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We’re a video game development studio made up of more than a dozen childishly creative people in Gothenburg, Sweden. We’ve been at it since 1997, and are more productive than ever. We are just about to wrap up SteamWorld Heist. Our most recently released games are SteamWorld Dig and Anthill.

Fri 12th Apr 2013

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imageform commented on Gallery: Image & Form Shows Off More SteamWorl...:

@Konda yo! Thanks for the love. I'll reply in English so more people can read it. I hope that's OK

No demo. It would mean delaying the game for us to make a separate demo/preview release. We might consider it for future titles, though. But not this time.

The game has five different difficulty settings ranging from casual to extremely challenging. The higher difficulty levels require a lot of strategic thinking. Especially when it comes to building your team, equipping them with weapons and upgrades, using their unique abilities in battle as well as analyzing your opponents' weaknesses.

Playtime is ranging between 20 to 25 hours on a normal playthrough. But you can easily play for 30+ hours if you want to experience everything the game has to offer



imageform commented on Hands On: Reaching the Depths of Space in Stea...:

@Spoony_Tech We'll gladly slam in from the side again like we did with Dig. I think word of mouth will sure help, but also great review scores. Time will tell, like you said, and we can't wait.
@holygeez03 That one's pretty easy to explain: we don't have one yet. You guys will be among the first to know.
@daggdroppen Don't worry, we won't have spent two years on making a boring game. Since you're a fellow Swede, please drop by the office and see for yourself. We'll throw in a free cup of coffee, so you'll definitely get value for your €1.
Toodles everyone!



imageform commented on Super Nindie Maker: Image & Form's Ghostly Mus...:

I played it and enjoyed it. The different paths were very varied. Sadly I didn't get to finish it, will have to give it another try later.

I really liked how you give the player new mushrooms every now and then. Many people chose not to, but I think in a level with this much enemies that's really the way to do it.

The hidden blocks were nicely prodded at with the coins, which made them possible to find (but not too obvious).

What I had most problems with was the ghost-bumpy-ride was a . It was a super fun idea but perhaps a little bit too hard. That was something new for me and I was not sure how the boos would control the flying machine. That combined with like 20 small boos chasing me it felt much more harder than what I had encountered earlier on the stage. Like a little too big step in difficulty. Or I just suck at flying with boos I killed all the small boos with the star but never managed to bump my way to the switch/door.

Overall you absolutely caught the things I enjoyed in the original ghost houses. Multiple doors for you to choose from. Some with exits in the air which makes them 1-way-exits. That's really nice. Also I might have much left, not sure. Because it's a ghost house ;D

Will try to get some more time for this after work (y)



imageform commented on Super Nindie Maker: Image & Form's Ghostly Mus...:

While it was fun to play I consider it to be a bit too harsh against the player
Not in just being difficult, thats ok to be. But the first flowers are deadly without the player having a chance at avoiding them. At least not in their first run. So they will probably instantly die, and then they will ask themself if it's worth another try.

And I think that even on hard levels you as a creator has to think "How can I make the player want to replay this level after they die?"
I'ts really hard. I avoided that question and made my level super easy instead. But If you're to make a hard one I think it's a good idea to inform the player about the threats before they die.

The rest of the map had less surprise deaths and that was way more enjoyable for me. Perhaps a good idea to throw in a mushroom somewhat early?

Just my thoughts, do what you want with them ;P



imageform commented on Super Nindie Maker: Image & Form's Ghostly Mus...:

Mawnsson here, but on validated account.
Don't feel bad, you had valid points! And I take them into consideration until next time
Played your level, it was daunting at first but I managed to find my way around after a while. Left comment in-game

But I have to admit I cheated on my first clear. I managed to grab the first mushroom while still crouching in the 1-block-tunnel, and then crawl my way back to break the brick.

Fun and challenging. Nice tease at the beginning with the yellow block. My favourite area of the level was the one where you had to follow the shell down the "maze" of yellow blocks rather quickly, because you can't break them yourself when you are small Mario.



imageform commented on Super Nindie Maker: Image & Form's Ghostly Mus...:

Hi, @mawnsson here, from official account. Got trouble posting from my own.

Played your level and left comment in-game
Spent alot of deaths on exploring, not sure I found all secrets though. Will have to take another look on that one. I liked the slow and steady increase in difficulty that ended with some extra interesting enemies. Nice one



imageform commented on Game of the Year: Nintendo Life's Staff Awards...:

So, our SteamWorld Dig almost becomes 3DS eShop GOTY - beaten by brilliant Harmoknight by two votes. Do you think we're dejected that the first effort on the 3DS from a small studio in rainy, windy Gothenburg, a game that has taken the Nintendo world entirely by surprise, doesn't win? Think again. We HAVE won, and you, the most marvelous community we will come across, made it happen.
These are the greatest people on the planet: lead designer Olle Håkansson, art director Tobias Nilsson, project manager Marco Podda, programmers Ola Frid, Tobias Lilja, Sebastian Strand and Ulf Hartelius, artists Björn Håkansson, Peter Broqvist, Agnieszka Mikucka and Jakob Wahlberg. Stand up straight, guys and girl - it's a thunderous achievement.



imageform commented on SteamWorld Dig Coming to PC, But Follow-Up Wil...:

@Kilroy A fabulous way of putting it. Getting your game onto Steam without the excruciating wait of the Greenlight process is reserved for exceptional games, and we can't afford to pass it up. It'll give us even better resources for the next games in the SteamWorld series. And we don't forget who carried us into the limelight.



imageform commented on Are You Fast Enough to Enter the SteamWorld Di...:

This is what the current SteamWorld Dig Perfect Run Contest leader Matt Foley writes on our Facebook page:
"Portable teleports certainly help ;D Also: delaying buying stuff until drill upgrades are available is a big boost, as well as not investing in the internal furnace upgrades or ladders/lanterns. I pretty much took my 36 minute run and tacked on an extra 40 minutes of collecting."

Now, a guy that can speedrun SWD in 36 minutes obviously has something else up his sleeve...



imageform commented on Are You Fast Enough to Enter the SteamWorld Di...:

@LordGeovanni You should look up this guy Matt "Soup" Foley on the SteamWorld Dig page on Facebook (, he's the current leader - check with him if he'll share a tip or two! I doubt that we will create DLC for SteamWorld Dig, we have a hard time thinking up useful stuff. When we ever get around to making the SteamWorld Dig sequel, I'm sure we'll make it quite a bit longer.



imageform commented on Are You Fast Enough to Enter the SteamWorld Di...:

@unrandomsam Hi there! The stats are showing on the bottom screen after the last cutscene, while "Altered Rusty" is running endlessly through the desert night on the top screen... Had we been less of a rookie dev we would have thought up a way for you to access the stats after this, but it's only displayed there until you click it away. But it should stay on the screen while he's running. Fun to read your comments, and happy that so many are like me - I also enjoy the exploration more than the speed! As for what the next SteamWorld game will entail... I guess we'll tell the winner of the contest first, won't we? ;D



imageform commented on SteamWorld Dig:

@ted-k Thanks a lot! The next one won't be the same type of gameplay, but we'll make sure it's long enough - and hopefully we can have different difficulty settings through easy means as the one you're suggesting. Happy gaming!



imageform commented on Review: SteamWorld Dig (3DS eShop):

@njechranjec Glad to hear you enjoyed it so much! We just love to hear stories like yours. Some people are hesitant, not knowing if the game is for them, and then they decide to try it out - and instantly fall in love! So in essence: everyone should try out SteamWorld Dig, because the game is for everyone.