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NES-Style Action Title Insanity's Blade Is Cutting A Bloody Path To The Wii U eShop

Posted by Damien McFerran

Creator Causal Bit Games is now approved for Wii U development

Last year, Canadian studio Causal Bit Games successfully kickstarted the excellently-named Insanity's Blade, a tribute to the 8-bit hack-and-slash platformers of yesteryear.

Boasting action and RPG elements and 18 different levels to conquer, the game also features a VCR6-based soundtrack which is as close as possible to the original NES audio. The crowd-funding drive for Insanity's Blade was unique in that it wasn't to actually make the game, but instead raised the funds to polish the gameplay and add new features.

The developer has now confirmed that it has been granted official Wii U developer status, and that Insanity's Blade will be leaving its mark on the Wii U eShop soon.

The title certainly has the NES look and feel nailed pretty successfully, and the team has listened to feedback gained from the PC-based demo to refine the core gameplay. Hopefully Wii U owners won't have to wait too long to find out if the game is worth playing.

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Kaze_Memaryu said:

That's interesting. The game definitely looks and sounds like a good old NES classic, but it also seems fun to play. Gotta try the demo at some point!



Xilef said:

I dunno... It doesn't look that fun to me. However seeing how they are taking their time to port it i'm going to assume early impresions are good. I'll keep an eye out.



ogo79 said:

insanitys blade: "Take a father’s journey to hell in order to save the souls of his wife and child."

sounds like king of demons/majyuuou for super famicom: "During the prologue, Abel is granted power from his deceased wife in order to defeat Bayer, and go into hell to save his daughter."

being a huge king of demons/majyuuou fan im interested...
i also wonder what the status is going to be on Odallus, i hope that one makes it to wii u after all as well.



WaveGhoul said:


This game also looks more interesting than whats on the horizon for the PS3 & One combined.

And heh, i love those head tilting Red skeletons. But the boss fight looks cheap...



Sean_Aaron said:

Sounds and looks like Rastan with some Castlevania and Ninja Gaiden wall-climbing for good measure. Given that was the intro I wined what the rest of the game is like? Very cool!



xxAcesHighxx said:

@FineLerv You said it mister! I'm a huge fan of the indie gaming scene, and if Nintendo continue their current trend of supporting talented indie outfits with even half the commitment and passion that Sony appear demonstrate on a seemingly daily basis — particularly on Vita — I'll be one very, VERY happy Wii U owner indeed...

A small selection of my Wii U indie wishlist:


Broken Age

Cave Story

Don't Starve

Dungeon Decenders 2

Hotline Miami


Lone Survivor


Mercenary Kings

Papers Please

Rogue Legacy

Samurai Gunn


Super Meat Boy

Super Time Force

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP

Thomas Was Alone


...the list goes on...and on...and...



Daemonite said:

@WaveBoy urgh, don't do that.. yes, Nintendo makes some fun games. However, PS4 and X1 also have some awesome titles coming out in the next few weeks. go easy on the fanboyism, please!



emeyece said:

Like the idea. And I am a huge retro gaming fan. But can't they do these games more 16bit style. Not only because of the graphics. But because of the handling...



Kirk said:

Eh, I'd say those graphics are actually closer to SNES level than NES.

Multiple layers of parallax, pretty large characters with quite a few colors in some cases, quite a lot of colors overall, loads of sprites onscreen...

Maybe you had some kind of NES Plus that we all missed out on or something.



Shiryu said:

Fantastic! Can't wait! Reminds me of "Magic Sword" from Capcom on both CPS1 and SNES!



DreamOn said:

It's like a lower bit version of Black Tiger. Something's off with the rhythm of the gameplay though if you compare the two. Looks neat



element187 said:

I think the 8bit art style has been overplayed quite too many times in recent years.... I grew up gaming in the 8bit era, and while it was cool at first to see 8bit throw backs in new games, I think it worn out its welcome.... I have a mountain of 8bit games from my childhood that I can play at any time on VC.

Sorry if people are still digging it, but there is already a billion awesome 8 bit titles available. Do we really need more?



element187 said:

@Daemonite not everyone likes dudebro games. I game on PC/WiiU/3DS and not one single game announced for the ps4/xBone even looks the slightest bit interesting... Certainly not interesting enough to shell out $400 for an underpowered console that the manufacturer is trying to sell like its a high performance device.... At least Nintendo isn't trying to sell the Wii U as something that it's not. It's a fun and an interesting platform for playing Nintendo games.



Daemonite said:

@element187 Again with the 'dudebro' tired of hearing this argument. Kind of a demeaning term, i think. But whatever, play the games you like, but don't diss on gamers who play games you dont like/play for consoles you don't like or play on. Like that is all these consoles have to offer. There are soooo many different kinds of games out there for each console.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

@Daemonite Gotta agree with you.
The tension is already strong between the three fanbases, to the point that many try to convince others to only buy one of them (of course the one they like the most). And while the offerings on PS4 and XBone might not satisfy everyone (yet), they still have plenty of stuff coming up which we can hardly hope to see on WiiU.
Joking about consoles is okay and all, but biased bashing is what makes up the majority of the console wars.



ToniK said:

Indie support is great and all, I just hope it wouldn't be a synonym for side-scrolling pixel art. More games like Forgotten Memories please! Whenever that's coming out...



sinalefa said:

I know it is nitpicking, but it is really telling when you misspell your product's name:

#InsantysBlade soon to be released on the #WiiU!



MAB said:

Looks incredibly repetitive, bland & boring... Yep, this was definitely inspired by the NES it even has the crappy screen flicker glitch goin' on



unrandomsam said:

RPG elements makes this kind of thing rubbish. (Temporary powerups is all that is ok.) Removes the need to improve.



OorWullie said:

Can't see this being up to much .It probably wouldn't have scored too well back in the day either.



Mommar said:

I like 2D action/platformer types but this is too much like a bad NES era game. If you're going to make a throwback game, make it like we remember it, not like it actually was.



Zobocop said:

No way this looks like an NES game. There's simply too much information on the screen. I'd say Insanity's Blade looks more like a Genesis title.



unrandomsam said:

They could have made it sound more like a NES by using a NES and recording it. If VCR6 is what I think it is anyway it will make it sound more like a Famicom with VRC6.



unrandomsam said:

@Zobocop I thought it looked like legendary axe until I reminded myself of what that looked like and the sprites are miles better in that.



Agent721 said:

Looks like some great 8 bit goodness to me! Count be in...thank god for the indie releases!



Anguspuss said:

well it mad eme grin that means it will probally be on my list. Still playing through unepic



LoveSugoi said:

I agree with those that say this actually looks more like a SNES or Genesis title. The green bleeding skeletons make me think of Mortal Kombat, he. I'll wait for a review to see if I'll give it a spin.



Dragonquester said:

Wow, these guys must be big fans of Rastan Saga, it looks very similar. If the gameplay is good i will be getting it for sure. I use to love games like this back in the day. Games like Rastan, Rygar, Golden Axe, Black Tiger, Ghosts n Goblins etc. I just wish they made it look more like an SNES game instead of an NES one. Great music too.



ouroborous said:

yea doesnt really make me think NES, looks like a very old computer game maybe. at a glance i'd say it doesn't look very good and doesn't really interest me. however, i do like an oldschool romp now and again, so i guess we'll see how it turns out.



FineLerv said:

@AcesHigh73 "You said it mister! I'm a huge fan of the indie gaming scene, and if Nintendo continue their current trend of supporting talented indie outfits with even half the commitment and passion that Sony appear demonstrate on a seemingly daily basis — particularly on Vita — I'll be one very, VERY happy Wii U owner indeed..."

I think half the battle comes from Nintendo, the other half is from the userbase. I'm constantly trying to push my favourite standout Indie titles on the MiiVerse but if nobody is buying them then Nintendo's efforts can only go so far.

That's a great wishlist you got there! What are some of your personal picks that are currently on the e-shop right now, though?



goonow said:

Nintendo would never have let such a gruesom game on to the nes back in the day lol



Action51 said:

Nice! I like side scrolling shooter/fighters!


  • Bionic Commando
  • Contra
  • Low G Man
  • Mega Man
  • Castlevania
  • Magic Sword
  • Actraiser

Oh yeah!!!



Retrogamer88 said:

this game looks awesome right down to its over the top action its going to be an instabuy for me

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