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Pikmin 3 Makes UK Chart Debut in Second Place

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Throw a few more Pikmin at it

Pikmin 3 arrived in Europe last week, and while it earned critical acclaim from a number of outlets there was plenty of interest over just how the title would sell at retail. The results for its launch weekend in the UK have arrived and, pleasingly, it's performed rather well.

Nintendo's latest Wii U exclusive has made its debut at number two in the UK all-format software charts, an impressive showing that was only denied top-spot by a significant surge in sales for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition. It's all-the-more notable considering the Wii U's modest userbase to date, while the original Pikmin only managed number 32 back in 2004, though that was nearer its system's launch. The retail standalone disc version of New Super Luigi U, meanwhile, has come in at number 13; considering its previous release as DLC, a chart appearance in the top 20 seems reasonable.

The happy news continues on 3DS, with Animal Crossing: New Leaf in fourth position, while Mario & Luigi: Dream Team is also showing surprisingly good legs in fifth place. Three more 3DS exclusives are still hanging around in the top 40, too, with Luigi's Mansion 2 in 22nd, Mario Kart 7 in 27th and LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins occupying 32nd place.

This week is all about Pikmin 3, however, and the rare sight of a Wii U exclusive placing near the top of the charts, possibly representing the strongest software debut for the system to date. It'll be interesting to see how the title's momentum holds up, but at the very least this excellent start is positive news and will have hopefully contributed to a bump in hardware sales, too.


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Grubdog said:

Great news! This is by far the best game on Wii U and something everybody should play. I can't believe how good it is.



Judgedean said:

Up to fruit number 16 I think? Enjoying the game immensely. Maybe it will make it number 1 in the charts next week. BTW bad news for anyone who bought this game through GAME with a download code. Seems if you don't buy directly from eShop, you don't get the deluxe digital promotion deal which probably means you won't get the 30% discount on wonderful 101



maneauleau said:

I confirm it's a true WiiU gem!
But I wonder how much of this 2nd position is linked to the fact that all over Europe people chose to buy the digital version of the game at which was 10 euros cheaper that the official eshop version and still allows you claim premium points and to buy wonderful 101 30% cheaper..



maneauleau said:

@Judgedean Apparently it's only the people who used the download code before the official date (26th July) who don't get the premium point and won't be able to get the 30% discount on wonderful 101. (I got the premium point from my pikmin bought via the download code)



ThomasBW84 said:

We're looking into this download / 30% offer issue, and will post when we have some reliable information.



Judgedean said:

Oh well, it won't break the bank but would have been nice to know beforehand - especially since I didn't start playing it till Saturday anyway. I'm guessing it applies to the deluxe digital promotion deal also.



PinkSpider said:

Well that fing sucks I kinda wondered if that would happen. Sucks really as its still the downloaded version



McHaggis said:

@Maneauleau: yes. 'Attachment' is a common term in the retail industry, used for the combining the sale of an add-on product (e.g. software or an accessory) with the main product that it can be used with (e.g. hardware).



Emblem said:

@Grubdog You took the words out of my mouth!

@Maneauleau This is a great point, shame Nintendo will only release d/l sales if they are very high a la AC:NL

@GiftedGimp Thanks for the info, thats even better for such a short amount of time.



GiftedGimp said:

@Judgedean I phoned Nintendo Customer Support as I redeemed a eCode sent by Game early. I've posted the response I got on forum
As for Wonderfull101 promo Its 50/50, my early code redemption didn't get registered for the Premium reward points but it did register on Club Nintendo.
Hopefully NL can get more concrete info regarding the Wonderfull101 promo and early code redemption for Pikmin3 eCodes.



Peach64 said:

I don't get why people feel the need to point out it only included 2 days on sale, because that's always how it works. Games are released Friday and Saturday is the end of the chart period. They also usually sell twice as much in those two days as the following full week.

Anyway, glad to see Pikmin 3 do well. It's the first Wii U game to interest me and many others, so no real surprise it's the first Wii U game to crack the chart. What a great top 10 it is too. One in the eye for those that trash talk the taste of the UK games buying public. So much variety and quality.

Pikmin 3
The Last of Us
Animal Crossing
Mario and Luigi: Dream Team
Far Cry 3
Tomb Raider
Lego Batman 2

The only game on there that isn't great is Lego Batman and even that is quite good.



Yoshi3DS said:

those top five games could not be better in my opinion, and im glad tomb raider is so high as that (plus starfox and mario) is probably my favourite franchise



GiftedGimp said:

@Peach64 How about to give a good picture on how well Pikmin did at launch... especially when there's a lot of people who think the WiiU is a non-starter its good to point out that actually the WiiU has a big enough userbase to be able to make a game have a strong entry into the charts on launch day.



Judgedean said:

@GiftedGimp Thanks for the info and link. Hopefully at least the 30% will still apply. I think Nintendo for PR reasons, should allow people who've downloaded the game early from GAME, to give them the promotion points. It's not like we've done anything illegal (I think).



aaallenbrah said:

Ah I am itching to get this game! But alas, my money is being saved for a 3DS and a few of the awesome games on that. Perhaps around November-December I'll pick this up



GiftedGimp said:

@Judgedean No we have not. If anyones to fault it GAME UK as they broke the release date set by Nintendo by distributing eCodes early.
Disc Pre-orders are usually sent out early to ensure people recieve the game for launch day and usually that means you get the game a day early. With a code Emailed out there's no reason to send out codes early. Since its Automated the codes should of been emailed out Midnight Thursday/Friday which would of been the time that Pikmin went live on eStore.
I guess arguably some responsibitiy is down to myself on others like me to take advantage of the codes being sent out early by GAME, but at the end of the day If the Codes were not sent out early then we would not of redeemed them.



dumedum said:

Very impressive. Nintendo shows that great sales can come from many different games: Luigi's Mansion 2 that people didn't know if will perform well, Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem obviously, and now this. Great.



ajackson5888 said:

@Judgedean Actually I purchased NSMB Wii U through Game's digital download and I got a £5 voucher. I just checked my account having done the same for Pikmin and that's also given me points in the Deluxe Promotion!



GearsOfWarU said:

Can't wait for August 4th so I can join all the Pikmin Fun & Excitement... Hope it sells good in the USA... The time of the Wii U is finally here... From now to Christmas I will be getting 2 quality games a month !!!!!!



ricklongo said:

This is awesome news! No doubt, if the Wii U had a larger install base, the game would have debuted at #1.

I should finally get 100% on Lego City Undercover this week, just in time to get my copy of Pikmin 3 in the weekend.

It does feel like the beginning of the turnaround right about now.



Nintenjoe64 said:

This is exactly why I don't get the people dropping support for Wii U so early. Decent games sell well on Nintendo consoles but late ports, bad ports and overpriced games that are available for less money on cheaper consoles are never going to attract high sales figures! Having said that, I think there was launch day overload on Wii U and they should have abandoned AC3, Batman and ME3 in favour of having Tomb Raider, Bioshock, GTAV etc.

@Macarony64 FIFA13 is a good game, even the Wii U version which was reviewed pathetically by most organisations. It's the best ever football game on a Nintendo console and I personally think the new gameplay additions in FIFA13 Wii U are worth more than the updated engine and Ultimate Team in the PS360 version. It also was £10 with a Wii U in Blockbusters so I can not fault it.



rmeyer said:

@Peach64 I don't mind Pikmin 3 falling under Minecraft. That's the best indie game ever that deserves praise, plus it's really fun



Yoshis_VGM said:

Can't wait until you post some actual numbers. I'm happy it came in at second place but I want to see how many Wii U's it sold.



GamerJunkie said:

I'm not buying it. It look really nice, but its not my style of game for that price.

Games for me have to have some kind of online mode or something more to work towards for me to pay $60.

Should be a nice one for those that like this series, I know I'm dying for a good game on Wii U... just this isn't it for me.



SyFyTy said:

What moron assumes that all 3ds owners want to her about WiiU games (or even own one) After all who ever created this article did intentionally put a 3ds tag on a Pickman article... This was supposed to be reporting not advertising... unless Nintendo Life is a paid review,in which case I have no reason ot be here, because the review would be biased. It's not just this WiiU game but all games NON 3ds, just to artificially inflate the sights content? Just like Earth Bound articles have a 3ds tag when it is clearly NOT on a 3ds.This WAS a good site without the fluff. It's become too aschewed by money to be trusted.



marck13 said:

Isn't this article about game charts.. particularly Nintendo game charts?

..but, if what you say is true, i do see your point.



GiftedGimp said:

@SyFyTy The 3ds tag is there because 3ds games are mentioned in the article. Being a Nintendo site the tag will direct you to orher 3ds related content within this site, Hence the reason the tag is there.



Gamer83 said:

Hopefully the start of the turn around for Wii U. I'm not a Pikmin fan but anything that does well for it is good. Be interesting to see how big the console's sales spike will be.

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