Monsterhunter3 Wiiu

Some games are more fun when played with others, and just recently we revived the Mario Kart 7 community event, which will return for more laps in the not-too-distant future. Naturally we like a bit of variety in our online multiplayer, however, so we're delighted to confirm the first Nintendo Life Hunting Expedition — it'll be called that until we think of something better — using the rather brilliant Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on Wii U.

As the servers for the game often have some quiet lobbies that can be invaded, both this humble writer and our most powerful Monster Hunter master of the moment, Martin Watts, will set up dedicated rooms to be joined on a first-come-first-served basis; if we can arrange more 'official' rooms, we will. These will be password protected, a useful part of Ultimate's online setup, and the idea will be for the Nintendo Life community to use the dedicated article posted on the day to liaise in the comments and set up additional password-protected rooms to go on the hunt together. Some other eager hunters in the Nintendo Life team, from the past and present, may also pop up for some monster slaying.

So when is this happening? Details of the first two rooms will be posted this coming Saturday 8th February, with the rooms opening at noon Pacific / 3pm Eastern / 8pm UK time / 9pm Central European time. As it's a weekend we've tried to find a time that will suit players from Europe and North America, and the games will go on as long as there are willing hunters. Also remember that the GamePad allows voice chat — so be nice to each other — and we'll target one of the original rooms for those HR6 and below, and another for those that have access to every quest in the game.

Don't forget, too, that Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is currently available at a reduced price from the Wii U eShop in Europe, while it was previously available for $19.99 in North America — please note that the 3DS version only works online using a rather clunky workaround that, nevertheless, requires a Wii U. If you are based in Europe and want to take the plunge, the Wii U version is €35.99 / £29.99 until 6th February, while on 3DS it is €26.99 / £23.99 in the same period.

Full details will be posted this coming Saturday in good time before the rooms open. Will you be joining us on the hunt?