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Atlus is Bringing Conception II to Europe as a Download-Only Title

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

A turn up for the books

Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars looks to be, like its predecessor, a rather peculiar game. Yet for those that like their localised Japanese titles to be slightly off-the-wall, the Atlus release in North America on 15th April can't come soon enough. In a surprising move, however, Atlus is breaking with convention and stepping into Europe itself, rather than relying on third-parties, confirming the 3DS and Vita title as a download-only release on the way in Q2.

North America will get a physical release that includes a CD but, considering the recent record of localised Japanese games in Europe, an eShop-only release is certainly better than nothing. For those seeking a change of pace, this might fit the bill; we'll let Atlus highlight the quirkiness of this title, with an excerpt from the press release below.

In Conception II players are "God's Gift" - a human teenager bestowed with the blessings of the Star God with power levels that are off the charts. His Ether is the only thing in the world that allows him and his fellow classmates to enter and fight the evil contained within Dusk Circles - monster-filled labyrinths that threaten human existence. To aid him in labyrinths, his power allows him to create Star Children. But only by maintaining relationships with the game's heroines will players be able to create an army of better, stronger, faster Star Children with suitable elemental powers. The complex elements of managing relationships are only matched by the intricate combat systems, where positioning, attack chains, and combos are vital for survival.

Not a typical off-the-shelf game, then. What do you think of this news, European gamers? Check out the trailer below and let us know.

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unrandomsam said:

Not that surprising. (I wouldn't have been surprised if it had a physical release as well. Sega already has the means to do that sort of thing already).



WYLD-WOO said:

This makes me forget the name of another Atlus title still awaiting a EU release.



Frank90 said:

I feel sorry for Europe. Like I felt for us with Senran Kagura Burst, and Bravely Deafault (collector's edition without the figurine).
I think that's better than nothing but I hate digital only stuff



Great_Gonzalez said:

Not happy with this.. Nothing against this game (I will probably get it) but how can they justify releasing this and not RF 4 I know it's not atlus's game i'm just talking in general



Jazzer94 said:

@Frank90 Trust me for the price they were charging in the UK for the Bravery Default collectors edition (£90/$148) it wasn't worth it at all.



FaulPern said:

Atlus must be displeased with their releases in Europe, still no Etrian Odyssey: Untold or SMT IV release dates and the Ghostlight mishap with SMT:Devil Survivor Overclocked.

I hope this means we can expect dates for those games and maybe a bugfix release for SMT:DS, either from them, or from Nintendo or NISA.



Chomposaur said:

this is revenge for US users not getting a physical release for Senran Kagura lol ..

Ah .. what a shame i do like to have physical versions of games when it comes to Nintendo platforms



WYLD-WOO said:

I`m as upset about RF4 as you. I sent emails to publishers like GHOSTLIGHT, asking if they would pick up the rights for the EU release, following a post I saw on here by the legend of @mch



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Damn, I was hoping for physical, but it seems like ATLUS still has issues with publishing here in europe.
Oh well, better than nothing, that I admit.

EDIT: wow, that song was awful...



Expa0 said:

That's random of you Atlus, I might consider getting it just to show my approval for Atlus being nice to Europeans for once.

Also, that other Atlus game.



WiiLovePeace said:

Sounds like fun! I'm happy we're getting the game, hopefully they don't try to charge us full retail price & instead sell it to us at a cheaper price (like with Phoenix Wright: DD). I probably would've downloaded it anyway so it's all good in my book.



jpfan1989 said:

I have heard this game described as you play as a super high school student jesus and you have to get your female disciples preggers to fight demons... interesting



Bender said:

Well, it's an Atlus published JRPG, and looks to have some awesome combat and animations, so I'll definitely pick this up as I patiently await Persona Q... I'll probably go Digital, all I gotta do is wait for the US release xD



FX102A said:

Already preordered the 3DS & Vita Day 1 editions from the States, but may pick this up when its goes on sale.

Now had it been a physical release, I may have bought it on release. Pity, I thought NIS America was handling Atlus European releases.



marck13 said:

I felt the same as you stated in your original post here.. This game here (Conception II) looks fine, but why the heck doesn't then anyone bring Rune Factory 4 to Europe.
Maybe you like to check out this in the forum:
As WYLD-WOO mentioned above, I wrote Ghostlight and Marvelous AQL Europe on their contact forms on their websites. Let them know you want the game too. I guess it's kind of all we can do ..then we wait and hope



Doma said:

Wouldn't make any sense to buy this on the 3DS anyway, if there's a Vita version.



SSBMarioFan said:

So the Japanese and American versions are retail only but the European version is download only? I don't get it.....



readyletsgo said:

I would be interested to dip my toe into a game like this, but I would think it's gonna be €44.99 on the eshop, so, sorry Atlus.

€15 and I'd buy it day one to see what it's all about



Bender said:

If it's digital, it'll probably be around $30-35.... I will gladly pay 40 for it though.



Shambo said:

Senran Kagura ain't even out yet, and there's the revenge. Not that it was needed, for so many games completely skip Europe...



edhe said:

THIS is the benefit of downloadable games. Because let's be honest - a game like this isn't going to light up the charts.

I'd be happy to forgo a physical release (and all it's benefits) if it means being able to play the game at all. Then again, if Nintendo were only to remove the 3DS's archaic region lock, I'd have been able to import this anyway.

I'm pleased Atlus is bringing the game to Europe personally - I hope we get to see many more of their games in the future (although I hope they aren't all digital only).



andreoni79 said:

Good news to me, even if I always choose retail when possible. At this point, we can hope at least for the digital version of SMT IV. However, they shouldn't milk us asking € 40, or I'll wait for some of their usual (in NA) sales...



Manaphy2007 said:

im glad i live in the usa but sometimes im not when it comes to games that dont reach usa shores or gets a digital only (im looking at you senran kagura, fun game though), i pre-ordered mine so i get the collectors edition, did the same with bravely default. btw it sucks that certain devs (glares at SE) bring games to the world but n.america, then hears their pleas and gives in and finally get it but dead last. better late than never.



Vader_MIB said:

Too bad... Another one I won't buy, just like Phoenix Wright Dual Destinies. I'm really sad but they won't have my money on this.



Starwolf_UK said:

I wonder what the price will be. Will Atlus gouge us? When sales happen will the European price also go down since its the same publisher (Atlus stuff goes on sale a lot on the US eShop). I do wonder why they're doing this but my only guess is they couldn't find a publisher or assumed nobody would want it.

@FaulPern The SMT: DS bugfix came out months ago (back in May). Meanwhile we still wait for anything on Virtue's last reward (saving in some locations corrupts your save, mainly puzzle rooms) and Blazblue (sleep mode does not work, it drains battery as if it is awake)..



Giygas_95 said:

@Doma That is, if you have a Vita. According to this, at the time of writing there were about six times more 3DS systems sold than the Vita. That opens it up to a wider audience.

Plus those Vita memory cards are expensive.

Edit: Actually those numbers went up quite a bit for the Vita at least in the UK after the PS4's launch.

Still, a wider audience never hurts.

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