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Pre-orders for Mario Kart Ride-on Available at Toys 'R Us in the United States

Posted by Tim Latshaw

Comes with a 100,000-mile or 1-Blue Shell warranty

Remember that sweet-looking Mario Kart ride-on we reported was coming to the UK later this year? Turns out Toys 'R Us customers in the United States can already put money down on the same set of wheels.

Pre-orders for the Super Mario Kart Ride-on are currently open at the Toys 'R Us website. The 6V machine will set you back $199.99, but just think: that's only 0.05% the cost of a 2014 Lamborghini Aventador and you're going to look just as cool in it! *

Of course, odds are you probably still can't fit into the ride-on, as it's intended for kids weighing 70 pounds or less. Lucky children. Toys 'R Us is expecting to roll shipments of the cart out beginning 7th March.

Still wanting to pick up a Mario Kart ride-on for a special child or your own collection? Let us know below.

*Coolness is a purely subjective factor and can not be guaranteed.


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User Comments (45)



Barbiegurl777 said:

Lol my grandparents had these type of cars for me & my cousins when they baby sat us years ago for playing outside only we had a pink barbie car & a blue jeep to drive. Lol bring's back good memories.

Nice to see a Mario car finally ha ha to bad i'm to big for it now.

BTW the weight limit may say 70 pounds for the mario car/kart but me & two of my cousins use to ride in the pink barbie car at the same time all the time going down hill. We would have all exceeded that weight limit lol.

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



Xilef said:

"*Coolness is a purely subjective factor and can not be guaranteed."

What? Pre-order cancelled!



Hy8ogen said:

This is weak. Remi Gaillard already has a 50mph Mario Kart a few years back. Step up bois.



SLiM said:

Great idea! Would love to get one for my son if it didn't cost as much as a new 3DSXL



ultraraichu said:

With my height and weight, I can easily imagine myself looking like Waluigi in this thing, only with a smaller nose and less mustache



Phantom_R said:

Aside from going "2.5 mph" (which is totally understandable), $200 isn't a bad price at all for this thing. It does make me wonder just where and how one would go about playing with something like this...



FJOJR said:

Funny thing is I would actually think a full grown man in a Mario Kart designed for kids would look cooler than the same guy in a Lamborghini.



FJOJR said:

@Uberchu You pirates ruin everything. Trying to hack into the Wii U and 3DS now the Mario Kart?! Will you stop at nothing!



nomeacuerdo said:

does it include at least a blue shell? I wouldn't fit, but with some proper adaptations...



Barbiegurl777 said:


Actually it isn't expensive at all my grandparents paid $400 to $500 each for the pink barbie car & the blue jeep & that was the early 2000 era. $200 is very cheap for the mario car.

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



SheldonRandoms said:

Oh boy, a real life Mario Kart that you can ride on. I'm a swelltastic Mario fan, who sometimes dresses up as Mario, who's been a fan ever since I was a child.............wait a minute, it's only for the little kids, and not adults as well..........DON'T THEY KNOW THAT WE HAVE THE MONEY TO SPEND FOR SOMETHING LIKE THIS, WHOEVER MADE THIS, Y U NO MAKE ADULT SIZE VERSION, YOU BROKE MY LEG, SMASHED IT TO BITE SIZED PIECES!!!!!!!!!

^And those capitals are telling you that I mean it, with emotion and stuff. Let's all go back and play whatever Mario Kart game, okie doki?



ChuJelly said:

Ah, I remember the days of driving around in my little motorized sports car up and down the driveway... until my parents gave it away to my cousin when I became "too old for it". Cretins!
Needless to say, I would've loved this as a child. Definitely too big for it now, unfortunately :[



SphericalCrusher said:

My son's birthday is March 19th and he really wants a power wheel.... hmm this is tempting! Haha. Although we really need one that holds two kids (my other son is only 6 months atm). Maybe by the time Evan is 4, there will be a DK or Luigi version! REAL LIFE MARIO KART!!! =P



LoveSugoi said:

Crap, I'd love to get this for my niece (and a little Mario hat to go with it) but she's half the recommended age for it so I don't think I should. D-:



sillygostly said:

The ability to insert the Wii remote into the steering wheel for Mario Kart 8 (and other driving games) as well as pedals for accelerating and braking would be absolutely brilliant. I would actually buy one for use with my Wii U if Nintendo were to ever make one big enough for adult use.



SammytheSaiyan said:

If I were a father, I would definitely buy this for my children! Hopefully these Ride-ons will still be relevant 15 years into the future or so...



Lobster said:

If only I were five years old. I was born 21 years too early!

I remember those Barbie Jeeps and such when I was little. Most of my friends had them, but my mom wouldn't let me have one as she thought they were too dangerous - might tip over or something.

For this I would take my chances.



StarDust4Ever said:

My 270-lb rear would probably break it in a heartbeat.

Either way, I'd love to see a YT video of some grown fanboy attempting to ride it!

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