the stuff we did with Fluidity which was a Metroid-style game where you had to go and find puzzles in order to progress, and twinning with it the more focused test chamber stuff we had in 3DS Fluidity and Stealth Inc. It's going to be interesting, it's almost like two complimentary game styles.

You can view a trailer for the original Stealth Inc below. Are you excited about this game coming to the Wii U as an exclusive release? Let us know with a comment.

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readyletsgo said:

Awesome, its exclusive!!!! I have the first one I got with PS+ last year, haven't played it just yet, but I hear is balls hard? Anyone played the first one?

Happy to hear this though!



MrV4ltor said:

They also said in an interview that they will be doing other Wii U games as well. Really hoping that means some ports of games that are only available on Playstation/PC right now.



Peach64 said:

Really like Stealth Inc, so will pay close attention to this. If it's as good as the first it will be one of the best games on the eshop.



memoryman3 said:

From the Gamespot interview.....
"The good thing about releasing on Nintendo is, you're not competing with a lot of other people," Curve Studios' Marketing Manager Rob Clarke told Gamespot. "Even as an indie publisher we always fight with AAA for space on the storefront. With Nintendo, we know they're gonna support us. We also know that we're not having to compete with, say, Watch Dogs for example."

They do know they still have to compete with Watch Dogs. Because that's still coming to Wii U......right?



MrV4ltor said:

@memoryman3 They probably mean that Sony puts a lot more AAA games on their store front, so indies have to fight to get some space on there, whereas Nintendo always has a lot of indies on their store front.



XFsWorld said:

@readyletsgo Lol yessssssss. I got the first one free on my Vita via PS Plus and it is hard!

I will try to beat tye first one before this comes out.



readyletsgo said:

@XFsWorld Haha I shall give it a go on my under-used Vita tonight so.

Started 'Attack of the Friday Monsters' last night, gosh thats a time eater and I love it! lol.



shingi_70 said:

A bit surprised since the first stealth is on all PlayStation platforms and curve had been a PlayStation developer so they're a known quantity like what renegade Kidd is for Nintendo fans.

On the other hand like Curve said the competition is less steep on Wii U and platformers tend to do well on the eshop. There reasoning is sound when the PS4: go 12 nww gamws announced and is getting bug fast.

Still hope the game comes to PS4 but a good decision of a first platform.



shingi_70 said:


To be fair you get indie games on the store front as well. Octodad, cell damage and pure chess were on the front page for a while. But it is a very valid concern especially when the front page also has movies on it.

However you look at it on both the indie and AAA front their less competition so putting the PS4 on the port list would be the smart thing to do.

With Curve making the eshop hit fluidity I'm surprised they're other games are just coming to Nintendo platforms.



accc said:

Interesting news but why not make a new Fluidity game for Wii U instead? The Nintendo fanbase is already familiar with the Fluidity series and its concept is more appealing to them than Stealth Bastard's. Fluidity is also a better game than Stealth Bastard.



Wolfgabe said:

Cue the people complaining about it being Wii U only
Please watch the profanity — TBD



AlexOlney said:

God this looks good, imagine a Luigi's Mansion Nintendo Land style game where one person on the gamepad has to elude several different 'spotters' and one person who has to try and stop them fulfilling an objective, but they can't see anything without the help of the other players helping them.



krisko said:

Cool! I just downloaded the first off PS+ last weekend. It is very challenging, even early on. You have to think your way through the levels.



andrea987 said:

Awesome stuff. I don't get the 'Fluidity was a Metroid-style game' quote, though. Unless I'm thinking of two different games...



aaronsullivan said:

Fluidity is pretty awesome but the premise was a bit empty character-wise and the tone was hard to get your head around. I mean, you are water.

@andrea987 Fluidity was absolutely a Metroid-style game if you are talking about the structure and mechanics. You are limited in your exploration by your abilities. It's truly Metroid in game play in that Metroid limited you not by finding keys but by adding skill-based abilities to advance. Just having speed boots doesn't get you through the doors, you have to master using them, shine sparking, etc. Fluidity is exactly like that. When you get ice, for instance, there's a brand new set of skills you have to learn to advance. Marrying that with Stealth, Inc. is a pretty tantalizing idea.



PanurgeJr said:

Qny time there's an exclusive for Wii U it is worthwhile to pay attention to it, not because we are so starved for games that we'll take what we can get, but because it means that the developers are passionate about the game and want to come to Wii U, and that they recognize that the install base, while small, is comprised of some of the most passionate gamers there are, and is not just some tiny sliver of consumers best left ignored. I obviously can't say yet that I'll buy this, but I will definitely be watching it as they proceed, and I'm looking forward to see what they can do.



617Sqn said:

Lets not get to excited people its only a wii u exclusive because Nintendo paid for ii to be, no other reason.



Action51 said:

@memoryman3 oh, you are so coy!

We all know Watchdogs is being delayed on Wii U, and it was dumped down to their b-team for porting. In essence, Ubisoft might as well just cancel it anyway because I predict a broken port that won't sell since it's going to be old news on other systems already.

If you are still excited for Watchdogs on Wii U (I know you actually aren't) then more power to you.

Now for the people who are here because they are actually interested in games coming to Nintendo platforms, this game looks fun. I had an idea for a game kinda like this, but it seems Curve studios already made it, and are making a sequel for the Wii U!



Varoennauraa said:

Stealth inc is more like a speed run game; rather short levels, that you have to play a couple of times to come up with the speediest way to beat them. I liked the first one very much, but I have it on iPad, where the controls are unbearable for the record breaking stuff, and I stopped playing when the controls soon became more challenging than the game.

I am very happy to hear that the sequel is coming to Wii U!



audiobrainiac said:

Sweet. I made that comment only based on the trailer here, but it sounds awesome. Gonna have to check it out!



Captain_Toad said:

Heh, because of Microsoft parity clause (If a dlc game is being released on Xbox 1 it has to be released simultaneously for all consoles or its a no go) this baby is a wiiU exclusive......Awesome!



Monkeh said:

While I kind of dislike exclusives all together, seeing as the more platforms a game releases on, the more people will be able to enjoy it, it's nice to see some positive news about the cooperation between Nintendo and an indie developer, seeing as Nintendo hasn't had the best track record with those.

Nonetheless, I still think it's really stupid Nintendo has missed so many of the great indie games over the last few years, which were released on basically every platform except the Wii-U. Here's hoping for a better future..



JaxonH said:

Wow, this was unexpected! Stealth Inc Clone in the Dark is a fantastic game- I certainly never thought it's sequel would be Wii U exclusive. But here we are...



sinalefa said:

I liked the first Fluidity (never played the second one) so I may pick this up.



andrea987 said:

@aaronsullivan Thanks for the explanation, I can see it now but I still think is a bit of a stretch. Maybe because I've only seen gameplays and read some reviews of it (Fluidity, I mean).
Very interested in this game, though.



WanderingPB said:

Glad to learn more about this and its features. So many great indie games coming out but so little time…well guess ima have to jus save more money to get them all!



Ralizah said:

Cool. I'm really enjoying the PS Vita port of the first one, so I'll definitely get the Wii U sequel.



Dreamz said:

Has there been any indication as to whether this will be retail, or eShop only?



Wiidsguy said:

That's really cool it's exclusively for wiiu, I will buy day one. I loved the first game.

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