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Thu 15th Sep 2011

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krisko commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2015 - Q4 ...:

I still have to catch up on everything released for Wii U this year: Kirby, Splatoon, Mario Maker, and some eShop games. Not to mention Yoshi, which still isn't out yet here in the states.

As far as this list goes, the only games that really catch my eye are Fatal Frame and Rodea. I didn't care for the first Xenoblade Chronicles, though I may pick up X later down the line. I would normally be very excited for a new Guitar Hero, but I am not impressed with the tracklist and features, so its a bust for me, though I'm glad to finally see a competent looking music game on the Wii U for once.

I'm going to be putting all of my gaming money this fall towards Rock Band 4 and a PS4, so it will probably be a while before I get around to playing any of the games I've mentioned.



krisko commented on UCraft Developer Promises Extensive Features a...:

I've never been into Minecraft, but I'm simply baffled that Mojang never put their game on the Wii U. It's nice to see someone step up to try and fill the void, but there's simply no way it will compete. Many of the features in Minecraft were developed over a period of 4 years, yet Nexis wants to put this out by Christmas. Seems way too unrealistic.

The trailer was pretty bad, but I like that they are at least trying to differentiate themselves from their "inspiration", and there are some pretty ambitions features here. I'm curious to see how this turns out. If they hold true to their updates and DLC, then this could be a suitable replacement for those who just have to have Minecraft on Wii U.



krisko commented on KickBeat: Special Edition Wii U eShop Trailer ...:

I just bought this on PC, as I am a huge rhythm game fan and was looking for something new to try. I wonder if the Wii U KickBeat will have the custom song feature of the other versions. Zen has been pretty good with delivering games for Wii U in the past, but the only way they could feasibly include that feature is to run songs from off the SD Card.



krisko commented on Rumour: Grainy Image of "Mario Maker" and Nint...:

I always thought that Nintendo should make a kind of Little Big Planet style game with Mario, although I think even the most ardent Wii U fan has to be burned out on him by this point. Still,,this could be the kind of thing that revitalises the fan base, but I would hope that this isn't the only "big" surprise that Ninty has at E3, assuming this is real.



krisko commented on Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes Comes...:

Honestly, if I was really young and was a Disney Infinity fan I'm not sure I'd want this. I was never that into superheroes or comic books. Plus, at that age, my mother probably wouldn't allow me to watch the Avengers or any of the Marvel films. That isn't a problem for me now, of course, but it could be a stumbling block for kids who were fans of the first game being based around a franchise their parents would not let them view due to it being PG13. I know there were play sets based on PG13 films in the first game, but there was plenty more content from G and PG movies. I know the violence and content is toned down from the source material, but considering that these games are built in having recognisable brands, how are kids unfamiliar with the franchise supposed to get excited? What other options do they have if they don't like Marvel?

Disney has said that there will be non-Marvel content in Disney Infinity 2.0. My theory is that the game will have different starter packs with a different theme, Marvel being one of them. Disney could then sell the same disc with each starter pack, but provide a different starting set and figurines, with the option to buy the other play sets if they really want to. This way, someone could get Disney Infinity 2.0 if they liked the first game but are not necessarily a Marvel fan.



krisko commented on The Legend of Zelda and Pokémon Are Doing Bus...:

Funny thing is, there was already a Pokemon Monopoly game. I had it as a kid, and I wasn't really a big Pokemon fan. I only got less than a quarter of the way into Red before losing interest. I would like to give the new game a try and see if I could at least finish the main story.



krisko commented on Nintendo Download: 6th October 2011 (Europe):

I played Catrap on my Game Boy, only it was the Japanese version, "Pitman". I never knew that it was released under a completely different title elsewhere. The game was never a favorite of mine, to be honest. Still, what an obscure game to get on the VC, especially this early in the console's life.



krisko commented on Review: BIT.TRIP COMPLETE (Wii):

I have it, and it's really great. Someone must have slipped up in the shipment of the games. The GameStop I went to only ever got ONE copy in- mine. Apparently, there was no demand for it. The bonus CD wasn't even physically packaged with the game. The employee had to take it from a slip-case and put it in the game case before sealing it with tape. A 9/10 for the game, A 1/10 for the shipper. As much as I'd love for this game to be a sleeper hit, Aksys hasn't done enough to ensure that will be the case.