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Legendary Adventure Title Myst Receives Permanent Price Cut On 3DS eShop

Posted by Damien McFerran

No longer a mystery

Classic PC adventure Myst has had its price slashed from $9.99 to $4.99 on the North American 3DS eShop.

The game — which originally launched as a Mac and PC CD-ROM title back in 1993 — uses CGI environments to set the scene. The 3DS version has all the locations — known in the game as "ages" — from the original, and includes an additional world not seen in the 1993 release.

Will you be picking this up at the reduced price? If you're interested, be sure to check out our feature about the making of the original title before making a purchase.

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Buzzthebatgirl said:

I've been advised many times by Myst fans to avoid the 3DS version like the plague, and to play the DS version instead.



BooJoh said:

I've heard it's pretty terrible. I would think 3DS could handle a port of RealMyst.



tigermask said:

This game was so bad that I contacted the publishers to complain. I never had a response unsurprisingly. The graphics are low-quality and it's impossible to read the books. Also the website showed screenshots of realMyst, which have disappeared from the website since I contacted them.



EaZy_T said:

For $5, it's almost worth the risk to see just how badly they botched the 3DS port.



MAB said:

This is the definitive version because of the extra age alone



fchinaski said:

Never got into Myst or Riven, even though some people were pretty crazy about them back in the day. From what I read, I should avoid these ports like the plague, right? I guess that, bad ports aside, some games just don't age well.



Shworange said:

I played and beat it back in the early 90s. The game has literally zero replayability. Once you know the ending, there's no point to go through the hassle again. You get a code from one of the last books you find. Once you know the code, you can beat the game. If you start the game over from scratch, yet you still remember the sequence code, you can beat the game in under 10 seconds. It may be fun to revisit Arkham city after beating the batman game. It may be enjoyable to peak into the mushroom kingdom after beating a Mario game. It is lame and wildly unsatisfying to revisit Myst.



RantingThespian said:

MYST is my 2nd favorite game of all time (and I love the whole franchise). However, I will not waste my money on this poor port. None of these ports are done by CYAN Worlds (the creators of MYST), and everyone who is porting them have no idea what they are doing.

Also, the 3DS would be perfect for a version of realMYST (the one in real time, where you walk around and instead of clicking still images), but we got another crappy port of a once great game.

I advise people to get it on PC, or the iPhone and iPad versions (since CYAN MADE those versions themselves, hell they even made a version of RIVEN and realMYST available on the iPhone and iPad as well).



MercifulLemon7 said:

I never played Myst, but I wont start with this awful port. I don't think I wont play Myst at all as my computer is to slow to run most games and I dont have a iphone. so my chance of ever playing Myst is really low. oh well, I dont think im really missing out anything, anyways.



fchinaski said:

@RantingThespian That seems to me a pretty sound advice. Maybe I'll go after this realMyst version for iOS systems you talk about. Thanks!

EDIT: Oh, just a correction: I've just found out that realMyst is iPad only — if you have a iPhone/iPod Touch (like me), you won't be able to play it. The original Myst and Riven are universal, though.



Mrclaycoat said:

I had this for the Sega Saturn back in the day. This was so hard, it drove me crazy. I don't think I could expose myself to that kind of torture again



bezerker99 said:

i played this on PC back in the 90's. i also heard this 3DS version is rather meh. IIRC, the majority of the game plays out on the touch screen and thus no real effective 3D. ive never played but i want to think i read that somewhere before.



Windy said:

It's good to see some older software get a permanent price cut. Hopefully they get enough sales or generate enough sales to warrant cutting prices on some of the older DSiWare Software which probably just sits there getting a few downloads a month. I may get this I had it on saturn it's just Really hard and I Never beat the thing



Klimbatize said:

It started at $30 late last year, so it's dropped 83% of it's original price. I may get it because I've never even played the game and right now I basically only play on handhelds. Plus you get 30 CN coins

There a few other retail games that have seen huge price cuts on the eShop. That American Mensa Society game went from $30 to $4. It's actually decent at that price, and again, you get full CN coins from it (30).



chiefeagle02 said:

I tried this on Windows a few years ago, but I lost the motivation to finish it. I tried again on the DS. Again, couldn't finish it. ... Third time's the charm, right?



hcfwesker said:

@EaZy_T It's bad, VERY bad. I love Myst on PC, and thought it'd be amazing on 3DS, but no, worst controls ever imaginable for the game. No touch screen support, you use the slider, and once you release the slider during ANY movement, the arrow cursor resets back to the center position. So trying to click a specific item on the screen is a very grueling task.



DarkEdi said:

This is a mythic game in the 90´s but now i see a bad game. But for $5 i can give it a chance because is a retro mythic game.



SyFyTy said:

@MercifulLemon7 considering the requirements when it was made, most basic computers would easily run it today, heck most watches or phones would too. However if playing a port on the 3ds you could never be sure if you neeeded to find the next clue or if the game was broken, there are no hints here after all. so.. Sorry Myst, pass..



SyFyTy said:

Hey Damien, did you draw the 'short straw' and get stuck writing this bit? Sorry guy..



ecco6t9 said:

The DS and 3DS ports (the developer failed twice on the DS) are the single worst versions of Myst out there.



EaZy_T said:

@hcfwesker Thanks for the info. Slider only controls - better pass.
I thought a point and click style game would be ok using the touchscreen, but they didn't even get that right.



BooJoh said:

For those interested in experiencing the game, realMyst is available on Steam for $6, and has pretty low system requirements. I played around with the original when it first came out, but realMyst is how I finally played through and beat it and I really enjoyed the experience.



Klinny said:

I was actually looking at this the other day. I played Myst back in the day, but I think I was like... 5 or 6... so I was really happy to see the price cut and thought a 3DS version might be nice.

But then I saw the reviews... o___o

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