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Wed 3rd Apr 2013

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Mortenb commented on Nintendo 64x64: Mario Kart 64:

The battle mode in this game is certainly the best there ever was. The levels are simple, but allow for subtle tactics. The mechanics of the power ups are very detailed, and let's you develop expert skills. All other battle modes feel very random compared to it. Battle mode on Mario Kart 64 is, along with Goldeneye multiplayer, probably the game I have played the most in my entire life.



Mortenb commented on Nintendo Titles Continue To Be Illegally Peddl...:

I don't think this is necessarily Googles problem, just because they could theoretically stop it. You might as well say it is internet providers responsibility to check that all activity on their net is legal, or a building owners responsibility that no illegalities occur in his building. This requirement could potentially lead to no internet provider daring to offer services to anyone who was not a huge company with resources to make guarantees about all such things, or no one wantig to rent out houses except to people who could absolutely assure them no such things would occur. Likewise, putting this responsibility on Google, might lead to a halt in app development for the platform, as they would have to basically require a huge staff, lots of guarantees and a certification of the publishers. Google should of course be helpful to Nintendo if unauthorized copying is proven to actually occur, but they should not be responsible for the illegalitites them selves. It should be the guy uploading and the guy downloading who is held criminally responsible.



Mortenb commented on Nintendo's $30.2 Million 3DS Patent Infringeme...:

No one is giving any details about the actual technology claimed to infringe. I refuse to take any side before I know those details. Too often patent claims are for something that is not for the protection of someones work, but simply when someone had a clever idea, and happened to be the first to go to the patent office. Patents (as I think they should be) are not to protect clever ideas, but to protect actual intellectually demanding research and work. If it is enough with an idea, then anyone could come up with it. I probably had the idea of 3D without glasses 1000 times while growing up, but I never sat down trying to actually make it work. The only thing that should matter (as I see it) is whether or not Nintendo could have made the 3DS without first seeing this guy's solution. If they realistically would have made it anyway, the patent should be invalid as I see it.



Mortenb commented on Nintendo Most Likely To Produce Gaming-Centric...:

MacDonald's has the biggest market share of restaurants. Therefore, all gourmet restaurants should forget about their expertise, and copy MacDonald's before it's too late and they have no chance of getting the biggest market share.



Mortenb commented on Toki Tori Creator Tells of Missed Angry Birds ...:

If he really did think it would not be good to have in the game, then why does he now think the game would have been better/sold more if it was in the game. Perhaps it would have ruined the game and it would sell less, like his initial intuition apparently told him.



Mortenb commented on Nintendo's Claim to is Denied:

Nintendo can't just go around taking domain names they want through force. Trademarks should be a way to go after people who do business in your domain under your name without permission, presuming you were first to use the name in said domain. It is not for owning a particular name in all it's possible uses. If these guys start actually fooling anyone to buy their products in stead of Nintendo's Wii U on this site, then they should be forced to stop doing it. But they should not loose the domain still.



Mortenb commented on Nintendo Falls Under Further Pressure Regardin...:

I do not think Nintendo should stop hiring underage workers. The only reason an underage worker would work, is because it's better than any alternative. Nobody like the image of children having to work, but for most of human history, that is what they had to do to survive. Life is hard, and it is an absolute miracle that most of us are wealthy in the west now. Child labor naturally ends once people in general get wealthy enough that it is not necessary for survival any more. (In the west, we are just wealthy enough for a ban to not kill people, however the ban still makes children slaves to their parents).

I do think Nintendo should do something to end the use of conflict minerals. However, as long as forced labor is possible in Congo, it is not going to end by refusing to buy their products. It will most likely make it worse, as they are more isolated, they will work their slaves harder until they can offer prices so low that some other company will buy it and try to keep it under wraps. The only realistic thing to do is to try and change Congo laws, culture and governance. I would hope this is achievable without a war, but I'm not so sure, and even a war would most likely fail, as people today in the west are not realistic about how dictatorship and slavery comes about, or even what it is. So what should Nintendo and we do?

Nintendo should support a realistic plan to make forced labor illegal in all forms (btw., this includes forced military service or other national service, taxes on production, central banking etc.) in all nations. Why should they do this? Because it is in everybody's own interest in the long run to be principled and have self respect. Self respect can only be had by a man who knows that he is doing what he can to live by creating value and trading it with others, and not by consuming what others value without offering them something they value more in return. Now, most people actively vote for the opposite of this in many places, so I don't think such people will develop a realistic plan for ending this in Congo. They will just come up with something ineffective that makes them feel good for a little.



Mortenb commented on Nintendo Falls Under Further Pressure Regardin...:

@pc999 Because in the least capitalistic areas of the world people are being forced to work? (I'm talking about the conflict mineral miners) Forced work is the opposite of capitalism, and is illegal under a pure capitalistic system. If you do care about stopping this, then you need to make it illegal with forced work in Congo (not an easy feat). Once you have made forced work illegal, which is the same as not taking from people the values they produce (stealing), you basically have capitalism.



Mortenb commented on Molyneux: Nintendo Is "Brilliant" At Attractin...:

The types of games people play on tablets are totally different from what types of games Nintendo usually makes. They would simply become a barely noticeable company if they switched focus away from what their fans enjoy and what they know, in order to compete in a different market for an imaginary increase in profits that would never materialize. In the meantime they would have also destroyed their brand as being one of quality and delivering special experiences.



Mortenb commented on Capitalism Wins In Sega's New 3DS RPG, Hero Bank:

Capitalism always wins, but how has it anything to do with this game? Capitalism is when people who create value are the ones who control the value and can enter into agreements and contracts to trade those values voluntarily.
Fighting over money has as much to do with capitalism as having sex. The only thing it has to do with capitalism is that if it is to happen it must be voluntary to be legal.



Mortenb commented on First Impressions: Donkey Kong Country: Tropic...:

I´m getting this for one reason. David Wise. But the Donkey Kong character sucks in these new games. Back on SNES he was stylish and cool, now he´s kind of silly like Goofy. He should have been left out for this game.



Mortenb commented on Reggie: Publishers Should Create Great Games T...:

Players only have so much money they will spend on games. If the games are bad, they will need more games for the same amount of money, which translates into selling and buying used games. The only effects long term the restriction might have is that either MS must sell games for less money, or will loose customers to Nintendo and Sony, where with Nintendo you get more value from every game, and with Sony you can sell them used when you are sick of them after some weeks.



Mortenb commented on Evidence of a Functional 3DS Flashcard Emerges:

@Bryon15 Games are so much less expensive than when I was young. First, inflation means the same amount of money is much easier to come by these days, and second, the prices are actually lower in nominal terms too. Everything to do with electronics is so much cheaper these days. It's everything else that is much more expensive. Now, get off my lawn.



Mortenb commented on Evidence of a Functional 3DS Flashcard Emerges:

I don't like piracy and I don't pirate. But when I hear people advocating for bans on this kind of hardware, I just must do a big facepalm. To ban a piece of hardware like that is a violation of the exact same principles that piracy is. If you do advocate for a ban on some hardware, expect much more piracy, censorship, corruption etc. in the future, as you are corroding from peoples minds the very principles that make people respect each others property and freedom.



Mortenb commented on Consumers Go Crazy For Wii U Following Xbox On...:

Xbox never was a competitor of Nintendo in the first place, only for very confused consumers, who are now waking up and choosing either that they want the living room entertainment box or the box for getting intimate with carefully crafted game experiences. I'm saying that they are focusing on different target audiences and always have.



Mortenb commented on Weirdness: Theories on the Inside of a Poké Ball:

Why is the energy theory inhumane (shouldn't that word be inmonstery or something, since they are not human)? I wouldn't even mind being transferred into energy if I would be transferred back a bit later. Why should a pokemon care? The cramped space theory does seem a bit inmonstery though, so I wouldn't put my pokemon there.



Mortenb commented on Animal Crossing Co-Director Thinks Tom Nook Is...:

What? What is wrong with giving me a job, and something to do in exchange for money? Without him there wouldn't even be a game. Why does religious morals creep into every discussion and ruin all that is good in life by calling good things bad and bad things good? Do you expect him to be my slave? His being there makes things better for me, so of course he should get paid what ever he requires, or he can simply refuse to serve me. Damn slave morality!



Mortenb commented on Peter Molyneux: If I were Nintendo, I'd Put Ma...:

Nintendo would make more money in the short term, but loose more money in the long run as Mario's name would no longer be a stamp of quality for consumers. Also, everyone who loves Mario both at Nintendo and as customers would be sad to see him in lots of half-assed spin-off type games.
If Nintendo ever does release games for other systems, they could consider doing Picross or something for a tablet, but please never make silly games that do not really fit the platform and are just frustrating to play like most games that are not puzzle or physics play games are on tablets.



Mortenb commented on Violent Video Games Blamed for Knife Attack in...:

The problem is the lack of ownership and responsibility for ones own actions that our culture promotes these days. When even police men talk like that, well... I don't know, but I do not think it bodes well for the immediate future.



Mortenb commented on Nyan Cat, Keyboard Cat Meme Creators Suing Ove...:

It's not a violation of a Trademark so long as one does not use it to identify ones own product (which they might have done). Nyan Cat is possibly copyright, but in my opinion it should be ok to use certain copyrighted material like this for reference uses. This references popular culture, and is not a work about Nyan Cat itself, so I think a judge would rule it to be fair use. However, if they made a game where Nyan Cat was one of the main characters, that would certainly violate the copyright and trademark (if it's possible to be a meme and a trademark at the same time, seems a contradiction in terms somehow).
Similarly, I think it would also be ok for Microsoft to make a game where Mario appeared briefly in a similar fashion as he is at this point not separable from the game culture. However, if they sold a game about Mario, or where he was a main character, it would violate both trademark and copyright.
Keyboard cat is just that, a cat and a keyboard. It is not distinct enough to make a claim that it is anyone's "creation", and it has certainly not been used as a trade mark.



Mortenb commented on Nintendo Accused Of Infringing Trademark With ...:

These guys have misunderstood what Trademarks are for. They are for letting individuals and companies to have an identity, not for owning a name. They only apply where misunderstandings of identity could actually occur or someone could pretend to be someone else, and as such very rarely are enforced across different industries. If Nintendo were to set up a restaurant with this name, that is when troubles might arise. No one is going to buy a Wii U in stead of going to a restaurant because they were confused.



Mortenb commented on Nintendo "Didn't Know What To Do" With The Wii...:

There are tons of ways to use this. Difficulty scaling, knowing when you are bored, some others here mentioned other great alternatives. This guy has no imagination. Although it would be best to include in the controller instead of a separate peripheral. I think Nintendo dropped this because no one would buy a separate device for this, not because there is nothing to use it for.



Mortenb commented on Nintendo Stock Rises By 11%:

Basically this "quantative easing" amounts to lowering the salaries of every Japanese worker and taking their savings, and giving the value to Nintendo (and other export companies) stock holders and European gamers. Lowering wages in Japan is of course necessary, but doing it through inflation and political means in stead of letting each company do it on their own if necessary is the biggest sillyness of this age.



Mortenb commented on Talking Point: The Blurring Lines of Kickstart...:

There is nothing wrong. Just a bunch of whiny people "investing" but not thinking it through. Why not have it exactly like kickstarter, but where investors actually gain ownership in the project. That is what reasonable people do who have a great idea, or want to invest in a great idea.



Mortenb commented on Talking Point: The Next-Gen Console War is Wii...:

I don't really care. I expect Nintendo to make the great games they always have, and that is why I bought the console. So far I'm satisfied.
If Nintendo's console should prove to be unpopular, who cares? That will simply mean that Nintendo can dedicate more time towards making great games, and they can publish on other platforms.
If it should prove to be popular, who cares? That will be great for people with stakes in the company, and Nintendo will continue like it always has. For me the situation is the same. The only thing that changes is from whom I buy my consoles.



Mortenb commented on Nintendo Files New "Remotely Controlled Mobile...:

Since when did ideas become patentable? They are supposed to protect actual implementations that need investment and risk, not ideas you dream up on your couch. And they should be complex enough that it's not obvious, from looking at it or hearing about it, how it works.



Mortenb commented on Nnooo: Australian Ratings System Prevents Indi...:

Why is there a ratings board in the first place? I guess because people in general do not take offence when similar things happen to almost all industries, but are to blind to see that their not doing anything then (and some times even demanding such regulations and taxes/fees for 'the others') is presisely why this can happen.



Mortenb commented on Talking Point: Warren Spector Asks, Where Are ...:

Gaming is about playing. It's an inherently childish activity. Would anyone aks "Where are sports' grown-ups?"? Ok, games have a story, and sometimes good ones, but withouth the playful element it wouldn't be a game. This does not lend itself to every kind of story.
That said, it might be possible to have some alternative themes in games that he is asking for, but perhaps not more than there already is, because most people play games to satisfy that basic playing instinct first and foremost.



Mortenb commented on Inafune: Japanese Developers Are "Too Proud" A...:

I don't agree. I can't see why Japanese games must reach the top 10 worldwide to be a success. What if Japanese players want those kind of games that will not be popular elsewhere?
What if we find life on other planets, and all they want to play is versions of Tetris? Should then all Earth game developers start making versions of Tetris just to reach the top 10 universe game sales?



Mortenb commented on LucasArts Shut Down By Disney:

I agree completely with MagicEmperor. Disney is making a business decision. If games companies didn't make such decisions, there would be no good games getting made. LucasArts didn't make good enough games any more to warrant keeping a bunch of developers around. This way they will probably get hired in other companies, with better management and vision for making games, which all of you who are hating on Disney now, will end up loving.