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Sat 28th Dec 2013

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Dorpster commented on Extended Maintenance On The Way For Pokémon X...:

Lol by the time the download FINALLY comes around, no one is going to care anymore; they'll just do their transferring during the 30-day free trial period and not bother with it anymore, at least until next gen (3rd game will probably still be able to trade in between games). All they're doing right now is digging their own grave financial-wise for an otherwise great app that could have been successful.

I HAD bought an eShop card for the purpose of maintaining funds for it, but IDK if I'll even bother at this point.



Dorpster commented on Pokémon Bank Withdrawn From 3DS eShop in Japa...:

@battleroyalefan- To be honest, I don't see why it would be such a 'surprise' especially when they're now REQUIRING the use of a Nintendo ID to even view the eShop and download apps/demos/games. Seems like common sense to me, really.

@Devilbro- I whole-heartedly agree. Some seem to forget that there is SKILL and STRATEGY involved. Wrong though about the transferred 'mons being allowed in Wi-fi though; they only can't be used in VGC. So Battle Spot is still open to that.

I have to say I am grateful that at least eShop if functioning properly and those who need the latest patch can download it and access the online features.

Something tells me too that releasing Bank so close tho Christmas still want the best move ever; might have been a little more manageable if it was moved to January in the first place.

IMO they should re-release the bank for download at some random, unannounced time so there's a slightly less chance of people flooding eshop again.