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Extended Maintenance On The Way For Pokémon X & Y Servers

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Start your Pokémon Bank rumours now

Server maintenance is nothing new for the Nintendo Network, as it's a weekly occurrence, but there are occasions when it's extended for some extra work. Sometimes that extra downtime leads to no notable changes, while on other occasions it clears the way for new features and updates.

Let the speculation begin, as Nintendo plans extended maintenance that'll cause disruption to the Pokémon X & Y services this coming Monday / Tuesday, depending on your location. It'll cover a six hour window after the standard weekly maintenance of the Wii U, 3DS, Wii and DS online services. Times for North America and Europe are below.

From Monday, January 27, 2014 4:00 PM to Monday, January 27, 2014 10:00 PM Pacific Time (7pm to 01:00 Eastern) / From Tuesday, 28 January 2014 00:00 to Tuesday, 28 January 2014 06:00 UK time (01:00 to 07:00 Central Europe)
Affected Services:
Nintendo 3DS

  • Online Play, Rankings, etc. for Pokémon™ X, Pokémon™ Y

We suspect that most in Europe, due to the timing, won't be impacted a great deal, while some gamers in North America may have some disruption — the times match up across the time zones.

Is this a precursor to Pokémon Bank and Poké Transporter coming to the West, or more measure to counter online cheats, perhaps neither? We should find out in the coming days.


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ningeek185 said:

I hope we finally get Pokemon Bank, because my Pokemon in White 2 are just dying to go meet some of my pals in my X file.



Yoshi said:

Makes sense. It's 6 hours of maintenance beyond the norm. That's quite a bit.



rjejr said:

Are Bank and Transporter 2 separate apps that needs to be DL? Making them available between midnight and 3AM (US) on a school night would certainly slow down the mad rush.

Wait - 4PM - 10PM Pacific isnt 6PM to 12PM Eastern, it's 7PM - 1AM Eastern. Or did aliens kidnap the Rocky Mountains while I was sleeping? (7PM - 1AM also matches up w/ UK midnight to 6AM as that's a 5 hour difference.)



WiiUExposed said:

@rjejr They're 2 separate applications, but since the Transporter imports pokemon into the Bank, you effectively need both.



Yoshi said:

@rjejr it'll most likely be released at the usual time. On a Thursday at 9 AM Pacific. Kids will be at school. So that'll help.



Gioku said:

Start the chant, people!

Pokémon Bank

Pokémon Bank

Pokémon Bank

Pokémon Bank

Pokémon Bank!!!



WingedSnagret said:

After so many fake outs I'm not getting my hopes up too much, but I'll be optimistic nonetheless.



Azooooz said:

I don't have pokemon black, or pokemon white. So the app is literally useless to me.



ThomasBW84 said:

@rjejr Yep, you're right, I only added two hours instead of three for Pacific to Eastern. That's been corrected now.



rjejr said:

@WiiUExposed - Thanks. I was wondering if it was apps or a patch for the game. So I guess whenever these come up they will both need to be manually DL from the eShop. Maybe I'll be a nice dad and DL them while the kids are at school.



_exalt said:

It'd make too much sense for them to release Pokemon Bank on Tuesday -_-



sinalefa said:

Not too interested, since I haven't taken my X online yet. I still need to transfer Pokés from Black 1 to White 2 and viceversa before I take them to the sixth generation.



Jazzer94 said:

Please be for Pokemon Bank I have so many Pokemon that I want to breed and use online.



Obito_Sigma said:

But Japan didn't get maintenance before Pokebank was released, did they? What are they doing to their servers if Pokebank has already been back for Japan...? It's just more excuses to surprise Japan with something like more Shiny Legit Legendaries (like with Genesect) or Virtual Console Pokemon games... Why not if Japan already gets the exclusive Fire Emblem, PC Engine, and millions of other Virtual Console games that have no chance of being localized... because for some reason they are too lazy to translate games that barely have any text....



Gridatttack said:

I hope it comes the day right after that or when the maintenance is finished. We have already waited long enough.



gaby_gabito said:

I have never played Black or White. Should I get either since I've beaten X and Y? What's the difference?



Knuckles said:

According to Pokebank already re-launched last week in Japan. I sent a news tip to NL too.



sonic_brawler95 said:

I'll keep my fingers crossed for at least a Bank/Transporter release date, but I'm not really getting my hopes too high.

I just want all my 'mon on my Y. ;_;



Electricmastro said:

It seems only understandable to assume that Pokemon Bank will be released on Monday since it's already out in parts of Asia.



27914b said:

@gaby_gabito Well the only big thing would be you could collect a few more pokemon and legendary pokemon to trade with. Although I am sure people would still be willing to trade you some pokemon to help with your pokedex or the one pokemon you are really after.



27914b said:

I do hope it is the release but with so many people waiting for it, Nintendo is going to have one HUGE wave of people getting their pokemon across and may freeze the servers. Im glad I get off around 5AM MST. Hopefully I can get my pokemon transferred before a lot of people log on.



2Sang said:

Finally we're getting this. I was hoping for it to happen during winter break, but I guess I can do my poketransferring sometime during spring break.



yokokazuo said:

@NINTENCHIP I don't think you can bring hacked pokemon, I had received a level 100 mew from someone that they had apparently met in Victory road that I think is hacked since it didn't transfer over when I used the app on my Japanese 3DS.



Kmno said:

I really hope the bank is already live next week, I want my event legendaries ready to kick donkey.
Please watch the profanity — TBD



Teaqq2 said:

The Pokémon Global Link starts a maintenance period on the same day. How weird ;P



AlexSora89 said:

Having Pokémon Bank before February would be very nice-o. Having it before next Thursday would be just plain awesome.



NoirUsernameHere said:

My Rayquaza and Giratina tag team in White will be my reward for all the uber japanese teams I'm facing. I will crush every last team I battle online. >:3



AyeHaley said:

@gaby_gabito It has gen 5 pokemon, lots of improvements they've also used in X/Y and is worth playing if you like pokemon and want to collect 'em all. Before X/Y it was the best (most improved) Poké experience to date. (it also has some fun features not found in XY).



DarkNinja9 said:

well if they do bring it out i say its about time jeez but that would mean i get to transfer my shinies,legends,5ivs all that good stuff from like 3rd gen O_O and events!



NintendoMaster said:

Right now Pokemon Bank only works some of the time, even though it's back up in Japan. I have it on my 3DS and have experienced this. They may be working on making the service more stable, but hey, it might also come to the west.



KittenKoder said:

The delay in the bank has lead to me no longer finding interest in the game. Sadly, I lose interest in a specific generation within a few months of completing it, so this was inevitable. However, had the bank been released when it was originally announced it would have delayed my loss in interest.



FrostFlare said:

How much longer must we wait for Pokémon Bank and Poké Transporter? And whatever happened to Flipnote Studio 3D? Iwata may be receiving a "visit" from a certain angry Nintendo fan...



Blacksquad said:

the waiting was painful but to me understandable...the lack of communication was unacceptable it just hurts even more ><
if pokemon bank doesnt pop out right after the maintenance or a day or two then all known profanity in all dead tired of this and I know most people are...some already gave up waiting and lost interest in the game itself. I hope they learned this horrible mistake(which could have been prevented or maybe overlooked) and in the future things like these would be avoided



Windy said:

They have to run servers for these minimal online features? I'm just poking fun in the fact there is no online co-op mode. Don't answer that.



Interneto said:

> Expecting Pokémon Bank today

> No Pokémon Bank today



Blacksquad said:

@Interneto some say expect it on the 31st...I would say forget about it and do something worthwhile -_- i've had enough with this...suffered too much with all these legendaries in battle spot, ridiculous GTS requests, and the showing-off when somebody wants to trade with me >.>

they better give us something more than just a celebi when we DL the application...



Dorpster said:

Lol by the time the download FINALLY comes around, no one is going to care anymore; they'll just do their transferring during the 30-day free trial period and not bother with it anymore, at least until next gen (3rd game will probably still be able to trade in between games). All they're doing right now is digging their own grave financial-wise for an otherwise great app that could have been successful.

I HAD bought an eShop card for the purpose of maintaining funds for it, but IDK if I'll even bother at this point.



liampaulmassey said:

I am sick of waiting to see all 13 of the legendary Pokemon from Soul Silver and Heart Gold (not including Mewtwo) and my shiny Dialga, shiny Palkia and shiny Giratina that are all legal pokemon event gifts and the Red shiny Gyarados I caught and Zekrom and Kyurem I caught on Pokemon Black 2, I went through a lot of game play to get all these and I had to find out who I know has a DS and would let me use there DS to transfer them all on to Pokemon Black 2 this was hard cos I'm 24 and still play Pokemon and I didn't want to get embarrassed so hurry up Nintendo and get Pokemon bank finished and RELEASE IT!

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