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Level-5 Trademarks Yo-kai Watch in the US

Posted by Tim Latshaw

Watch for monsters

You know youkai? Those strange creatures of Japanese folklore that sometimes masquerade as "raccoons" or "turtles" in certain localized games? Level-5 might be giving these monsters more of their due outside of Japan, if recent trademarks are any indication.

According to Siliconera, Level-5 has trademarked "Yo-Kai Watch" in the United States. This is likely an Anglicization of Youkai Watch, a popular title released in Japan about a boy with a special watch that lets him interact with the titular monsters. Youkai Watch also has its own anime and manga series, with a second game already on the way.

Youkai Watch seems to have a Pokémon aura to it, but also touches of Dragon Quest and even Level-5's own Attack of the Friday Monsters! A Tokyo Tale. With the potential of an Inazuma Eleven title making its way to North America, the possibility of Level-5 also making "Yo-Kai Watch" materialize appears quite hopeful.

Would you be interested in Level-5's cute and spooky world of Japanese monsters? Let us know below!


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Rezalack said:

This is cool and all.. but didn't they trademark Fantasy Life back and April and we've heard nothing of it since? What's happening there? >_<



King47 said:

I've been waiting for this.

Take that Europe!! That's what you get for getting bravely default before us.



Jarod said:

wow so stoked i was sure we'd never see this still waiting on dq7 though baffled as to why thats not even announced for localization yet it looks gorgeous



Gorlokk said:

Awesome! I've been interested in this game since the first article you guys made on this.



Dpullam said:

I have been interested in this game ever since it was first announced. Needless to say, it is high up on my list of games to play. I couldn't be happier about this development.



Henmii said:

Hopefully it's better then the Inazuma eleven game that I played (the first one)! Couldn't get my head around it!

Anyway, I saw the first 2 Youkai watch episodes and it was pretty fun! It's pretty busy though (more then Inazuma) and there doesn't seem to be a real danger (not yet anyway)! But great fun to watch anyway!



Tsuchinoko said:

Ive been a little disappointed with a lot of the demos that have come out here in the past few months, but i can say i found youkai watch to be incredibly fun and charming. Not sure how they would send it to the west sincd its very japanese, but i though it was one of the funnest games ivd played in a while.



BigDaddysPizza said:

The only reason why I know what a Yokai means is because I played Phoenix Wright Dual Destinies. This game looks OK....



Metafalica said:

I would like to see this in the Eu ^^
We got bravely 2 months before u guys get too see it and that ofc is a bit of a shame, but how many games have reached the US and not even been seen in Europe at all on the 3ds and WiiU. The list might not be "that big" but its still alot of em that we in the EU want but can't get due to region lock and other stuff. And yeah ofc u can buy a NA console or handheld but not all can afford it.



Hunter-D said:

Been following this since it's reveal pretty much. Level-5 really hit another winner with Youkai Watch. I mean we could be seeing Inazuma Eleven level popularity within another year or two. It's already doing so well with two manga series and an anime that started a few weeks ago.



TheAdza said:

More level 5 can only be a good thing. I hope it comes to the west regions, along with Fantasy Life. The 3DS will need some big hitters this year to keep up momentum. So far Kirby seems to be the only thing worthwhile coming.



NewUser said:

im not actually interested. Maybe Fantasy life. ... whispers(Dark Cloud 3)(please)



ricklongo said:

Level-5 is awesome, so I'm willing to try pretty much anything they throw at us right now.



Arcamenel said:

I'm not getting my hopes up since they did the same thing with Fantasy Life and I've yet to hear a whisper about it coming stateside.



Specters said:

absolutely loved Attack of the Friday Monsters! so if it has half as much heart than that I'm on board.



Bragoon said:

I'd probably play a demo or read reviews to be sure, but it sounds enjoyable.



BulbasaurusRex said:

@BigDaddysPizza I only know what they are due to looking at some "Inuyasha" fan fics that use the term rather than the localized term of "demon." For example, Inuyasha himself is a half dog youkai, half human hybrid, while Shippo is a fox youkai otherwise known as a kitsune.



Kitsune_Rei said:

I personally like youkai folklore so I'm interested in this. I'm also surprised they didn't re-name it something more like "Monster Watch." Keeping it Yo-kai keeps it as more of a niche title. But maybe it'll be mostly bought by fans either way.

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