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Steampunk Puzzle Platformer Teslagrad Looks Gorgeous, And It's Coming To Wii U

Posted by Damien McFerran

Magnetic attraction

Norwegian indie studio Rain Games has revealed that its forthcoming 2D puzzle platformer Teslagrad is headed to the Wii U eShop. The Nintendo version of the game will launch alongside the other editions later this year.

Set in a steampunk world governed by electromagnetic forces, Teslagrad places you in the shoes of a young boy who is attempting to overthrow an evil ruler. You must work your way through the Tesla Tower, gaining new powers and interacting with over 100 different rooms.

The full press release is below, and you can check out the two trailers further down the page. This game looks absolutely stunning, and we have to admit we've very excited about playing it later this year.

We at Rain Games are proud to announce that our puzzle sidescroller game Teslagrad is now heading to the Wii U. This new version for our highly anticipated videogame joins the already announced releases, which will be available this fall (Q4 2013) ; PC Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Playstation®3. Teslagrad will arrive to Nintendo's eShop simultaneously with the other scheduled versions.

Teslagrad is a puzzle platformer with action elements, where magnetism and other electromagnetic powers are the key to the world's challenges. Discover the secrets kept in the long abandoned Tesla Tower. Gain new abilities to explore a non-linear world with more than 100 beautiful hand-drawn environments, in a steampunk-inspired vision of old Europe. You play as a young boy who suddenly finds himself embroiled in a long-forgotten conspiracy, involving the despotic king who has ruled the nation with an iron fist for several years. Jump into an outstanding adventure told through voiceless storytelling. Armed with ancient Teslamancer technology and your own ingenuity and creativity, your path lies through the decrepit Tesla Tower and beyond.

  • Complex puzzles! Put your sense of logic to the test and cleverly manipulate the world around you using electricity and magnetism, the lifeblood of the game. Puzzles will range from “pff, that wasn't so bad” to keyboard-smashing, controller-chewing frustration.
  • Explore! Make your way through rich 2D hand-drawn surroundings as you journey into — and beyond— Tesla Tower, as you discover and use amazing new items.
  • Visual storytelling! Tired of all those words in your video games? Have no fear, Teslagrad features not a single snippet of text or squeak of dialogue. Everything is purely visual, and the entire story is told through what you see (and sometimes what you don't see).
  • Steampunk powered! Discover a dystopic and mind-blowing rainy-and-brainy setting, presenting a steampunk vision of an old Europe-inspired new world.
  • Old-school boss fights! Use your skills and wits to overcome the 5 incredible final bosses eager to demagnetize you.
  • No disruptions! That means no loading screens, no GUI, no cutscenes. Just the game and you.
  • Mesmerizing soundtrack! Awesome mix of classical orchestra, with a touch of Russian inspiration and a myriad of metal bit and electrical stuff.

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User Comments (31)



Jamouse said:

I would definitely check this out if I ever get around to buying a WiiU.



Mortenb said:

Nice! These guys are from my home town Bergen! I met them! They're cool!



Ultra64 said:

Now this is what a game is suppose to be! Absolutely amazing play mechanics and hand drawn graphics. Putting this on my must have list. Level design in the first trailer looks better than in the second one...



hiptanaka said:

Sounds great. Visually told story, challenging puzzles built around a few means of manipulation, and no disruptions all remind me of Toki Tori 2, which is my favorite Wii U eShop game right now.



Shambo said:

first trailer looks awesome! the main character somewhat reminds me of that fallout boy, what's he called again...



FiveDigitLP said:

I have never heard of this game, but I'm definitely interested. The game looks gorgeous! I've like games that have beautiful animation like this and good old-fashioned side scrollers never get old.



ParSnake said:

This looks pretty cool! It seems that there have been tons of "retro-styled" games coming out from indie developers, so I think it's nice to see a new style and gameplay concepts. It reminds me a bit of A Boy and His Blob!



LittleIrves said:

@Mortenb Bergen, Norway? I stayed overnight there once while traveling through Scandinanvia. Lovely town! Fond memories of eating waffles with cheese.

And in other news, yes, this looks nice. Not sure what the companion cube is doing in the second video, but I hope this continues a trend of strong indie presence on Wii U into this holiday.



ted-k said:

Looks interesting. Reminds me a bit of La Mulana, which was awesome. I think I'll have to get this!



ThumperUK said:

For announcing a same-day release as other platforms, plus a great looking game, I really hope this sells well on WiiU.

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