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Rumour: Nintendo Set To Rename The Wii U Facebook Page

Posted by Andy Green

It'll soon be known as "Nintendo Console Gaming"

Earlier today we reported that the 3DS Facebook page would be getting a name change after several people received emails from the social network telling them that from 19th September it would be known as "Nintendo Handheld Gaming".

Well, it appears Nintendo has also decided to go down the same route with the home console products too, as many people are now finding emails from Facebook declaring the Wii U page will be changing to "Nintendo Console Gaming" on 20th September.

Here's an image taken from the email in question:

The move is likely to raise a few eyebrows, but this at least means Nintendo can have two distinct presences on Facebook. The handheld side and the home console segment. With a variety of consoles on the market, it's a good idea to group them into the two categories.

Nintendo has several country-specific Wii U pages on Facebook and it's not known whether these will change their names as well or stay as they are. We'll update this article once we find out.

While there is plenty of evidence suggesting this name change will go ahead, these emails have come from Facebook and not Nintendo and can only be deemed as a rumour for now.

What are your thoughts on the renaming of the two Facebook pages? Let us know in the comment section below.

Thanks to Madison and Robert Copeland and PhillaLoup for the tip!

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Jstar269 said:

It says Septembarrr. Seems legit. (EDIT: Now says September.) Anyone know why they are changing this? Maybe the Wii page is combining with Wii U? Or maybe a new console is already being made? (Highly doubt it)



crumpledpapyrus said:

@Jstar269 We're not sure what Facebook is doing there... I've changed it to a better image. We've had a few people send in the email so it looks like this is set to happen...



evanescent_hero said:

If it was Septembarrr, whoever took the image likely had their Facebook set to Pirate English. That's what mine was when I still had Facebook.



Urbanhispanic said:

Yep...I got the email from Facebook and just saw it. I look forward to seeing retro pics on some of their greatest consoles.



rjejr said:

With the 2DS coming out the "handheld" gaming page name makes sense, not sure how I feel about this change though. Might as well just change it all to "Nintendo Gaming" and be done w/ it. Has Facebook started charging companies more for each page they have?



jpfan1989 said:

Admins may get some false reports, browsing via smart phone i accidentally triggered the Report icon a few times.



cookiex said:

Why need to set a date just to rename a page? I haven't used Facebook, but isn't that a thing you can do in like five seconds?



sleepinglion said:

@ FJOJR I've always wanted to see Nintendo release an anniversary edition of the original NES only with HDMI or component out and the ability to use carts and original controllers. It would be sweet... but sadly that usually happens years AFTER a company is no longer making consoles (like the Atari and Sega Genesis plug and plays).



OdnetninAges said:

I just received an e-mail saying that the 'Nintendo DS' (NOT 3DS) Facebook page is changing to 'Nintendo Handheld Gaming' as well.

That's 3 pages that are changing. I'm guessing that the 3DS and DS ones are merging together into the handheld page, but I didn't know that was even possible to do with pages on Facebook.



SphericalCrusher said:

Not that big of a deal, but cool nonetheless since WiiU and 3DS channels post more news than their set platforms.



WiiLovePeace said:

@Zaphod_Beeblebrox no it doesn't haha. The Nintendo Wii & Nintendo Wii U facebook pages are combining to become "Nintendo Console Gaming". The Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSi & Nintendo 3DS pages are changing to become "Nintendo Handheld Gaming". That's all.



Marioman64 said:

reminds me of how (this site) and wiiware i forget the site's name merged into nintendolife, and that worked really well



Mytoemytoe said:


I say more confusion!!!

Nintendo Game Console
Nintendo Portable
Nintendo Portable 3D
Nintendo Portable 3D XL

I like it! And it keeps Nintendo's strange fixations intact. "Nintendo P." And they could advertise the P with the fluffy P that the Princess gives you in SMB3.



Jaz007 said:

I got an E-mail saying they were changing the Wii U Facebook page to this too. I guess I'd rather they kept it Wii U a bit (I'm that much of a change person too) as if rather just get Wii U updates and no Wii updates. Overall it doesn't really bother me or matter to me that much



MathRaph said:

That's a smart move. Every person who's going to "like" this because they loved their nes or snes or else will now have Wii U advertising on their feed.



epicguy500 said:

you know what the miss spell from the picture back then looked like it was a fake this is kind of confuseing



ShortSleevedNook said:

I hope these pages feature some of the retro stuff! GBA, GameCube, NES, N64, that would be a pretty awesome page!



grenworthshero said:

Well this is stupid. What if you're a fan of the WiiU but not the Nintendo 64 or something? Isn't that the whole point in liking the page titled "WiiU" rather than just liking "Nintendo"?



Technosphile said:

So on the biggest social media site, Nintendo is eliminating the brand name of its failing console, which desperately needs name recognition with the general public. In its place will be a page with a name no soccer mom would ever search in a thousand million years.




FabioSMASH said:

Say what you will, Nintendo, but that Wii U name is death (and I'm pretty sure you know it).



AntiGuy said:

It's happening, Nintendo is making a new Wii U version, it'll have a similar yet different name that will help people know it is a FREAKING different console.



SocksandSocks said:

Rename the system Wii 2! and roll out comercials with smart cars to increase sales!!! Tell me I'm wrong.

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