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Exclusive: New Instalment in SteamWorld Series Under Development for the 3DS eShop

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Brjann Sigurgeirsson spills the beans to us

SteamWorld Dig, since its release on the 3DS eShop, has gradually matched critical acclaim with greater awareness and success on the platform. It's certainly a title that's captured the imagination of many regular 3DS eShop regulars, picking up plenty of positive word of mouth.

We've spoken in detail to Image & Form's Brjann Sigurgeirsson during this year's Eurogamer Expo, and in a video interview to be published in the coming week he shares his views on the eShop market, his perspective of other platforms such as iOS and the genesis and development of the game itself. What's been evident is the overwhelmingly positive reaction to game has garnered from 3DS owners, with Sigurgeirsson often stopped on the show floor by appreciative fans. In good news for those that have enjoyed SteamWorld Dig, the developer has confirmed to us that work is underway on a new 3DS eShop instalment in the SteamWorld Dig series.

We've come quite far developing the next game in the SteamWorld series, and we're waiting for the right moment to announce more details.

Once we have more information to share we'll be sure to keep you all updated on Nintendo Life.

As you can see, further details are under wraps for now, yet it's certainly a boost for the platform to know that it's in the works. Keep your eyes peeled for the full interview on Nintendo Life in the coming week, but in the meantime let us know what you'd like to see in the next SteamWorld title.

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brandonbwii said:

In an interview on another site, it was said that it was in a different genre, not a direct sequel to Steamworld Dig.



Philip_J_Reed said:

Finally picked up the original last night. Haven't played it yet, but I'm looking forward to it. I've heard nothing but good things.



Player4 said:

So, uhm.. How do you pronounce his name? On topic: Great news! If it's as good as the first one, I'll definitely buy it.. Eventually.



EvilLucario said:

Thomas, "instalment" is misspelled.

This should be an interesting game to look at, by the way.



ricklongo said:

Excellent news! Here's hoping we get more bosses (and possibly a couple extra worlds) this time.



CazTheGamerGuy said:

Considering how great SteamWorld Dig was, i'm really curious to see how they'll follow it up. Will it be a similar style game that takes place after the original a la Metroid II or a completely different genre like it was for its predecessor (SteamWorld Tower Defense)?



Chris720 said:

Already? Wow, that's pretty cool to be honest. Can't wait to see that, if it's any better than Steamworld Dig was, then this will be high on my to buy list.



XFsWorld said:

Wow anothrr one ready, I need to hurry and download the original before the new comes out.



Usagi-san said:

(possible spoiler alert)

I hope it's about Dorothy looking for Rusty. At the end of the game I felt like they were implying a sequel with her.



cyrus_zuo said:

The quote doesn't actually use the word "dig" and based on his past comments, I expect the gameplay to be totally different.
I strongly recommend Dig BTW, fantastic game.



imageform said:

Thanks for chatting face to face yesterday, Tom - and for the speedy publishing of this news item! Actually the headline is a tad misleading: it should read " SteamWorld series" and not " SteamWorld Dig series"... Small bit big difference, the next SteamWorld game will be a bit different from Dig.
@Player4: first name is pronounced "Briaoudn" - of course! ;D



EverythingAmiibo said:

Ah, the man himself beats me too it. I was going to add as well: "New Instalment in SteamWorld Dig" is definitely misleading, I had just finished reading the ONM article (in my 100th issue subs. special ;} ) and then saw this and thought that the new title had been confirmed to be in the dig series. @imageform Can't wait to get the game, I'm going on an eshop catchup spree soon, I just need a little money!



AvoidingMyVoid said:

This game is a masterpiece, it's fun, addictive and challenging at the same time. Would love to try the next title soon!



JJtheTexan said:

@imageform I cannot tell you how much I LOVED SteamWorld Dig! I could NOT put it down. I realize your next game won't be a direct sequel, but if you ever make one (we have GOT to settle that cliffhanger ending, after all!), I would love to see a "bigger" game - I burned through SWD in about 7 hours! Don't get me wrong - it was a great value and worth every penny, and I do expect I'll play it again. I just really wanted more!

At any rate, for the next game, I'm curious to learn more of the SteamWorld backstory — what happened to all the humans that forced them underground? Who built the first steambots that apparently became autonomous? How do they avoid rust? How does a steambot have an uncle, anyway???

Keep up the great work!!!



imageform said:

@JJtheTexan I think you nailed most of what we want to see in the sequel - WHEN we make it! Longer, more backstory... and more bosses, perhaps?



Dpishere said:

Have yet to play Steamworld Dig, though what I have seen of it definitely makes it on my wish list.

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