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Injustice: Gods Among Us Update Sneaks Out of the Shadows

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Balance tweaks and DLC support swoop in

Holy patch notes, Batman!

NetherRealm has finally made good on their promise to update the Wii U version of DC Comics fighter Injustice: Gods Among Us, bringing a few balance tweaks, a few new free skins and DLC support.

Now lurking in the darkest shadows of the U.S. eShop are 19 packs for purchase, bringing the Wii U version up to speed with the game on other platforms. Unfortunately, it seems that NetherRealm has continued to neglect friend lobbies in this update, which is kind of a crazy oversight.

It's not entirely clear what balance updates were made: The game declares itself version 1.1.0 but the latest patch notes on only go up to v1.05. We presume that, even if the numbers don't match, the balance tweaks made are the same.

Below is a list of all of the available content to purchase; hop on to the game's eShop page to see what's included in each. Picking anything up?


General Zod — $4.99
Batgirl — $4.99
Lobo — $4.99
Scorpion — $4.99

Free Skins

Flashpoint Batman
Luchador Bane
Containment Suit Doomsday
Classic Ares

Paid Skins

Blackest Night Batman — $0.99
Blackest Night Pack 1 — $2.99
Blackest Night Pack 2 — $2.99
Flashpoint Skin Pack — $3.99
Lockdown Skin Pack — $2.99
Red Son Skin Pack 1 — $2.99
Red Son Pack 2 — $2.99
Arkham City Skin Pack — $2.99
New 52 Skin Pack — $2.99
Teen Titans Skins — $2.99
Bad Girls Skins — $2.99
Killing Joke Pack — $2.99
Ame-Comi Skins — $2.99
Earth 2 Pack — $2.99


Zombie Mode — $2.99 — Turn every character in the game into the undead

Thanks to Ryan Miller for the heads-up.

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Captain_Toad said:

Geez, those prices are reminding me why Nintendo never does those kind of things, though it's good for Injustice DLC to arrive finally.
Now if only Activision does the same thing to Black Ops II....



gaby_gabito said:

Just bought the game. Waited for DLC to come out to prove a point that DLC matters to us Wii U owners so that we're not left out in the future. Also purchased Scorpion and Catwoman alongside the game Just waiting for Injustice to download and install!



Tasuki said:

How do you get the free skins? I looked for them under the DLC but everything I saw had a price tag. Am I missing something?



Tasuki said:

Also did they include the "Arrow" skin for Green Arrow that was the one I wanted the most.



quino711 said:

This is great news = )
Support this game guys, we need as much people as possible, to prove that Wii U owners would like 3rd party games !



doctor_doak said:

$5 for another character.. that seems like a good deal...

All of this stuff should've been included in the base game. The proper way to do dlc, is to create 'new content' after the game has been shipped...i.e. a single player, or multi-player expansion...actual CONTENT.

This is's TF2 hats except way more expensive. You can buy whole, quality games on Steam & GOG for $5.



doctor_doak said:


$5 is a ridiculous sum to pay for ONE character...who is essentially just an added skin to the game and adds nothing of real value.. None of those additional characters would've been created after the game had been shipped. They were withheld from the full game as a way of extracting more money from gamers without putting in any real effort..

If you're happy to be gouged, it's not my concern. I just think it's poor form...



The-Chosen-one said:

5? so that is like 3 euro? so its cheaper than on Xboxlive where we pay 10 euro for 800 microsoft points where it costs 400 points there :S crazy.
a friend of mine bought it for me for 360. if they brought the update and the dlc earlier i would have bought it for wiiU. becouse the D-pad on 360, and ps3 really sucks



KaiserGX said:

Do you know what works actually goes into making a character? They are not essentially skins. They are character models, animations, programming for the moves, hit detection, testing for balance, voices ect. These characters might have been in development before the it was finished but they were not ready to go.

Second to fighting game fans new characters are new content, it means more stuff to learn and use. One character can give you weeks of use and entertainment.

I know they certainly brought me back to playing the game, with Scorpion on Zod I got something new to experience. Where's a Skin is just a Skin.

It's always up to you to decide to buy or not. The game has loads of content and is in no way incomplete. The skins and characters are just add-on to that. Which of, some were given for free with each comparability pack.

I know there's another 4 DLC characters coming, and I think that will be the last. As with those last 4 the character select will be balanced. Those 4 have a high chance of being Martian Manhunter, Powergirl, Red Hood and Sub Zero.



doctor_doak said:


Yeah, that's true... there is plenty that goes into creating a character....but right now on Steam, I could get Fez, The Binding of Isaac & Dungeons of Dredmor for the price of those 4 characters alone. Or if i'm anti-hipster, I could get Portal and Fallout 3 for the same price.

From past experience, I don't believe those characters were created after the game had shipped. Anytime you see a skin, character or map offered as can virtually guarantee it's content that's been withheld from the original release.

If they went away for 4 months and created an additional mini-single player campaign/ or an entirely new multiplayer mode... plus the 4 extra characters for say $10-$15.....that would seem reasonable.. Or maybe if they bundled the 4 characters and the skins together as dlc for $10 it would be a better deal.. $63 for a few new characters and a bunch of skins is daylight robbery. This is the sort of thing free-to-play developers have done to monetize their games. This is a $60 retail release with no monthly bandwidth burden for the publisher. They essentially want you to pay $120 for their game...



KaiserGX said:

Download the skins and characters you want. You don't HAVE to buy anything there. $63 dollars is a lot but I didn't buy all of it or plan to. I bought Injustice for 60 bucks and got my enjoyment out of it. For another $5 I can extend it's already vast replay value. I chose to throw down the $20 to extend my enjoyment out of a game I already enjoy immensely.

I ask myself if I am willing to pay this for said item. Not going around and see what else I can buy for less. I've been closely contacting NeatherRealm Studios since they showed the trailer at E3. They barely started working on Lobo's engine two weeks before the game went Gold. You can't complete much in those two weeks because the game needs so much bug-testing in the last couple months before the game is released. Though I will say some of those skins were already being worked on as well as the Red Son missions.

What's an animator to do when their work is done? Just go home? No they made them stay and work, make new skins and such.



dumedum said:

I bought the game 40 dollars on Amazon a few days ago. With the Off TV play and confirmed DLC, the Wii U version is the definitive version of the game.



doctor_doak said:


I'm just saying that this sort of dlc model was pioneered by free-to-play MMO developers on PC who needed money for monthly bandwith costs, and obviously to make some sort of profit. This is a $60 retail game that doesn't need to be monetized in the same way. They should be creating more substantial content for the money they're asking post launch....but as you say, i guess that so long as people are willing to pay the price, it doesn't really matter...



KaiserGX said:

The thing is on Facebook I always see people demanding certain skins and characters. As DC has a HUGE history of characters and designs for them, a lot want to see their favorites on there. (Though I could care less about the actual skins as I thought the default ones are good).

Though for the more substantial content you as asking for... I don't see what else they can add. The characters already come with a Classic mode Ending. There's already pretty good sized campaign and dozens of missions that I still haven't even beat (I don't think they would want more missions as a lot of these are actually really hard and frustrating and you get something for getting 3 stars on all of them). There's also plenty of variations to the modes in the Battles mode. Mostly post launch with these kind of games. people will just stick with the multiplayer. As for fighters this is usually the main event. This is why the characters (and to some the skins) add a lot more value.

There was a season pass long ago though that was 15 dollars that got you the 4 characters and 3 Flashpoint skins.



SetupDisk said:

Great stuff, I just got back into this game thinking the DLC might be out by the end of the month. Good surprise.



Araknie said:

Warner is taking the Wii U seriously finally, second good news of the week from them.



ThreeD33 said:

Finaly! great to see this game finally get dlc for Wii U however i'm kinda sad there's no Arkam Harley skin seeing how shes my main.



Adam said:

How have they not added something so basic as friend lobbies yet? I would buy this if I could play with friends.

And five dollars is overpriced. There are what, 24 starting characters? That is less than $3 a character assuming no other original content is valued. But these are worth $5, for some reason. It isn't as if this is a free game they need to turn around and make money on.

But hopefully they will release an ultimate edition like for Mortal Kombat and by then they will have decided to add friend support.



Shambo said:

When the game itself drops in price, I'll get it now. Was going to skip it since I have TTT2 on Wii U, and plenty of other fighters on different formats.

That won't change the fact that I especially hope the next Guilty Gear gets an Wii U version. Or a next installment in DOA (Dimensions was GREATEST), Soul Calibur (of SC2 quality), Darkstalkers or Capcom VS,...



sinalefa said:

I nearly bought this game yesterday. I instead got nfs most wanted and arkham city ae for $30 each.

But nice to see this. I want to see the characters, but scorpion is a must whenever i get this.



Mqblank said:

Please let the DLC come to EU. My nephew and me NEED the new characters esp. Batgirl and Zod.



redoschi said:

Great! Lots of work this week, but this weekend I'll be getting some of those DLC characters, specially Batgirl!



purchase22 said:

@Tasuki the free costumes come when you download any of the content available. Its part of the update patch for the DLC. Once you download any of the DLC just check those characters costumes in the game.



rilely said:

Honestly, Nintendo needs to do a better job advertising this update on the eShop! It was completely hidden and I found it largely by mistake!



Tasuki said:

@purchase22: Ah ok I thought it was free without purchasing anything. I was looking for the update and couldn't find it so I wasn't sure if I missed something. Thats good to know going to be picking up some cards today to get the Red Son Pack and a few of the characters.



Emblem said:

Too little too late for me, i sold it once i completed the story and challenges since we got bored bored of multiplayer.



PinkSpider said:

Are you guys gonna re review the game with the updated stuff or does the review score stand



KaiserGX said:

You don't have to purchase anything. The DLC skins are already there when you do the update.



wasf said:

so sad no dlc on eshop's update, any reason bout that? we got the 1.1 software update and no dlc?! hope they'll available tonight 19.00...

want scorpion so bad, now just playing mk armageddon on wii... O_o



ToneDeath said:

@SideScreamer & @wasf

I'm in the UK and I can see the dlc now (there's a 'View Add-On Content' button on the game's eShop page).
UK prices are £3.99 each for the new characters, and £2.39 each for the zombie mode and costume packs.



wasf said:

yeah thnx, it was just a matter of time, download scorpion allready! XD



RoryJames said:

This is a really good fighting game. The update is taking forever to download for me, no surprise there, but I'm sure it will be worth the wait!



Khelos said:

Any word on when/if they'll link the Wii U game to WB IDs? Would like to get the perks I've earned from playing the iPad version.

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