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Pikmin 3 Shifts Slightly More Copies Than The Original in First Week in Japan

Posted by Andy Green

Naturally, it sold less than Pikmin 2

Pikmin 3 was released in Japan last week and new data from Media Create has shown it has sold a respectable number of copies.

The folks at Siliconera have put together a little comparison chart showing how the third game in the series sold in relation to its two predecessors.

As we know, Pikmin 3 sold 92,720 copies in its first week of release, which is more than Pikmin managed in 2001. The full chart is below, with the sell-through percentages in the parentheses:

Pikmin – First week: 90,000 (54.9%)
Pikmin 2 – First week: 160,000 (48.4%)
Pikmin 3 – First week: 92,720 (48.45%)

As you can see Pikmin 2 sold much more than Pikmin and Pikmin 3 in its first week, although this isn't really the best comparison because of the relative install bases. Pikmin was released just over a month into the GameCube's life and naturally sold less than Pikmin 2, which emerged in 2004. In fact the original game ended up selling 549,000 copies overall, which is more than the 484,000 Pikmin 2 managed.

With Pikmin 3 coming out at the beginning of the Wii U's life cycle these figures seem about right - there's no way it could have realistically topped the sales of Pikmin 2 as the install base is much lower.

What's your take on these figures? Let us know in the comment section below.


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Kirk said:

Not too shabby.

It will be interesting to see how it's sold a few months down the line...



WiiLovePeace said:

Not forgetting this doesn't include any numbers for Pikmin 3 downloads, so the number should be a bit higher. Also Pikmin 1 was released on a Friday, so it sold 90,000 across 3 days whereas Pikmin 3 sold 92,720 over 2 days. Also, Pikmin 2 was sold on a Thursday so it sold 160,000 across 4 days, just fyi.

I hope it sells lots & lots since it's a great series of games that definitely deserves lots of attention. I'll be downloading it around the time of my bday later this year for that sweet 30% off The Wonderful 101 deal



Gold_Ranger said:

I didn't really play more than 30 minutes into the first one, but from what I could tell, I didn't like it. Should I try the 3rd one?



ScorpionMG said:

im not sure, but i think this is wrong, pikmin 3 sold 92k in 2 days, and they didnt count digital versions so we assume it sold 100k+ in the 1st 2 days.



Inev said:

The Pikmin 3 numbers do not represent a full week of sales. Media Crate's sales info came out under a week after the game's release.



DerpSandwich said:

My dream: Every Pikmin game sells five million copies and Nintendo showers us with sequels on every platform, a la Mario. Siiiggghhh...



MussakkuLaden said:

I'd say that irrespective of the overall success of the WiiU, Pikmin 3 could very well surpass the sales of its predecessors. It certainly seems more refined and more extensive than the original, which at its time was a completely new franchise, whereas Pikmin 3 – due to the lack of other great titles – received a great lot of attention in the past months. But perhaps even more importantly, Nintendo's release and sequel policy has changed since the GCN era. Whereas Pikmin 1 received its straightforward sequel rather early and at least as far as sales were concerned was thereupon quickly forgotten, experience from the Wii era tells us that Pikmin 3 might very well remain the series' only installment on the Wii U while enjoying promotion and some degree of constant sales for years.



Samurairu said:

I'm not here to crunch numbers, I'm hear to play games and will be playing this game on Aug 4th!



NintendoPro64 said:

Ok, first of all, I thought it was stated somewhere that it did 102k in it's first two days.

Second of all that may not be the best comparison. Pikmin 1 and 2 had more days for their first week than Pikmin 3. Another thing to keep in mind is that Wii U offers the option of downloading games. Considering how Capcom showed us that Japanese gamers aren't afraid to download more than do retail in some cases:

and how Nintendo has given gamers in Japan incentive download the game first week over retail, it also likely sold a lot digitally too. Considering how it's bringing a drought to an end, it wouldn't be crazy to say it sold 20,000 on eShop for those two days.

Now moving forward, I am a HUGE Pikmin fan with the series capturing my imagination when I was 9 with Pikmin 2. And I can fairly confidently say that Pikmin 3 is set to be the best selling title in franchise, at least in Japan, for several reasons:

1. Like the first Pikmin, it's coming out at the begining of the console's life, but doesn't have the burden of being a new IP.
2. It's the first title to end the drought so many owners are snapping it up and it's even encouraging some sales.
3. The Wii U is bound to do better than the Gamecube in Japan (I'm confident it'll do much better in general, but just to accommodate the skeptics) because the PS4 won't be nearly as Japanese game focused as the PS2 was and while the Wii U is just as Japanese accommodative as Nintendo has always been and as bigger stuff comes like Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze and Super Mario 3D World, Pikmin will be able to tag along in the momentum boost. It also helps that the Wii U doesn't have the same bad, niche stigma around it that Gamecube had.
4. The series will be looked into by old Nintendo fans who skipped Gamecube and new ones who joined after thanks to the increase in exposure the series got from Wii.
5. It'll be on eShop so it can keep selling even if its print run is ended.

All this in mind, I am confident Pikmin 3 do well!



Exile20 said:

Those Pikmin 3 numbers are from 2 days of sales. The Pikmin and Pikmin 2 had more days in the first week. Plus downloading online was not an option for the first two either.

Such a horrible comparison.



sinalefa said:


It is hard to judge a game by playing only 30 minutes of it. I guess you could only get the Red Pikmin, so of course it will be more limited than getting the other two and seeing the possibilities of electric and water Pikmin. And this one, like the second one, has 5 different types. Any special reason why you did not like it?

I would say, rent if you can and then judge. But be sure to play more than 30 minutes this time



Emblem said:

Sorry but this article is inaccurate as is the source article. This is not the first weeks sales, it also does not take into account digital sales.



JaxonH said:

I've gotta stop worrying about Nintendo's welfare in the global market and just play the great games coming our way. Besides, Nintendo will be fine, the Wii U will be fine. In 20 plus years of gaming I've yet to see a mainstream Nintendo home console or handheld completely fail, and I probably never will. The games are just too good and are too attractive to consumers for that to ever happen. I don't care how bad the Wii U is doing at the moment- given a full spread of Ninteno's best games and some proper advertising, it'll be just fine, like always. Pikmin 3 is evidence of that. Sales repeat themselves, so expect a pretty huge migration to the console when Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, Mario 3D World, Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros 4 hit the shelves. People are drawn to these games to an extent that I have yet to see anywhere else in the gaming industry.



LuigiTheGreenFire said:

Not shabby. However, due to this only being the third Pikmin game, it would take some extremely aggressive marketing and fantastic word of mouth to make this game move consoles.

I think the Wii U could do fine this holiday. A price cut could definitely help. Why should a general consumer buy a Wii U for $300 or $350 when they can get a Playstation 4 for $400?

Personally, I think the Wii U will start to take off in 2014, as Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart move consoles extremely well.



NintendoPro64 said:


I agree in that a price cut would get people off the fence and Mario Kart and Smash Bros will make sales skyrocket (though I think the games this holiday will do that too). I also agree in that Pikmin 3 by itself won't "save" the Wii U. But as for that PS4 statement, I don't think it'll be that straightforward. Here are things to consider.

1. This console has virtually NO Japanese content in the pipeline. The only 2 significant Japanese games that have been announced at the moment are FF15 and KH3 and who knows when those will launch. Nintnedo will likely have ton of Japanese style games by the time either of those hit the market. I actually predict that PS4 will have less market share in Japan than PS3. The fact that it has 4 in the name won't help. (It means death)

2. Why would the general consumer get a PS4 when they could get a PS3? The PS4 is being set up to get cannibalized BIG time. Sony is still rolling out sweet bundles for the PS3 and that console keeps getting good games.I mean Sony's releasing Gran Turismo 6 on it for crying out loud! Drive Club is gonna get mossed I tell you. Meanwhile, Knack just looks...awful. Just like Wii U, PS4 is loaded with ports for current gen systems. It also doesn't help that PS4's multiplayer will be monetized. If all you care about is playing Call of Duty and other games online, why rush to get a new console that will make you pay for it? Especially if you bought the PS3 for free online? Right now, Sony only has like 7 exclusives annnounced for the PS4's launch months.

3. One thing many seem to overlook is how distinguished Wii U's library will be from its competition. Part of why PS1 and PS2 beat N64 and Gamecube so badly was because those consoles catered to EVERYONE. You had everything from 3D platformers to shooters. But with this gen, third parties seemed to left old school genres in the dust. But as the Wii and 3DS proved/is proving, many people still like these games. Wii U is set to have lineup that caters more to people who aren't fond of types of games that flooded PS360 and are already flooding their successors. While PS4 and Xbox One duke it out, Wii U will have chance to sweep in areas practically NO ONE else is touching. Wii U will also be the most attractive home console to families who actually don't want their kids yelling into mics when they shoot someone's head off. What this article says basically:

I am not saying that the PS4 isn't a threat. But overall, I don't think the Wii U is at as huge a disadvantage as many people think.



Dpishere said:

I enjoyed playing Pikmin 2 for the Wii and am very much looking forward to getting Pikmin 3 for the Wii U. Now the only thing I have to do is actually get one! The game is looking to top Pikmin 2 from what I have seen so far, and even if it doesn't turn out to be a system seller it is sure to be a game fans will love!



R_Champ said:


Good read. So many people on the internet seem to be pushing PS4 like it's gaming's answer to everything when in all reality it's not much of a step up from a PS3. PS3 had the exact same problem competing with PS2, and that was BEFORE you had to pay for online and didn't get the Blu-Ray upgrade (noted that the price was way higher though).

Nintendo made a mistake by not having more games ready at the gate, but is making good steps towards welcoming in all the outcast genres fleeing from the shooter and high-graphics slosh on other systems (how many Japanese devs have the money to put out games with graphics like FF XV and Killzone? Not a lot). If by some chance Nintendo does buy Atlus...I probably won't be touching any other systems besides my Wii U and 3DS until MUCH later in the competition's life span when I can get it for $200 bundled with Battlefront 3.

LOL, and yeah, 4 is an unlucky number in Japan. I wonder if they are gonna write "Yon" right on the box to avoid superstition with "Shi".



Araknie said:

This week in europe, i will burst with joy from the inside.

It's been 5 years and finally i can give once again love to the already proclamed amazing, in Japan, Pikmin 3!

Effing finally.



rjejr said:

Any numbers for the NPC Pikmin games on the Wii? I'm sure they weren't stellar as they were basically just ports, but the game was better to play and a lot more people owned Wiis than Gamecubes (Well maybe not in Japan). NPC Pikmin 2 released for $19.99 in the states. I bought both on the Gamecube and both on the Wii. I still like the first 1 a whole lot more, caves sucked, hence waiting for the review tomorrow. I'm guessing 8/10 (I have no idea how any of the previous games scored, but the 3rd game in a series that looks so much like the previous 2 I can't see getting higher than an 8 no matter how good it is. It's ok if I'm wrong though)



element187 said:

@MussakkuLaden I think your right. The potential is there to surpass Pikmin 2.... In Japan, they have had ALOT more games release for the Wii U.... here in the west, our releases have been very sparse, so any Nintendo first party game will have the potential to sell to almost every Wii U owner because we are so starved for games.



element187 said:

@Samurairu did you purchase your copy yet? I preordered at gamestop on Saturday to take advantage of that deal to download the game 1 day early on August 3rd... When I went to gamestop and purchased the download, they told me I can recieve the code as early as August 2nd (Friday) .... I hope this means I can start downloading on Friday morning, and have the game ready for me Friday evening after work.



element187 said:

@LuigiTheGreenFire But the Wii U comes with a game (and probably a good bundle is coming this xmas).. the PS4 is barebones for $400.

But yeah, they probabaly would sell more at $300 this Christmas.

Honestly though, its apples to oranges comparisons... The target audience for the PS4 is completely different from the Wii U target audience... The PS4 is targetting the dudebro gamer first and foremost (thats the biggest pool of purchasers out there)... Nintendo is targetting pretty much everything else (RPG, Platformers, RTS, Strategy RPG (Fire EmblemxSMT, Kart Racing, Action/Adventure)... For people who like platformers and adventure games, they would probably choose the Wii U over the PS4... people who like shoot bang and sports games will be buying a PS4....and Microsoft seems to be targetting the couch potato TV watcher... Not sure how successful it is to target non-gamers, but whatever.



PS4WiiU said:

Pikmin is not a system seller, future WiiU owners will pick it up, but very few people will buy a system for it, me included



GiftedGimp said:

@PS4WiiU Tell that to those Japenese gamers who have been buying WiiU systems for Pikmin, and those western gamers who are getting a WiiU for Pikmin.
It may not be a massive system seller, especially in the west but it doesn't need to be due to the many upcoming games due this year and Q1 next year being games that will sell systems, the biggest arguably being Mario Kart.
I've seen 2 Miiverse posts where people have brought a WiiU because of Earthbound being available for it, I would never of called Earthbound a system seller even if it is for a minority of people. Any game is that gets people buying a system for it is a system seller, and those games can and often are not the games you'd expect, wether it be a VC game, or a cult game (in the west at least) like Monster Hunter or Pikmin or a popular franchise like Mario Kart or Zelda.

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