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Wed 16th Jun 2010

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quino711 commented on Satoru Iwata - Tech Limitations Held Wii Vital...:

The Vital sensor has potential, but it should be a wrist accessory so you could still use the controller to play...

Imagine a survival game that knows your heart rate and adapts to the things you react the most or the least.

Imagine a trauma center game that defines the hand pulse of your character based on the vital sensor.

those are some quick examples.. I want to know what developers could do = )



quino711 commented on Happy 15th Birthday, Banjo-Kazooie!:

I have such great memories with Banjo, even with Diddy Kong's Racing. Even though Banjo was a collectathon it was and stil is a great game. Too bad Rare sold their soul.

Somewhere deep inside myself, I still hope for Banjo- Threeie ....



quino711 commented on Pachter to Operation Rainfaill: "I Agree":

Nintendo is not doing well with their marketing, they say they want to recover the "core" but they dont want games like this to come to america ?? thats why im not buying a wii u rigth away....