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Play: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate With Nintendo Life - The First Hunt

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

It's on

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate may have been available for nearly a year on the Wii U and 3DS, but there are still plenty of gamers that enjoy going on the hunt on a regular basis. Quite a few of us at Nintendo Life fall into that category, which is why we announced the first community hunting night earlier this week. Those beasts are strutting around like they own the place, but our over-sized weapons will take them down a peg or two.

As previously announced, there'll be two online rooms set up by Nintendo Life staffers in the Wii U version - Tom Whitehead will host a room for HR5 and below, while super-hardcore slayer Martin Watts will host a room for HR6 and above; the details are below.

Both rooms will be located in the '06 Free F' world, in Lobby 5.

Tom Whitehead — room name NLifeGo, password 4598 — HR 5 and below
Martin Watts — room name NLifeHR, password 6895 — HR6 and above

These will be first come, first served when opened at around 8pm UK time / 3pm Eastern / noon Pacific. Yet the whole purpose of this community night is to be a central point for NLifers to organise additional rooms as they please. So please use the comments section to set up additional groups. If you want to keep it in-house, we suggest using the same world and lobby as those above, while sharing the details — and a password — in the comments section. It's a chance to level up, target specific creatures or, simply, to have a bit of fun.

The two rooms hosted by Tom and Martin will be 'winging it' to a degree, aside from targeting quests at certain levels.

The Hunt... is on.

We'll be posting a bit on Twitter during the hunt, so hit us up with the hashtag #NLifehunters

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Aqueous said:

Sorry, I'd love to join you but I only have the 3DS game with me, have fun everyone!



Everly said:

I'm hoping to get in to Whitehead's room for a bit. I always enjoy his pieces and would like to do some questing with him, even though I'm HR63. Heading to the gym right now but should be back around 3:30 - 4:00 Eastern time in the US.



Squidzilla said:

Hope everyone jumps on board with this idea, as there really is nothing quite like going on the hunt with a full crew of allies. Just got into the series myself very recently, so I hope to make an appearance at some point during the night! It's going to be ridiculously fun.



Einherjar said:

We had a 10 hours non stop Monster Hunter marathon yesterday (friday 4 pm till saturday 2 am) and let me tell you, it never gets old



BenAV said:

Been a while since I've played, but I'm ready for a good session today.



JaxonH said:

I'll check Martin Watts room at 2pm central time US. If it's full, I'll be happy to hunt with any fellow N-lifers who are also G-rank. It's been a few months, and I know I'm rusty, but I'm still HR73 and have some serious skillsets on deck. We can get down on whatever, it's all good here.



dwuuuu said:

nothing - help

where is it - lobby 5 in Free World 06

dosen't appear



Yellowgerbil said:

I'd like to come on, but as someone who only recently went on to G rank, maybe it would be better to stay below HR6.



ThomasBW84 said:

Sorry guys, I only put the UK time originally. Now updated with NA times too, so refresh the page

About half an hour before those two rooms open!



shigulicious said:

I'm working until 4 PST. I hope the hunting will still be going on after. I'm gonna check back here later to see if some rooms are running. It would be cool to hunt with you guys. Please post any rooms set up for tonight in NA. Thanks



shigulicious said:

@JaxonH If you plan on playing tonight, please reply to this post with what room you created. I want to hunt with some fellow N lifers



JaxonH said:


Not a problem> Usually when I start hunting, I hunt all day and night lol. I'll check back on this page and post a room number after the official rooms close, or if I can't get into it.



erv said:

Ok I'm up for it, hr rooms for players that can join anything 8+



BenAV said:

I have my mic set up.
Mostly use my keyboard but nice to have both options available.



MegaWatts said:

I'm nearly ready to go! My NNID is MegaWatts, guys! Looking forward to getting the hunt on!



Kuksenkov said:

My NNID is Roentgen, i'm HR 127 if anybody needs help or just want to kill some jhens. Lol. Nice hunt everyone!



BakaKnight said:

The hunt start earlier than expected @o@;

Okay, time to go and join in some group! My NNID is Ryudaki, let's see if I can join someone or make a room XP



AlbertoC said:

Hey everyone! My brother will be the one playing this time, since i own the 3DS version and lack a WLAN adapter for using the packet forwarding tool. His character's name is Roy, and his HR is just 2, so it's pretty meh. Some patience will be appreciated, OK?



AlbertoC said:

On second thought, forget it. Everyone seems to have a pretty high HR and we will be more a hinderance than a help.



AlbertoC said:

He actually created a room and put a quest up, but as soon as it started everyone disconnected. One of them had "Selene" as hunter name, I don't remember the others.



Anguspuss said:

between central heating dying sick cat & baby with the cold Ive played about 40 minutes since I picked it up



Robin_Aisaga said:

I see all rooms are full already... I'll make one free for all, Password: 1188 My hunters name is Sir Anton, Hope to see soms of you soon!



BenAV said:

It used to be like that a bit for me back in Tri, till I started using an Ethernet cable.



BenAV said:

Looks like we have one slot free again, if anyone else is around.

Room: NLuserHR
Password: 6895



ThomasBW84 said:

Guys, I just flat out can't get onto the MH servers any more, so it looks like I'm out

If anyone wants to use the room id and password for me in the main article, go for it. Just remember its HR5 quests and below.




Tresov said:

@ThomasBW84 Ah so thats what happened. I was wondering where everyone left. It was a lot of fun playing with you guys! Hope we can play again in the future!




A1234 said:

great time playing with CJ, Everly, etc. thanks CJ for all of the tips and the help. first time I cracked open that game. sadly, after I left for the armory it looks like it disconnected the game. I might be back on in a few hours. had great fun. cheers!



Fill-N said:

Samus here. i was disconected at the end of the quest, but i got what i needed. thanx!

that was awesome. it should be at least a monthly event. thanx everyone!



BenAV said:

Got one space open in our room if anyone's still looking to play.



JaxonH said:

To anyone at all who's bummed they couldn't participate today, and is interested in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (Wii U), or only has the offline 3DS version, Amazon just dropped the price on the Wii U version to $21 brand new.

That's a pretty good price, and it's tax-free since it's only fulfilled through Amazon, not sold by them. Free shipping if your order is over $35.



TequilaUK said:

Definitely a successful night of hunting! Thanks guys, was a pleasure. Savage jho had nothing on us! Haha



BenAV said:

So tired now, but was good fun.
Thanks to everyone who did some hunts with me, and look forward to doing this some other time.



PrincessEevee9 said:

Man lotta fun today can't wait to do this again of this becomes a regular event. Good job team and everybody today! !



Ailingforale said:

I'm guessing I missed that this was for the day this was posted... crap... I hope it was fun!



Metal_Slugger said:

Ironically I missed this because I was playing Monster Hunter. Sounds fun plus it might bring more hunters into the fold.



SLiM said:

@Fill-N Glad you were able to make it back and get the loot you needed!

@Yellowgerbil Yeah I would love for this event to be monthly. I enjoyed hunting with fellow NLife members




bezerker99 said:

Such inconvenient times to hunt. What about Tuesday at midnight??? I'll be around then.....



akaDv8R said:

Hi guys and gals. Have had the game since its launch. Have tried getting into it a few times, but it just seems to complex, or I am thick (possibly the latter) lol. If anyone is up for trying to teach a 43 year old how to play, please send me a Friend Request, NNID is: akaDv8R. Hope to speak/play with some of you soon, take care, Mark.



Unit_DTH said:

@akaDv8R I would love to help you, I'm low rank right now, so I'm more than happy to help you get the hang of it. NNID: Unit_DTH
Message me on Miiverse with a time and I will try to be online so we can get you enthusiastic about killing monsters! I'm in the US CST.



BakaKnight said:

@PvtOttobot No worry, lesson learned, never hunt a monster while looking like it, just glad you didn't try to capture me XD

Anyway it was some fun hunting ^^ We were a good 4-hunters team (despite a couple of mistakes >.>; ), and everyone knew well how to beat down those monsters

Just a shame my english is still so weak, I had an harder time keeping up with the chatting then with the hunting itself XP



A1234 said:

the time for this was perfect. weekends are perfect. this was a much better day/time than the one for Mario Kart. luckily I was not working so I was able to make Mario Kart.

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