Nintendo is renaming the Nintendo 3DS Facebook page, according to an email sent from the social network to a selection of people who like the page.

When Facebook pages change their names, an email is sent out by the social network to inform people of the change. Nintendo hasn't made any official announcement but a NeoGAF member has received an update telling them about the upcoming tweak as has our member, rjejr.

The new name will be "Nintendo Handheld Gaming" and the change will take place on 19th September. There has been no official word on the reason behind the modification, though it is likely because of the imminent release of the 2DS on 12th October.

As a result, all of Nintendo's handhelds can be found under one roof on Facebook, allowing the company to share updates, photos and promotions on the 3DS, 3DS XL and 2DS.

Nintendo has confirmed the DS remains in production and the system's Facebook page is still posting updates. It is not known if posts on the DS will move to the newly named Nintendo Handheld Gaming or if it will retain its own Facebook presence.

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