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It’s more than a game. It’s a journey.

And now the journey is enhanced in 3D for even greater immersion into the fantastic adventure of MYST. You will embark on a wondrous voyage as The Stranger, and explore an island of intrigue as you uncover clues about your surroundings and the quest you must take. Now the most well-known adventure game in the world comes alive in the new 3D version of this classic story! With a multitude of puzzles, problems, and mazes to solve, and a brand new Age added to enhance the MYST experience, you’ll find MYST 3DS even more entertaining than the original.


  • Six worlds to navigate with additional items to explore
  • Multitude of puzzles, problems, and mazes to solve
  • A brand new Age added to enhance the MYST experience
  • Elevated player interaction with all-new 3D artwork

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Europe PAL Version

Posted by Martin Watts

Mystifyingly bad

Porting games has always been common practice for most third-party companies. It goes without saying, but it makes good business sense for a game publisher to enable its software to reach as wide an audience as possible. And it's something that most of us...

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RantingThespian said:

Actually, the sequel to MYST is RIVEN.
PYST was a humorous mod of MYST (with a John Goodman cameo). It was going to have a sequel called DRIVEN (being a humorous mod of RIVEN) but funding fell through and it never happened.



RantingThespian said:

As for MYST 3DS, I hope that it will be good, but I fear it will be another terrible port like the DS version.



WinterWarm said:


This is currently on sale for $5.00, as opposed to the regular $10.00.

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